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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Several pit bull owners took offense at my letter regarding the recent dog attack in Glenwood. I didn’t mean to offend but to inform, which is why I cited the statistics that pit bulls (the Staffordshire terrier and similar breeds) are more dangerous than any other breed. While other dogs may bite, they do not have the same capacity for damage as the pit bull, which clamps down, shakes violently and refuses to let go. This causes severe disfigurement and death in more cases than attacks by any other breed.Because of its breeding, the pit bull is inclined to attack other dogs as well as infants who appear, while crawling or toddling, to mimic dog behavior. This is why many more dogs and children rather than adults are victims of pit bull attacks. Adults are generally bitten when they try to save the actual victim.Pit bull attacks are not the result of mistreatment or lack of training. Most occur by dogs that have been well-treated and have never shown aggression before. This is what happened to Becky Hale. Her dog was not attacked by abused pit bulls. The owner said they never acted like that before, which is what most pit bull owners say after their dog has attacked.The history of pit bull attacks is well documented (see Merritt Clifton study), and is ample proof that this breed is more dangerous than any other domestic dog, which puts it on a level with keeping a wild pet such as a wolf, bear or mountain lion. These wild pets are strictly regulated and kept controlled so they don’t pose a threat to the public. I’m not calling for a breed ban, just restrictions that protect people like Becky and her dog from a potentially vicious and fatal attack.I sincerely hope our local pit bull owners continue to have the good fortune of owning docile, well-behaved dogs and never have to experience the horror that Becky and many people across America have undergone simply because precautions were not taken to prevent a tragedy.Sue GrayCarbondale

Dear Editor,I appreciated Annig Raley’s response to my Nov. 6 letter. She raised some interesting questions deserving consideration. Space fails me to answer them all; I’ll try to address some.First, I don’t think religions (especially Christianity) “separate people” per se. The Bible teaches that, because of man’s sin and rebellion against God, Satan has become temporary ruler of the earth. (This helps to explain the chaos, death and destruction that abounds here.) When Jesus, sent by the Father, came to offer salvation and eternal life – and sacrificed his life for sinners to make that possible – of necessity there is a division between those choosing to receive that blessing through faith, and those who don’t. God respects our free will.She asked, “Does this righteousness impart a sense of being better?” Not at all. If anything, I’m humbled that God would allow a vile sinner like myself to trust in his son and receive saving grace; I deserve this probably less than anyone I know.To be eligible for this awesome redemption, one must realize he has broken God’s law and his loving heart, and repent. Actually, believing in one’s own goodness is a greater hindrance to salvation than knowledge of sin and failure. If we were good and loving by ourselves, we wouldn’t need a savior. But we’re not, and we do.Concerning my statement about this doomed world and its upcoming demise, if God’s word is true, then so is that sad reality. It is not my teaching; I’m only relating the prophetic warnings of Jesus, the apostle Paul, and others. Please refer to these passages on the latter days. Jesus: Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21. Paul: 2 Timothy 3, and 2 Thessalonians 2. Also read Revelation.This fallen world is indeed under sentence of judgment, with all who refuse God’s gracious offer of forgiveness. Why would anyone cling to their own self-righteousness or unbelief, and forfeit a bargain like that? Jesus asked pointedly, “What shall it profit someone, if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”John HerbstBattlement Mesa

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