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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The upcoming election is the time for the citizens of Silt to make a real change in the outlook for their future. It is a desperately needed change. It is time to begin replacing the leadership of the town government. It is time to put integrity and honesty into public office in Silt.

I have, for two years, repeatedly challenged the town of Silt to make a public accounting of the events, policies and deals that have led the town into a credibility vacuum regarding the Stillwater (Stillwaiting?) subdivision, the inappropriate relationships between senior town staff, and the continued arrogance and self interest of the administration.

When the current administration began, one of its first policies was to develop a hostile and secretive attitude toward the press. Real information and honest answers are still difficult to come by. The administration touts its “balanced general fund.” Not too tough when you borrow $4.5 million.

The first step is to elect Dave Moore to the Board of Trustees. Dave has the experience, integrity, and business savvy to help get Silt moving into a prosperous and successful future. Dave has fought for the taxpayers and residents of Silt for many years and now needs your help to become an even more effective leader. Dave has consistently challenged the bad decisions made by the current government and for his trouble has, in my opinion, been repeatedly harassed by the administration.

Write in Dave Moore on your ballot. It is important.

Duke Cox


Dear Editor,

We’re very excited that Alice Hubbard Laird has decided to run for Carbondale trustee.

Alice’s experience, energy and dedication are just what our town board needs at this critical point in our community’s development ” someone who can encourage elected officials and citizens to create innovative “win-win” solutions to the challenges and opportunities Carbondale faces.

A vote for Alice is a vote for a Board of Trustees that will be creative, solutions-oriented, citizen-focused and optimistic about Carbondale’s future. Please join us in voting for Alice on April 6!

Marc and Debbie Bruell


Dear Editor,

Hindsight is truly 20/20. I refer to your recent editorial opinion regarding Lester Colodny, the developer of the ignominious Four Mile Ranch.

You suggest that Mr. Colodny needs a different vocation once he is released from the Adams County Jail. I agree with your assessment.

However, where was your incredible insight a half dozen years ago when Colodny and his crack staff of development experts were seeking approvals from Garfield County?

Four Mile Ranch was easily among the top three worst developments proposed in Garfield County, during the 1990s. Where was your insightful analysis during project review?

And there is plenty of blame to be spread around. Colodny was not the only culprit for this monstrosity, but is now an easy scapegoat and the sole target of your scorn.

I don’t know, maybe I missed it and you actually provided some worthwhile analysis of how bad the project was. Instead, years after the County Commissioners (who wouldn’t know a good development if it came up and bit them on the leg) approved the project, you have the temerity to offer your tepid opinion regarding the developer.

If you want to provide a legitimate opinion regarding a local development issue, you must first be involved with analyzing the development project, during the review process. Not after the fact.


Eric D. McCafferty

Glenwood Springs

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