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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

At least 14 states including Colorado are refusing funding that ties sex education funds to abstinence-only programs. The failure of this religiously-based Bush crusade is shown by an increase in teen pregnancy rates for the first time in 15 years.Our foreign aid is tied up the same way: no birth control, only abstinence, or no dollars. I wonder, are the Bible-thumpers imposing their religious tenets on our little brown brothers? Or are we assuring corporate America an uninterrupted supply of cheap, uneducated, malleable labor?It’s funny how the righteous walk hand-in-hand with the money changers.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

When I first signed up to run for State Senate District 8, I did it with the intention of serving as the Western Slope Warrior.My team and I set out to conquer two obstacles. The most important one would be killing the plan to increase drilling on the Roan Plateau, with half of the royalties going to a higher education fund that would mostly benefit Front Range interests, a potential bill that was promoted by legislators Josh Penry and Al White. To us, all royalties should stay in impacted areas for the purposes of county expenditure. Our second goal was to get the Republican Party to become more sensitive to nonpartisan Western Slope issues, like keeping severance tax in impacted areas.Recently, Rep.White pulled out his sponsorship of the Roan Plateau bill discussed above. Early on, our team highlighted our disagreement over this potential bill, and we rallied the people against it. We congratulate Rep. White in listening to the people, and we celebrate this move as a victory for the Western Slope.In making the transition to running for House District 56, our team requested the Republican House Delegation to prioritize Western Slope issues and host town halls where they could be discussed. I was proud to see a large delegation of Republican representatives visit us in Breckenridge and Avon last week. The delegation included Minority Leader Mike May, Reps. David Balmer, Amy Stephens, Frank McNulty, Jerry Sonnenberg, Jim Kerr and Stella Garza Hicks.I was grateful to see this delegation field questions about the pine beetle, severance tax, the Roan Plateau and other issues. I was touched to see them all promise to prioritize these issues in the legislature. While I’m proud to say that our team’s mission was accomplished, it is credit to our fellow Western Slopers for getting this action done.There is a Western Slope Warrior inside all of us. Letters to the editor, community talks and organization were a catalyst of change. Let us never be afraid to stand up for our Western Slope rights.Ali HasanHouse District 56 candidate

It is finally becoming a realization that mag chloride is harmful to the environment. Well, duh. The brown trees and dying vegetation along the highway, this was long before our beetle kill problem. What is the impact on our river systems? I believe we have yet to see the damage this chemical will create, and we have enough problems with our environment as is. We have used 9 million gallons of this stuff, that can’t be good for anything. We live in Colorado, it snows, learn to drive in it. Not sure what’s worse, driving in snow or not being able to see out of my car.Patty GraceGlenwood Springs

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