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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Are the people clamoring on about lack of oversight the same ones so gung-ho about deregulation, for the past 30 years? When the concept of oversight descends to a level where “whistleblower” defines accountability, the system went under a long time ago. Possibly, back when the public bought the argument that regulation was an unwarranted burden putting so-called free enterprise under duress.Secondly, the “such a bad organization” hitting the news Mr. Barbee discusses (in his Oct. 6 letter) are mercenaries, and since when, in the history of warfare, have mercenaries operated within the laws of the belligerents?It is odd how the very people who don’t want government impeding in business, cry foul when the vacuum left is filled with those who are downright criminal. Laws exist for those who break them.This is nothing new. Moses hiked up that mountain to collect 10 laws being broken in his absence. Had any of those ungrateful, pro-pharaoh Israelites had the integrity for oversight, those commandments certainly would have been different. Ethics keep the ethical in line, while those ruled by their desires are always dumfounded when widespread corruption finally surfaces in the certainly corrupt mainstream media.How entertaining is it to see Rip Van Winkle waking up all over again. This present war is Phase 3 of the first Gulf War, and just another market for the fascist form of economics (see military industrial complex) we adopted once real capitalism collapsed during a worldwide depression. Largely because no ethics and oversight existed in those responsible during the first phases of the industrial revolution, making the standard business model: squash and confiscate all resources. The Standard Oil model, still in use – be it under the radar, because of barely enforced antitrust laws.How we got here is simply because the media has so successfully lobotomized four generations (since Creeley created the pre-Orwell slogan: The war to end all wars) that what was covert can operate in the open without much flack. That is killing others for profit.Wake up, America! Your nightmares are true.Eric OlanderNew Castle

Dear Editor,I am proud to say I am a true Mexican, even though my family has been here for generations. I am college-educated, and my children are American. Only a few paragraphs for Norm Schroll. Where is this hate coming from? If people don’t want immigrants to come here, they just need to stop hiring them. If there were U.S. citizens to take the jobs immigrants are doing, immigrants would not come. I would really like to see some law-abiding citizens picking fruits or vegetables on a summer day at 100-plus degrees. I know they will say they would do it for a decent wage. Tell me what the decent wage is, and I would be willing to pay them just to watch them do it, and to see how long they last. Norm, you and others like you need to try doing one of the jobs the immigrants are doing. I am sure there are enough anti-immigration people in this country to fill all those jobs three times over. Then maybe your problems with immigrants would be solved.I always hear about the myth of illegals being supported by the taxpaying Americans. Do some research. Illegals who work for any company and are getting paid through payroll with a check have a social security number. Either they stole it (not that I agree it should be done) or simply made up a number. They are being taxed just like all the rest of American citizens. They pay to social security, they pay sales tax every time they buy something, and they do services for you, dirt cheap! I can clearly see that your point of view is not that of a worried American citizen, but purely racism. I am grateful that unlike you, many Americans have open hearts and loving souls. These are the people who understand our common bond with all human beings. We are one species. God – whom some may call nature or the universe – made us that way.Betty MorenoRifle

Dear Editor,My neighbor’s letter to the editor encouraging me to “move to Australia and take George Bush and Dick Cheney” closed with a favorite heartwarming biblical verse, “Love thy neighbor as thy self” and … “but all’s fair in politics (I hope).” I agree – no hard feelings – and accept the friendly jab. It’s refreshing that people with liberal leanings show respect for biblical references.However, examples of “unfairness” in politics trouble me greatly, like efforts to destroy/diminish the strong beliefs of our nation’s founding fathers, ranging from removing “In God We Trust” from coins and currency, to prohibiting various religious exhibits on public property.The very same day the letter by Pat Tonozzi was published, a national news source reported that many congressional lawmakers are sending letters to House Leader Nancy Pelosi, requesting she put a stop to a contemptible unfair action implemented at the whim of the U.S. Capitol’s architect. It seems he decided to eliminate references to God on certificates of authenticity accompanying flags flown over the Capitol and bought by constituents. This was disheartening news to a 17-year-old Eagle Scout recipient who submitted a phrase that included “God” on the certificate honoring his grandfather. How can the youth of our country help but be disillusioned by the many unfair inconsistencies they are witnessing in the discrediting of our human values – not just religious, but moral, cultural, social and intellectual, as well.Is political fairness an oxymoron?God Bless America!Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,I’m Jennifer Barber, and I am running for one of the two open District 16 school board seats because I care about quality education for our children. As an active and engaged parent who is self-employed, I will be able to represent the constituents on all matters without having to abstain on any votes. Our community is growing and changing. I believe our school board needs to be focused, responsible and prepared to make smooth transitions during these times. It is key for our school board to create and maintain a long-term vision that provides the necessary opportunities students need to reach their full potential. The board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a structure that supports this vision, empowers the staff, provides leadership and fosters community relations.My efforts will be placed on three main areas: accountability – the district must be held accountable for all its operations from funding to CSAP; student achievement – there should be consistent monitoring for growth and effectiveness; and safety – our schools must have better anti-bully policies as mandated by state law. By working together, we can make a difference and share in the satisfaction that we have provided for the educational needs of all children and have built a district where students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community feel they are welcome and that they belong. I ask for your support because it is time for action, and I hope to be your chosen candidate. Please vote! Jennifer Barber Parachute

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