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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Hurrah! The planters are gone, but not the ruts. Ten thousand dollars, what a waste.I just read $250,000 will be spent for Midland Avenue, which will be used for a median, grass, flowers and watering system. What about all the animals that will use the median for food, and cause traffic problems? And what about the cost to maintain this project?Why is the city council wasting taxpayers’ money again, trying to beautify Midland? Whose common sense is this applying to? Stop signs and a light at the end of Midland could solve the problem. Or use the money to repair the streets that are over 50 years old. Not the newer ones, like 13th on Red Mountain side. It has already been done three times. Now, what is with that?My father, Joe Jurkulak, before he passed away in 2001, constantly asked the city to repair Riverview Drive and 12th Street. The city replied, “Next year, next year, next year,” for years. I have been living here for over six years, and was told for those six years, “Next year, next year.” I went to city hall and was told Riverview Drive will be done in 2014. Now, what is with that? A lot of Glenwood Springs’ older streets desperately need repairs, not beautification.Money can also be used toward a new waste treatment plant. I call the one we have now, “Glenwood’s Outhouse.” I bet the tourists love the smell of Glenwood Springs.The city reports how much they are pulling in. They do not give enough to the street department and others for the infrastructure repairs this city needs. That should be first on the list, before theater, Midland Drive and studies of things to be done in the city.Quit wasting taxpayers’ money.JoAnn KubikGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Mexican President Calderon is failing his citizens at home, yet wants to act as the Great Imperialist Protector of his citizens, who are driven by poverty and corruption to enter the United States illegally.The United States provides Mexico with an annual surplus of $65 billion in trade, an estimated $25 billion in remittances from Mexican citizens living and working here illegally, and at least another $25 billion generated by the illegal drug trade across our southern border.President Bush and his Congress should be embarrassed because they are failing to assert rights for Americans in their own country, rights far short of those demanded by Calderon for his citizens living illegally in our nation.Nellie ConklinParachute

Dear Editor,I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), and I would like to let Ms. Audrey Thornton of Silt know her statements about the Mormons are incorrect. I would suggest she contact the Bishop of either the Rifle or Glenwood Springs ward, or the Stake President of the Meeker Stake to gain a better understanding of the true facts about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.Janet B. HolleyGlenwood Springs

Blazier is more practical than current city council membersDear Editor,It is simply wrong for city council to gang up on so-called controversial candidate David Blazier.First of all, they know he doesn’t have a chance of winning this race. Second, none of you are running against the man who comes from living in an overcrowded trailer, in a trailer park, in West Glenwood. Third, his “extreme views” aren’t any less ill-informed than back-in parking and putting planters in the middle of an arterial as solutions to the traffic caused by Glenwood now being a suburb of Aspen. At least Blazier didn’t pay over-priced consultants to demonstrate an inability to grasp reality. And who are you really trying to impress when the second castle owner in this valley wouldn’t give up space in the dog pound (as employee housing) for their own wage slaves.According to his opponent, it looks like Blazier’s ideas aren’t new to Glenwood, or controversial. They’re derived from something Glenwood has already tried, with Manor I and II. Although the no-chance candidate is very poor at expressing himself, at least he isn’t as underhanded as members of council, concerning mud-slinging politics.It looks to me like council is once again trying to hide behind a smokescreen its own lack of accomplishment on any of the real pressing issues, of Good Old Boy do nothing, so they can get by with another term of milking the public coffers.I wonder what firm they consulted (and at what expense to taxpayers) to come to the conclusion Mr. Blazier’s views are scary?In conclusion, seeing nobody of quality wants to waste time serving with those inept members of council, not running for office this fall, we should forgo elections altogether and instead have a vote of confidence concerning the whole of the present council, and see how much better the town runs without them.I’m sure those old crickety folks (Boomers +) not ready for prime-time nursing homes, who really contribute to the community, will keep it keeping on.Eric OlanderNew Castle

Dear Editor,From Betty Moreno’s letter of Oct. 15, I see that she’s a “proud Mexican,” taking advantage of all the good ol’ U.S.A. has to offer. As for field labor, I did that back in the ’70s in southern California and Colorado. It was hard work, and peach fuzz makes you itch something awful, but I needed the money.Unfortunately, illegals don’t just pick veggies. They provide scab labor for a myriad of jobs. They are the tools the rich use to oppress legal U.S. workers.You pay social security and sales tax, but do you file income taxes? There are billions that can’t wade across the oceans like the illegal aliens that ford the Rio Grande. Proximity to our borders does not give your folks special privileges.Norm and I and hundreds of millions of Americans are neither hateful or racist. We fully support legal immigration. However, we will not condone your attitude of false entitlement through circumvention of America’s sovereignty. Don’t expect us to sacrifice our children’s future so that you can live in the best of both worlds by being sneaky.As a “true Mexican,” why not focus your aspirations at (U.S.?) education by improving the homeland you’re so proud of? Betty, please take our “loving souls” song and file it up there with our sense of false entitlement and your misconception that you folks have got the hard-work market cornered. This is not the United States of Mexico. Yet.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

Dear Editor,Am I the only person in Rifle that does not understand why we need the roundabouts? No, I am not. I have talked to a great many people, and not only do most of them not understand why we have to have them, they feel as I do, that we don’t need them. The city does not have the money for them, the state could care less whether we have them or not, so why are we putting them in? I live in downtown Rifle and travel to Wal-Mart and other businesses in south Rifle at least once a week. The traffic lights work great, there is never a bog down in traffic and the big trucks can get through. When I voted to work to improve the city streets, I did not realize that it included the roundabouts or I would not have voted for it.Back East, they are now taking the roundabouts out. Roundabouts are an accident waiting to happen. We have many other streets that need work, so why can’t the money be used for that?I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sharon KivistoRifle

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