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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Inquiring minds want to know ”

Yes, I have made my decision. And no, I will not be seeking election for Garfield County commissioner in 2008.

Coming to this decision was long and difficult, as I know our county faces a myriad of opportunities and challenges today and into our future, and I know it takes all of us to do our part. Unfortunately, now is not the right time for me to pursue and commit to the office of county commissioner.

I have a renewed focus on the uncertainties of life and the value of living it to its fullest. With the recent occurrence of my beloved spouse’s emergency appendectomy, dealing from afar with aging and infirm parents, deaths of those close to me, and with my new job (along with my wife’s with Roaring Fork Hospice) at Valley View Hospital, contributing to a healthy community from birth until death, I am developing a newfound respect for and appreciation of life and living. Besides which, turning 50 this year, choosing and committing to be a commissioner may not be the best choice for a mid-life crisis!

Being influenced by the famous words of John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you … ask what you can do for your country,” I will remain active and involved in my community (perhaps even more so since I’ve made my decision), doing what together we can to make our communities and lives better today and tomorrow. To strive for and achieve success requires commitment and passion, balancing today’s needs with setting the course for future directions and outcomes. I am heartened that there are many people in our county who truly care and are willing to step up, be involved, and put themselves out there in the face of many pressures including time, financial, and personal sacrifices.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season. Reflect on what Christmas truly means in the spirit of humankind. May you have the best in the coming New Year. Remember, “Together We Can” make our lives, communities, county, and world better … starting with ourselves.

Greg Jeung

No Name

I am an advocate for immigration, legal immigration. Although I have not joined in the “back-and-forth” letters over the past few months, I believe it is time to speak.

I read an article in the paper (from Dec. 18 titled “Mexican government steps in for workers).” This article highlighted the struggles of 65 migrant workers who had been hired from Mexico and were unfortunately never actually given work. This troubled me. In today’s struggle to stop illegal immigration, what type of message does this send? “Come to America through the proper legal channels, and you can be treated unfairly. Come here through false pretenses and no one will be the wiser.” To me, this is the wrong message to send.

My heart goes out to these workers who took the time and effort to come to this country through proper procedure and were treated with so much injustice. I only hope that this event will not further taint the good name of America for foreigners who still believe this to be a land of opportunity.

Christopher Searls

Glenwood Springs

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