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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,At the second public meeting for the sale and expansion of Sunlight Mountain Resort, the representative made an announcement. He told the townspeople that the project of 800 structures would not take water out of Four Mile Creek. In fact, they would be adding water into the creek. How? By pumping water from the Roaring Fork River up 210 feet to create a reservoir above the ski area. Water from that reservoir will be released into Four Mile Creek. Next question. What about the differences in the water? No problem was the response, it’s “basically the same” water.My question to the project manager is this. If this is the “same water,” why did the city of Aspen just approve a storm-water facility preventing 1,426 tons of sediment from entering the Roaring Fork River? Page 7 of The Aspen Times Nov. 1 states, “The Roaring Fork River is dirtier than it should be thanks to increasing levels of sediments and pollutants that are carried by storm water runoffs from streets and sidewalks.” Add Basalt, El Jebel, and 979 homes eyed for Bair Chase at Cattle Creek.The Aspen Times Sunday News Oct. 14 front page features Karl Herman from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He is collecting algae from the Roaring Fork River called Didymosphenia geminata, or didymo, or commonly called rock snot. This algae forms a mat that affects the instream oxygen content of the water. It makes it difficult for the fish to breathe. It decreases the bug population. Essentially fish have air and food problems that severely compromise their living conditions. The algae are likely spread by globetrotting fishermen’s felt boots and boat bottoms. As yet, we have no biosecurity in place that takes this problem seriously. What is the likelihood of Four Mile Creek being invaded by didymo with the release of water from The Roaring Fork River?Schmueser Gordon Meyer is in charge of the water engineering of this project. I respectfully ask for them to publicly address my question as it was not addressed at the public meeting. Jennifer VanianGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,This letter is directed to Sue Gray and every other cold-hearted pit bull hater out there. Dog breeds become aggressive because of how their owners raise them and treat them. Many pit bulls and German shepherds are raised to protect their families, and some owners abuse this by treating their animals poorly. This results in an aggressive dog. You all blame the dogs, when the ones to blame are the humans that have created the monster. However, aggressive dogs have hope because there are so many facilities that rehabilitate these animals. Dogs should not be punished, humans should be, because they know better. If a dog attacks another, it should be taken away from their irresponsible owner and adopted by someone more responsible and knowledgeable. Owners that raise aggressive dogs should be highly fined and forced to take classes on animal abuse and how it contributes to a dog’s destruction. I worked at a dog kennel for more than a year, and trust me I’ve seen tons of gentle dog breeds become aggressive. So, for Sue Gray to say that “once a pit bull has attacked, it must be euthanized” is like saying that when an African American attacks, he must receive the death penalty.Think of different races like different breeds. How is there a difference? We’re all raised differently, and that is what shapes who we are.Mariane MaynardSilt

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