Monday letters: Vote local, no solutions, immigration and religion |

Monday letters: Vote local, no solutions, immigration and religion

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Let’s focus more on local elections

It’s time we put more focus on local elections. We’ve all heard about what happened in neighboring Mesa County with county clerk Tina Peters, but it’s important people know that we have the same type of alt-right, MAGA candidates right here in Garfield County. It goes beyond having to worry about safe, fair elections.

Tom Jankovsky has been a county commissioner for 12 years. Many people know him from his days at Sunlight Ski Resort. What people do not realize is just how radicalized he has become over his time in office. Tom recently gave a standing ovation to a Christian Nationalist pastor named David Barton who does not believe in the separation of church and state. In fact, the speech that Tom was so thrilled to hear stated that the church is supposed to direct the government — not the other way around. 

That means restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. A county commissioner has almost as much power as your local Sheriff. They levy and appropriate all taxes and approve any and all developments in a community. Do we really want another four years of MAGA touting Tom? He’s already said COVID is no worse than the flu and refuses to expand our energy needs beyond oil and gas, even as market prices show the need for more diversity. We can maintain what matters to us here in Garfield County by investing in renewable energy for the future, but not with him. 

When Tom was asked about the rising cost of living here in Garfield County and the impact it is having on small businesses to retain employees, his answer was if small businesses want to stay open, they need to provide their own employee housing. No, Tom, that is actually your job. He has had 12 years to prepare for the rising cost of living and housing crisis in the county. He has failed, and, yet, he stays defiant in his choice of inaction. Tom is the housing crisis here in Garfield, and, if he’s not voted out, things will only get worse.

Westley J. Crouch, Glenwood Springs

All sour grapes and no solutions

I read a letter writer in this newspaper by Bruno Kirchenwitz. He was alluding to a well-thought-out letter from Laurie Lawrence, who wrote in on Sept. 9. One thing about Mr. Kirchenwitz that defines the current MAGA segment of the GOP  is he has a long list of grievances but no solutions offered.

I am what Kirchenwitz would call a “RINO,” but all I am is a Republican who thinks Donald Trump is nothing more than a con man, posing as a politician. That is my right to say so, too.  

I never took a loyalty oath to Trump or anyone else in my party — and never will. MAGA has finally been outed by mainstream media, including Fox News. Just this past weekend, Fox News ran a commercial from the Lincoln Project called “Suckers.” Trump begged for donations beginning in December 2020 up to October 2021 for his “legal defense fund.” Now, we know he pocketed all of that money. Another US Justice Dept. investigation and another grand jury is hearing evidence of that right now.

With classified stolen documents at Mar a Lago to “fake electors” in 4 states?  Trump is indeed one strange man. Afghanistan? The US military spent billions training and outfitting the Afghan army to defend their own country against the Taliban, and, when they advanced on Kabul, they turned and ran! Trump’s administration was responsible for the US leaving that dismal country, and I for one am glad they did. The evacuation of Afghans was terrible no doubt, but why is it when a population outnumbers the Taliban by over 1,000:1, they allow themselves to be bullied by them? If they want freedom, they have to fight for it.

What about Hunter Biden? The newest villain since Hillary Clinton. Today, according to Fox News, John Durham, the leftover prosecutor from the Trump administration who is handling the Hunter Biden investigation, came up empty on him. Wonder who the new villain in Trump land will be?  

Climate change? Trillons of dollars will not be enough to fight it. Pakistan is still 1/3rd under water. The “doomsday glacier” is about to break off in Antartica, and, when it does, sea levels could rise 10 feet. If it does, say goodbye to Miami and New Orleans. In 20 years, gasoline-powered vehicles will be in museums.

Dear Mr. Kirchenwitz, is the glass have empty or half full? Just wondering.

Steven Gluckman, Glenwood Springs

‘Love your enemy with all your heart’

Love the AP article about pastors and immigration.

Pastor Jefferees from First Baptist in Dallas hits the nail on the head but smashes his thumb in the process. He has his Biblical principals all mixed up with his politics. There is no Biblical command to protect state interest or the resulting artificial borders demarcating these.

The actual command from Jesus (in several variations, tailored to the level of willful ignorance of the audience spoken to) is: Love your enemy with all your heart, all your mind and body and soul; same as you do your God in Heaven; for they are also made in the image of God and are in fact the body of Christ. 

The Biblical fact is that, if the Churchly Right were actually following the actual Biblical principles and extended the necessary hospitality to these could-be angels — rather than ratcheting up division and controversy for their true gods of the Seven Deadly Sins — we would not have an immigration problem nor would they be political pawns used to keep the enmity in their hearts in full control of their hell bent souls.

The very sad truth, Jesus laments, is 99.9% of Christians know Him not. They are tares pretending to be the wheat. And He truly weeps because your days are numbered, and He is grooming the white pony to ride.

Eric Olander, Rifle

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