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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Also addressed: Dear Dustin MicheliThank you so much for your show of support, but sadly I must admit that I may have written in error (gasp) too quickly! After reading Jack E. Blankenship’s letter to the Post Independent (9/30/2007), I could hardly swallow the coffee we both seem to enjoy. My eyes could not believe the mean and unjust words that were written against a cause I feel so deeply about. I don’t know if I can keep up the standards you seem to feel I hold dearly. How can anyone who lives in this valley not see the brown cloud that hovers over Rifle every day? How can anyone who loves and lives in this valley support the gas and oil industry? Dustin, how can I shut up and vent my angry words to the polluted skies I live below? How can I just shut my windows and my mouth at the stench that comes from ignorant people who write to the paper every day? I have just lowered myself to their level by sending this letter to the paper. I hope you understand that I am a mere soldier of Garfield County, and I suppose I will take the bullets for cleaner air and land for my grandchildren and theirs to come.Lori BennettSilt

Dear Editor,With respect to Michael Larime and his attempts, as a chemist, to help those unfortunate enough to live next to gas wells calculate their danger, it should be clear that under the current circumstances, it is impossible to make an informed calculation. To be truly informed, we have to know what’s going into the ground, and in what combinations and concentrations – that would include the newly patented chemicals, the formulas of which seem to be so closely guarded. We can’t test for every possible chemical or for chemicals we don’t know exist. Or what about the chemicals that simply “disappear” under the ground?These analyses would not be inexpensive, and the expense of this testing should be included in natural gas production costs, not passed on to the citizens of this county. Those costs are probably what the gas companies fear most.Mr. Larime ends with the insinuation that Lori Bennett may want to sell her home. If he’s so sure that gas field volatiles (and solubles) are benign, perhaps he could help her “minimize adverse economic consequences” by offering to buy her house at a price that lets her relocate in the valley. We can be pretty sure no one else will make that offer.Barb CoddingtonGlenwood Springs

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