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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Much of the Red Hill tool cache has been located despite the council’s concern over its whereabouts.There was some trepidation that the tools had become buried beneath one of the overflowing doggie pots. The skewed demographic of the Red Hill Council (dog-less bikers, mainly) was still playing rock/paper/scissors to determine who was going after them. In fact, all that was discovered amid the doggie bags were a couple of old bikes, a leaf blower and somebody’s shoes. As all Red Hill/Mushroom Rock trail users know, the trails are in great shape, and the years of patient sustainable trail-building and management have produced a truly amazing system that handles all. The trail building tools we’ve located are still needed on the north side, but the front side is in the enviable position of sustaining itself as a trail without significant construction. Where the Red Hill Council needs help, rather badly, is with the doggie pots. Those users who enjoy Red Hill in the company of their dogs are seemingly absent from the council, and subsequently keeping up with the doggie pots remains an uphill battle. In order to maintain such an amazing resource, more help is needed.Dogs and friends of dogs are invited to join Red Hill Council in maintaining one of our amazingly accessible local resources. Please contact me for more information, and/or accrue some karma and empty a doggie pot. The Red Hill Animal hospital is kind enough to offer its Dumpster for the purpose. By the way, it hasn’t snowed yet, so it’s still pretty much the best thing going. Max Cooper Carbondale

Dear Editor,In response to Mr. Tilley, I do believe Jesus lived on this Earth, and I do believe he presented moral teachings worth listening to. However, I have difficulty believing that the Bible, in the hands of humanity for the past 2,000 years, has not undergone editing. If the present incarnation of the Catholic Church does not offer some glimpse into the corrupt nature of even the clergy, then perhaps the fact that Jesus’ ethnicity is still being debated might. If the good book was too vague, or if the editors lied outright, makes no difference. The point is simply that we cannot put faith in a book dating from such antiquity as to be questionable. I think nothing wrong of believing in or following Jesus’ teachings, but I am compelled to revolt against those that use the scriptures to further their own agenda. Or have we forgotten how righteous our war-mongering Christian president is? Josh White Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Originally addressed to: Honorable Garfield County CommissionersThe Grand Valley Citizens Alliance is deeply concerned that the commissioners have not yet exercised their right to request a hearing before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regarding Laramie Energy’s proposed drilling near Rifle Village South.GVCA feels it is imperative that the commissioners show leadership to establish boundaries for the interface of densely populated residential areas of this type and industrial activities. We are seeking confirmation that you are upholding the duty of your office to guard the rights of citizens by requesting a public hearing. It is your responsibility to act to preserve the health, welfare, and prosperity of all the present and future citizens of Garfield County. Your failure to request a hearing would be an abdication of your responsibilities as elected representatives of our county.This hearing is urgently needed because drilling near Rifle Village South would impact 96 households, most with young children. The impacts include heavy truck traffic, possibly harmful vapor production and emissions, and incessant noise. The county must voice concern, and give Rifle Village South residents the same opportunity, about the risks associated with this unprecedented industrialization of a Garfield County residential area with high population density. Our county should not be complicit in exposing these residents to industrial activities and risks they did not invite, and on which they’ve had no say.How the county handles this situation reaches far beyond this scenario and these 96 families. Allowing this drilling would set a dangerous precedent that Garfield County is willing to sacrifice the well-being of its neighborhoods and residents for the interests of a single industry. We do not build neighborhoods in industrial areas; we implore you to intervene and not allow industrial areas to invade our neighborhoods. Please request this hearing, give the Rifle Village South residents an opportunity to speak on this development, and do the right thing by defending the safety and security of our neighborhoods.Elizabeth ChandlerGVCA president

Dear Editor,I am not a fan of Sue Gray. I do not agree with her politics and the libelous slander she spews at our president, but on the pit bull letter, I am in full agreement. It’s funny. You say it’s bad and ignorant people, because every time I’ve seen a newspaper report or a TV news program about a pit bull attacking a person or another pet, the owner always says the same thing. (“It was the best behaved dog, it’s never been aggressive before.”) And the neighbors agree and say the people are the nicest people in the neighborhood. These pit bulls are ticking time bombs, and no one knows when they are going to go off. I’ll admit that other pets get angry and attack or bite, too. The only difference is that when pit bulls go off, people are disfigured, other pets are killed, older people are hospitalized or even killed. You may be OK with allowing your kids to play around one, or your parents or grandparents to be in the same yard with one. It sounds like you may be happy with them running loose on the street. A lot of us aren’t. I personally don’t think they should be allowed in the city limits.Gary OliverGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Glenwood Springs is fortunate enough to have been developed on a great resource of geothermal vents, and the vision of James Devereux to create a world-class resort around this. The main product of this resource is, but not limited to, the hot springs. As I understand it, there are only a limited number of permits for this water, with the Hot Springs Pool owning the senior water rights. I respect the pool’s desire to protect the aquifer, and I think its senior water rights should protect its interest. We as a community should embrace the other holders’ desires to develop their springs, and should really think twice about creating any ordinance that may prohibit them from doing so financially.We as a community always try to pride ourselves as the leading hot springs destination in our country. Funny, I Googled “hot springs,” and nothing from Glenwood even showed up until the second page. If we want to be the leading destination, we should takes as many steps as possible to increase the amenities necessary to promote spa and water amenities in this area.Aspen, a world-class resort, thrives because of four ski areas. In the early years, before Skico, the competition was good for skiers and for management. The pool is a great family destination, but is limited by today’s and tomorrow’s standards of what spa/pool/and water parks can be. I have always had this vision of North Glenwood being a series of stair-stepped and terraced pools with buildings that are heated, not from water, but just from the heat of the mantle. There are entities that would like to help the Hot Springs Pool make this happen. Let’s enable them, not prohibit them.Brett MorrisonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,”The Grand River Hospital District Emergency Department will assure prompt, competent and compassionate care to all patients and their family members entering our facility in order to benefit the heath and well-being of our community.”If this is true, why, on Oct. 20, 2007, did I have several nurses yell at me that I was not the only patient? When asked to talk to a supervisor, they (including the ER doctor) responded there is not one there. I arrived at Grand River Medical Center at 1 a.m. for a migraine. Normally I have a shot that is given to stop the migraine, but the medicine went flying into the air, and it was my last shot. My husband, who was out of town, usually gives me the shot. When I arrived at the hospital, my wonderful, helpful next door friend let it slip that I work at another hospital. From then on, it was downhill. I was put in a room with no blanket or pillow for an hour and half without any medical treatment. And they charged my insurance $617.Cori Webber Silt

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