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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I am writing this open letter to the county commissioners imploring them to do what is necessary to pass a residential noise ordinance here in Garfield County. As our county continues to grow from rural to urban, an official county regulation to monitor disturbances of the peace is necessary in order to deal with problems that arise from population growth.Disturbing the peace can be anything from a loud stereo (particularly bass-pounding music so intense that it penetrates the homes of others) to an outside gathering that gets too loud for the neighbors. Or it can be any unnecessary or unreasonable noise that annoys or disturbs another.There are people who disturb the peace of their neighbors because they can; they know that there are currently no repercussions or any enforcement. Whether out of cultural differences, or defiance, or ignorance, or self-absorption they harass and disturb those around them. Many of us have worked hard to buy homes in Garfield County and want our homes to be a sanctuary from the outside world.Citizens attempting to remedy situations regarding inconsiderate neighbors are often faced with hostility, which can lead to more serious problems, frustration, anger and stress.The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office has been very sympathetic to citizen complaints but cannot act upon or enforce an ordinance that is nonexistent. Tax-paying citizens of Garfield County should be able to call upon law enforcement when a noise situation has become unbearable.I know the commissioners have been addressing this issue for quite a while but it is time to stop talking about it and make it happen. A residential noise ordinance will be a relief to many who no longer have to “grimace” and bear it, or worse, take the law into their own hands.If this issue touches a nerve with others, please contact our county commissioners and urge them to put a residential noise ordinance in affect without delay.Thanking the Garfield County commissioners in advance. Sunny StapelmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It seems this country’s Senatorial Democrats have decided that amnesty for illegal immigrants will be granted no matter what we the people want. Democratic Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin of Illinois has sponsored what he has titled “The Dream Act,” which when boiled down simply means amnesty for millions of illegals. This bill will be attached to another important bill and will be voted on by the Senate next week.What can American voters do to convince this government that we do not want millions of illegal immigrants granted citizenship? When did Washington stop listening to its boss, the legitimate citizens and voters of this country, and what can we do to regain the respect we deserve as citizens from this elected government?The only tool we have is the vote. This election may be the most important one this nation has had. Washington needs a wake-up call. They need to know that we are informed, intelligent, concerned and determined citizens who will send you home if you do not listen to us. We will have a battle on our hands. We will have to fight the news media who have already elected Hillary Clinton the president. We will have to stop voting straight party tickets and evaluate the candidates as individuals. We will have to educate ourselves and become informed about what is going on in Washington. This pertains to all issues and not just immigration.We can start now by calling Ken Salazar and asking him why he has already confirmed his “yes” vote on the Dream Act. Wayne Allard has committed his “no” vote on this bill as of today. Salazar has backed many pro illegal immigration bills, and it is clear that he will continue to do so in the future. I have written to and faxed his office urging him to vote against amnesty bills along with many other Colorado voters to no avail. He sends me canned letters thanking me for my interest in governmental issues.Lets send him a message and can him this election.Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,We want to invite those who have been touched by breast cancer in their lives to a symposium Wednesday through Friday, Sept. 26-28, in Glenwood Springs. Drs. Carolyn Kaelin and Virginia Borges will present “Knowledge, Strength and Grace: Living Through Breast Cancer.” Our community is fortunate to have these two wonderful physicians present their latest treatment, recovery and fitness options for women and men living with breast cancer.Wednesday afternoon and evening the community is invited to the Hotel Colorado to walk through health screening and resource booths. In addition, Drs. Kaelin and Borges will participate in a panel presentation and discussion.Dr. Kaelin, surgeon, assistant professor of surgery, Harvard Medical School, and breast cancer survivor, is in a unique position to impart evidence-based medicine as well as her personal experience.Dr. Borges, oncologist, assistant professor of medicine, University of Colorado, is well-known to many cancer patients in the Front Range and the Roaring Fork Valley. As part of a panel, Dr. Borges will answer questions and discuss quality-of-life issues for survivors. A special part of Dr. Kaelin’s visit to Glenwood Springs is her unique two-day certification program; breast cancer survivors’ 12-week fitness plan, offered on Thursday and Friday for health care providers, physical therapists, massage therapists, coaches, fitness instructors and personal trainers. Scholarships are available for the training. Translation services and transportation are available.We want the community to know what an exceptional opportunity we have in our own back yard to learn from the experiences of Drs. Kaelin, Borges, and their staff. Dr. Kaelin’s book, “Living Through Breast Cancer,” has become standard bedside reading for thousands of breast cancer survivors, including this one.Join us with your mom, your sister, your daughter, your brother, your husband; together we can learn more about breast cancer recovery and fitness.For more information or to register, contact Dee Warwick, Valley View Hospital, 384-6651; or Elaine Grossman, Susan G. Komen Foundation, ergross@attglobal.net or (970) 544-0717.Nancy ReinischPaul Salmen MDGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I just can’t shut up! I read these letters from people like Michael Larime regarding the health factors from gas wells in the county and I have to ask, “Do you think we are idiots?” As I lie in my bed up Dry Hollow, rigs are running on “our land” pumping some noxious fume from beneath the soil, almost gagging from the smell, I feel no comfort in his words. We have to close the doors and windows when they burn the wells, due to the horrible odor coming in our home. Michael, you want me to believe that the tub and tile cleaner I am using in my shower is more toxic than what is floating in the air? Get real, I will never believe that the “industry” is watching over my health and that of its “employees.” Money-hungry, gas-grabbing mongers will never give a hoot about my heath and well-being; only I can make that choice, and I will never believe any report you produce over the private study going on in my bedroom. Plain and simple, you gag me and make me sick.Lori BennettSilt

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