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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Amidst the sports and healthy attitudes, it’s easy to forget that, although Coloradans are healthier than some states’ citizens, more than half of us are overweight and the health of Colorado children is declining fast.A parent on the Front Range reportedly got upset last week when a teacher sent home a note of concern for his or her child’s obesity.God Bless that teacher for caring so much! I’m sure it was a difficult decision for that teacher to write the note. And it must be even more difficult to watch the children she cares for become unhealthier every day.Our diabetes rates are rising rapidly. Diabetes leads to blindness, nerve damage, and other life-threatening consequences.Mark Jaffe of the Denver Post just reported about the health status of most Colorado residents. Compared to other states, our senior citizens are in better shape than most, with high scores for exercise.But our infants and children are in trouble, receiving poorer health scores than our older adults. They were also less likely to have had vaccinations, or to have access to medical care.I encourage our local teachers to take a stand for children. Teaching our children about math and history means nothing if we don’t care enough to teach them how to live.And parents: Care enough about your children to play with them, feed them healthy food, teach them about the consequences of eating junk and becoming overweight, and most importantly – be a healthy role model!Nina SchnipperBasalt

Dear Editor,We need to change the law regarding towing vehicles-right away! If someone parks on my private property I should be able to have it towed immediately at the owner’s expense. As it is, even if they block your driveway, it cannot be towed unless ticketed and allowed to block whatever, wherever for 30 days. A towing truck won’t haul it in less time unless one has the title! This is absurd. Especially as we see so many abandoned ones. Someone parked his silver Dodge Caravan in front of the dumpster in my mobile home park in Parachute. I could not have it hauled off so how were the trash collectors supposed to do their job? How do I maintain my business? If I tow it off or move it, I am liable for damages to their property – the vehicle. So how do I press charges for trespassing? Well, the vehicle sitting here is not trespassing. Is that stupid or what?The police placed a ticket on the vehicle. Wow. A $17 ticket for totally interfering with someone’s business. Property owners face this all the time, apparently. There needs to be laws to protect property owners. Anyone want to join me in lobbying for property owner rights?I am listed in the phone book. Juanita R. WilliamsParachute

Dear Editor,Isn’t it a typical response for people who don’t have a valid argument to insult a person because of their opinion? You attacked Norm Shroll for his opinion and now you attack me.Illegal immigrants are criminals. Regardless of how you feel about the law, it is the law. Citizens can’t just pick and choose what laws to follow. As far as your comment about me not having a clue (again the insults) about paying for the uninsured illegals and educating their children, the facts are there, look it up. Illegal aliens cost Colorado over $1 billion annually. Illegal births cost $43 million, Medicaid costs $64 million, illegals in prison cost $61 million and education for illegal aliens cost Colorado $838 million annually. Sales tax pays for all this? Do the math. The reason I’m telling you to do the math is because I have faith that you will have enough intelligence to do so. Unlike you, I never thought you lacked intelligence just because you didn’t agree with me.And for more unintelligent conversation, please check out the online comments. Michel Field Glenwood Springs

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