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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Given the spectacular success of our government agencies charged with protecting our borders and protecting the American people from dangerous and poisonous products imported from other countries, we are now expected to believe that the Department of Energy is capable of predicting what will occur if drilling is allowed in the Rulison blast area. Is it really worth the risk of polluting our water and air with radioactive substances if the DOE ‘s computers are wrong, especially in view of the fact that the amount of gas that may be recovered is probably a tiny amount in comparison to the total amount of gas in this area? I believe it is a certainty that if drilling is allowed within the present limits, the gas drilling companies will soon be asking that all limits and restrictions be lifted in this area, and the DOE will willingly comply.Garry EvensonParachute

Dear Editor,Thanks for reporting that our Bill of Rights may still remain alive and well. In Oregon, Federal Judge Ann Aiken just took a stand to protect us all from secret searches of our homes, by declaring parts of the Patriot Act unconstitutional. Her ruling came in the case of Brandon Mayfield, who was imprisoned because the FBI screwed up a fingerprint ID, and thought he was terrorist. But the real reason they targeted him in the first place was that he was a Muslim, and they used warrantless searches to try to tie him to the Madrid train bombings. Turns out he had as much connection to the crimes as the man in the moon. One still wonders if Mayfield, despite his innocence, might still be rotting at Guantanamo Bay if he had not been an attorney.This judge understands that our objections to parts of the Patriot Act and the recent FISA changes are not based in a petty fear that the government will eavesdrop on our conversations with friends. They are well-founded fears that the government will listen to our phone calls, read our mail, search our homes, and even throw us in jail and throw away the key, solely on political grounds. Right here in Garfield County, your local Democratic Party also stood up for Constitutional rights by chastising Senator Ken Salazar and Representative John Salazar for their votes to undermine the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Fortunately, Congressional Democrats have promised to fix this new law, to allow the government to track the real terrorists, while protecting our rights. Please join the Garfield County Democratic Party in calling upon Senator Salazar (202-224-5852) and Congressman Salazar (202-225-4761) to support legislation to correct this so-called Protect America Act. Thank you. Nancy SmithCarbondale

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