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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Clearly there is an effort to scare people who are considering voting for Bill Lamont. Anyone who knows him knows he will work for and represent all the children, all the schools, all the parents and all three communities as a school board member. Ask any mayor from Parachute to Carbondale how many times he has met with each of them to make sure that the library in their community is fully considered as part of the library district’s plans to build and expand the libraries.When Bill decided to run for the board, he proceeded to meet with the principals of all 12 schools in the district, as well as St. Stephen’s and the Ross Montessori School. He wanted to know more about each school in the district and communities. He also met with the CMC Dean of Students, the director of the district’s pre-collegiate program and the administrators in the school district office. This is not someone who thinks narrowly. His experience as Boulder City Planning Director and later his work with the city of Denver demonstrated his capacity to think of and work successfully with a multitude of interests and neighborhood groups to gain their input and carry out plans. He has been a ready community volunteer ever since moving to the Valley.Please support him with your vote, we are.We have four grandchildren in the Glenwood Springs schools and we care.Frank and Rosie McSwainCarbondale

Dear Editor,The West Garfield Education Association (WGEA) is a local chapter of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). Members of WGEA include more than 200 employees of the Garfield Re-2 School District, with representatives from transportation, support staff and teaching staff. The election for the Garfield Re-2 School Board is underway, and WGEA encourages voter participation. Only one race is contested. After completion of an interview process, WGEA is confident in the recommendation of Chris Pearson for the Garfield Re-2 School Board. WGEA is proud to announce our support of Chris Pearson. Chris is a retired teacher, with 23 years of experience at Rifle Middle School. Chris is an active member of the community and is on the board of the Rifle Chamber of Commerce. She has been a PTAC Teacher/Parent of the year, and currently works as a volunteer in area classrooms. As a volunteer in the Leaders to Readers program, Chris works with beginning readers in kindergarten and preschool classes at Kathryn Senor Elementary. The Junior Achievement organization utilizes Chris as a volunteer in sixth-grade classrooms at Rifle Middle School. WGEA believes that with her experience, knowledge, and commitment to public education, Chris Pearson will be a wonderful addition to our local school board. Thank you for your support of this candidate. Rusty George, co-president; Jamie Burwell, co-president; Rebecca Shideler, vice president; Kathy Goodman, treasurer; and Nicole Scheiblberg, secretaryWest Garfield Education Association

Dear Editor,Vote. It is your right as a citizen of a democratic nation.Once a political party “leader” said to me that a city council election is not a war.This is nonsense. Why, then do they call this a “campaign?”My campaign signs are pitched throughout this city. I tend to them daily like small, military outposts. Three have been lost, but I pitched more with my reserves and forged onwards.My handbills are mailed weekly by the hundreds. They are a barrage of artillery shells launched in to occupied, enemy territory. In darkness, I meet with my neighbors, and I assure them of our coming victory.I spoke as a diplomat to this city. As I walked away, I was stabbed in the ribs with newsprint fables and misprints; City Council slander, misquotes and mistruths.And this is not war? Yes, my campaign is a one-man assault on this city’s walls. It was begun by myself, years ago, for the opportunity to represent you fairly and honestly in your city government.I laid siege then on to City Council, and they were terrified of me. Why? They are, in reality, afraid of you. They are worried endlessly you would be represented in the government of Glenwood Springs. They are terrified that you would to be represented in their little chamber of private ownership and personal profit.Like a king, and there are many in this city, I financed this war myself. In the spirit of chivalry, I have harmed no one in my campaign. I have hurt no one in this siege for change, and in this brazen challenge against the establishment and their obsolete values contained within your City Hall.I did this for you.It is now up to you. I am calling up the reinforcements and the reserves. Finish this! It is time for you to storm the city walls yourselves; and you, as citizens of this city, must vote. It is your government, stand up and be represented on the Glenwood Springs City Council.Vote David J. Blazier, at-large candidate, Glenwood Springs City Council. David BlazierGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I choose to write about the city election. We have an understaffed and underpaid police force. The criminal element is really getting tough. The needs of safety and security are two of the most important in our town. These needs have been ignored, and the wants of the council, such as the $2 million-plus bike path, have been filled. The bike path is wonderful, only if we have adequate staff to take care of our needs.Our current apathy speaks volumes about what is happening Glenwood Springs. Vote, vote! Phyllis Carver Glenwood Springs

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