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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent’s April 9 Commentary caricature of National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice as a buck-toothed, feeble-minded girl must have undoubtedly brought guarded chuckles of delight to your management and editorial staff.

Her April 8 testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission was respectful and intelligent. I viewed your cartoon as extremely shameful.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The Denver Post recently reported on a penthouse gourmet dinner and strategy meeting that took place with Ken Salazar and 20 backers. All of this money and attention for a candidate who has yet to state what he believes or hopes to accomplish in office.

Does Salazar know why he is running, or has he been enticed to sing someone else’s song in exchange for a lucrative U. S. Senate seat? Where does he stand on issues of health care, foreign policy, alternative energy, job creation and education?

Several of my friends say they support Salazar because he can win. No one can question his record as attorney general. It is superb. Salazar knows Colorado like the back of his hand. But what value is this expertise in Washington?

We need to send someone to the Senate who understands foreign policy, has military and counter-terrorism experience, knows how to improve education and will stand up to special interests to ensure the health of our citizens and the environment.

Better to give this kind of candidate, a candidate like Mike Miles, the nomination than to elect one based solely on name recognition. That is shallow. It lacks principle. It’s like the rah-rah Little League parent whose interest is not in the game but whether or not his kid wins, and winning is everything.

Henry Buslepp

Pagosa Springs

Dear Editor,

9/11 Commission? Why isn’t Mr. Bush under impeachment for lying to Congress? To America? We all know he lied, as did his cabinet, so it must be who he is, rather than what he’s done. How much does Congress cost these days? Mr. Lay?

President Clinton appointed an independent counsel, who went on a fishing expedition. (It bears mentioning that the president may fire said counsel at any time.) It was started by financial dealings, ended with cheating on his wife.

Mr. Bush should stand up and follow suit. Stop grinning and lying, go under oath, and tell the truth. The so-called war he has led us into is both unjust and unfounded. No WMDs, no connection with Al-Qaida, but lots and lots of oil.

Shame on you, Mr. Bush. No more lies, no more smoke-screens.

Shane McGuire


Dear Editor,

It seems fitting that Mr. R.T. Moolick’s letter to the editor be printed during Holy Week, for it reminds me of how Christ was crucified as an innocent man who had done no wrong.

John Kerry fought as an honorable man in a war that has been proven to be not so honorable. Has Mr. Moolick ever seen the picture of the naked women burned from napalm, running down the street in Vietnam? Or heard of napalm?

My husband was in World War II also, and we have two sons who were on the Ticondaroga during Vietnam. Thank God they come home, even though one of them said, “I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for the bombs I had to load on planes going to Vietnam.”


Patricia G. Tonozzi


Dear Editor,

I have kept to myself long enough concerning the Garfield Re-2 School District.

All I can say is I am so glad that my last child graduated and I no longer have to deal with the school district.

I read in the Citizen Telegram that they are doing away with the school resource officer at the high school and middle school because the mill levy was defeated.

How about getting rid of some of the created positions that pay a lot of money and are not necessary.

When bills get tight, you downsize with the things that are not as important.

The SRO is definitely a necessary person in our schools. Don’t let the school district sacrifice the kids’ safety just because they didn’t get their way.

Laurie Murdock


Dear Editor,

My daughter says terrorism is a learned trait, that one must have been terrorized to even conceive of dying that way.

I wonder, did they watch their family die in a random U.S. bombing or did they see their brother run over by an Israeli bulldozer, leveling their home?

Israel will never know peace while they are afraid enough to humiliate and kill without regret, and now the United States follows in its footsteps.

How many violent deaths or daily humiliations does it take to induce people to take their lives, seeking justice? How would Americans react if we were occupied, bombed, poisoned and humiliated by another country, our resources and history stolen?

We should at least respect their dead enough to count them. To count how many we’ve starved to death or those we slowly poison with the heavy depleted uranium metal we vaporize into air, water and soil.

Call terrorists cowards, criminals or soldiers, but America is uniquely positioned to halt the violent injustices that stir people to exact their ultimate sacrifice. We are creating the terrorists we war upon.

Would you think this an exaggeration if it were happening to you? Do the warmongers scare us so, that we can have no compassion for those whose lives we shatter? How can we allow this to continue?

Call the Congressional Directory at 202-224-3121, give them your Zip code and ask for your representative. Ask them to stop the warring in the Philippines, Afghanistan and Iraq now!


John Hoffmann


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