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Each person who chooses to believe in God has their own personal relationship with God. Some people who believe in God also choose organized religion, benefiting from the social support of others who believe as they do. Other people who believe in God choose not to be affiliated with an organized religion, sometimes missing out on the association with others who also believe.It should not matter that there are differences in our beliefs about God. We are all individuals. As individuals, we approach the concept of faith in God based on our different personalities and spiritual needs. What does matter is how our personal faith works in our daily lives.The value of one’s faith is measured by how our faith makes us feel in our hearts and minds. If our faith gives us peace and joy during times of success and prosperity, or serves to sustain and comfort us during times of sorrow and trial, then we have chosen well. No one has the right to tell us that if we do not believe in God the same way they do, our faith has not worth.The concepts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fits my personality and my spiritual needs. These same concepts obviously do not fit the personality or spiritual needs of the people I associate with who are not members of my church. That is OK. What isn’t OK is for any of us who choose to pattern our lives after Jesus Christ to be mean-spirited or contentious with one another about our differences.Kathie SquiresSilt

I’m replying to the article in Tuesday’s Post Independent about the protection of the Roan. Who cares if a majority of the tallies came from an environmental group – they have the right to speak their mind and opinion. This was the first I have heard about this, and I read the paper quite often. I think a majority of people who live in Western Colorado feel they same way. The reason I moved to Colorado was the beauty, and fish and wildlife. The energy companies are working on getting all the heavy-hitters in their corner so the little guy doesn’t have a voice. Who wants to look out their window and see one of those darn drilling rigs? This goes along with the article last week about the 25-mile gas line. The energy industry needs to be slowed down before the landscapes, fish and wildlife, and playgrounds for people now and in future generations are gone. This whole oil and gas drilling effort is for the greed of money, and nothing else. What do people think they are going to say, yeah, we have done studies and found that there will be significant fish and wildlife lost and water polluted along with increased noise and air pollution? That’s what those people are being paid for, to lie to the public. The BLM is a big part of it, getting their palms greased by gas and oil bigwigs. It’s time to make a stand, people. Speak up and hold your ground before it’s all gone.Curt HansonParachute

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