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Dear Editor,I was saddened and angered to read the hurtful words expressed in Karen Shroyer’s editorial regarding why we cater to Spanish speakers. I am a bilingual teacher of ELL (English Language Learning) in Glenwood; my students are Spanish speakers. I start each year by asking my students of their goals. Every year it is the same: to become fluent in English. They are confronted with social, economic and linguistic issues on a daily basis, yet they come in every day knowing how important this goal is, and they do what they can to accomplishment it. It’s not only my students I’m proud of, but many of their parents as well. Just last week, I had several parents inquire of the English classes offered here in the valley. Do we communicate with them in their native language as so many institutions do (banks, courts, etc.)? Yes, because our primary goal is exactly that, to communicate. As a citizen of this planet, I believe it is my obligation to reach out to all people in need, regardless of the language they speak. Ms. Shroyer comments, “We took the land away from the Indians and forbid them to speak their own languages.” Does this imply we should take a travesty of the past and apply it to our current situation? I certainly hope not. Ms. Shroyer also poses the question: “Why are we catering to one group of people?” Well, Ms. Shroyer, it’s apparent you don’t. Those who reach out to the population of Spanish speakers do so from the heart. We enjoy helping others, period. I feel proud to be an advocate for my students and their families. They came here for a better life, not to be ridiculed while shopping in Wal-Mart or enjoying Rifle Falls. Ms. Shroyer, I pity you and your acquaintance (who replies “sucks to be you” when approached by a Spanish speaker). It is evident ignorance is stopping you from meeting, appreciating and respecting your neighbors in this valley. Perhaps it is not a matter of learning English, but a matter learning tolerance and acceptance.Kate ButcherGlenwood SpringsTreasonous behaviorDear Editor,Just a couple of issues I need to address. First, we have apparently reached a new low in American politics. When an honorable and decorated four-star general, confirmed to his post by a unanimous vote in Congress, and caring deeply for his country and his troops, putting his life on the line for it and for them – when such a leader is viciously maligned with a full-page smear ad in the N.Y. Times by a low-life, far left, lavishly-funded group of anti-American kooks, and no Democratic presidential candidates have the courage to condemn such treasonous behavior – something is hideously amiss. Ms. Clinton even insinuated he is a deceptive liar; how nice.Simply because he gave an honest, cautiously optimistic assessment of the military situation in Iraq, saying what the leftists who desire America’s defeat couldn’t accept, he is branded as traitorous and deceitful by those who embody those qualities infinitely more than he or President Bush ever could. How shameful, and how foolish of the Post Independent to join the bandwagon with a despicable cartoon ridiculing Gen. Petraeus, Sept. 13.Lastly, John Hoffmann declared we have a responsibility to witness the truth – and with this I heartily agree. However, the “truth” he is convinced of, is for many of us, far from convincing. He claims on 9-11-01, he “witnessed a massively staged event” (i.e., the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, by our own sinister government). Now, I will grant that buildings 1, 2, and 7 did appear to implode from within, but I (and probably he) have lived long enough to realize things are not always as they appear.The conspiracy theorists should consider some simple questions, like “Why were no suspicious men seen entering those buildings, weighed down with explosives and planting them daily for weeks – required for such massive blasts?” Or “Why have no blasting caps, duct tape, wires, or gunpowder residue been found at any of those sites?” In their fantastic, dark scenarios, they overlook such common sense queries, thus forfeiting truth. John HerbstBattlement MesaIs this entertaining you?Dear Editor,I must say, I was riveted by Lori Bennett’s letter on Sept. 16. Lori reminds us of those things that are important. Bridges, immigration, housing, troops, animal shelters, pollution, drilling, not to mention world peace. And all without saying too much about any of them. She also brings us into her world so we can feel her pain and annoyance at the bickering. Really, why bicker in print when you can just go to your neighbor and bicker personally, without all the flowery talk? Airing your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, concerns and ideas publicly is fine; but honestly, people, some of these letters just don’t pop. This is entertainment, baby, you’ve got to get it together. After all, we can’t have Lori dozing over her coffee. The coffee will get cold and not taste as good. Then where will we all be on Monday?I only hope that my meager peckings will be up to Lori’s literary and entertainment snuff. After all, a piece as eloquent as hers could provide a plethora of anecdotal wisdom and knowledge for the ages.Move over, Shakespeare. There’s a new kid in town, and her name is Lori Bennett.Dustin MicheliGlenwood SpringsConcerned about local bridgesDear Editor,Yesterday, I drove I-70 from DeBeque to Silt and noticed that three of the bridges over I-70 had crumbling concrete slabs beneath the bridges. The bridge over I-70 near the Mesa County line had no less than 20 semi-type vehicles crossing in a matter of minutes. While on the Silt interchange going into Silt, there were 12 semi-type vehicles on the bridge as I exited. At what point should we become concerned? Were these bridges designed for this type of constant heavy traffic? Who will pay for the repairs? And how? I’m concerned, are you?Sara WilliamsSiltYou people are driving me crazyDear Editor,It seems that driving in Glenwood Springs is a “free for all.” Many drivers need to take their driver’s test again, and this is not pertaining to senior citizens.When approaching a red light and turning right, you must stop and then proceed. A stop sign, same rule applies. Stop means stop.What about the roundabout madness? Drivers not in the correct lanes are cutting drivers off. I-70 West only is exactly what it means. There are three signs warning drivers that it is for that lane only. And yet many of you ignore the signs. Are you in a hurry? What wreck or injury will you cause?Semis, cars and trucks drive at dangerous speeds on Grand Avenue. I understand the city won’t let the police ticket on Grand Avenue because it will case a traffic jam. The police can tell the driver to pull onto a side street and issue the ticket, like they do in other cities.We do not need people to tell us how to calm traffic and waste taxpayers’ money, like the useless $10,000 planters on Midland.All we need is for our police to be allowed to give out tickets on Grand Avenue every day. Call it a speed trap, and you will see how fast traffic will slow down. Word of police giving out tickets and we all will be surprised how easy it is to calm traffic.JoAnn KubikGlenwood SpringsWatch out for corporationsDear Editor,Re: John Sargent, Sept. 14I was disappointed that Mr. Sargent had not read Theo Colburn’s book, which makes clear that the effects of those unnamed and untamed VOCs and other contaminants may take a generation (or two) to make themselves known; as in children’s difficulty as adults to have children, or increased asthma, cancer or autism in exposed children’s (or adult’s) children. No one claims to know with certainty.Relying on the current EPA is folly. Corporations, especially oil and gas, rule the country, dictate to George Bush and have actually attempted to dominate the world, though recently have been frustrated at the hands of South America’s Hugo Chavez and Ebo Morales.One must be aware of lawsuits’ various states and citizen organizations have against the EPA, asking for stricter environmental protection. Why is California waiting to be allowed higher fuel efficiency standards? The EPA must be protecting us from that crazed environmentalist, Arnold Schwarzenegger.Our best hope is state and local.We might have better luck asking the EPA to regulate Mr. Sargent’s “VOCs emitted by cattle and other livestock in the country,” (or the hot air from our letters to the editor) than asking them to regulate oil and gas companies.And as to the sinister nature of the industry, please read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” by John Perkins, and get back to me.Barb CoddingtonGlenwood Springs

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