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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re: the article titled “Judge passes on embezzlement case,” published Friday/Saturday Aug. 20-21.

What is wrong with this picture?

Ninth District Judge T. Peter Craven disqualifies himself from presiding in this case because of the avoidance of a conflict of interest.

Yet he terminated parental rights to three children whom he knew were kidnapped by social services when he knew there were complaints generated about the seizing.

How did he know? Because I personally handed or uttered them to him in a prior court hearing. I asked the judge (Mr. Craven) about them as he banned me from the courthouse and the remaining two days of the termination hearing, and I am the grandfather and special respondent.

He answered my question with the following statement: “They didn’t impress me.”

Does this say something about his agenda and his loyalties?

“Terrorism” in the “war on the American family” perpetrated by public servants.

Does his explanation, with the previous new information supplied, give you pause about his truthfulness?

It does me.

By the everliving God,

Gerald W. McKeel

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

We all use energy, and to deny rights to drill for that energy does not make sense. On the other hand, the gas companies and our local government have a responsibility to residents concerning quality of life, safety, and protection of our natural resources, which is one of the primary reasons many people live in Garfield County. For example, the public consensus that drilling should not occur on top of the Roan Plateau but be kept at the base, where directional drilling can access most of the reserves, is largely being ignored.

A recent article in the paper addressed this controversy, but I am perplexed about how the county commissioners “really” view this issue, as well as the possibility of 10,000 gas wells being drilled in the county. After watching the national conventions, I was dismayed that very little was said directly about the issues facing our nation, which shows a lack of gumption. Garfield County residents face many concerns, including drilling on the Roan Plateau. Could our elected officials and those running for local office show some of that straight talking the West is so famous for and tell us exactly where they stand concerning this and other important issues concerning Garfield County?

David Petechuk


Dear Editor,

I must take exception to Lisa Domer’s letter of Aug. 31, in which she implies that no one would be out protesting DUI checkpoints unless they had a guilty conscience about driving drunk. Not only do we, the members of Checkpoints Violate Your Rights, uniformly oppose drunken driving, we all happen to be nondrinkers ourselves.

We applaud our local peace officers for their vigilance in removing drunken and other hazardous drivers from the highways. The problem comes in when the methods used to do this stand in direct violation of our Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. The random nature of these checkpoints guarantees that this right will be violated, as the officers are not stopping and searching vehicles based on probable cause or reasonable suspicion, but on a random, numerical formula.

There are many ways to combat drunken driving that do not violate your constitutional rights and mine. We can all support increased patrols at key times, community education and strict penalties for driving under the influence, but checkpoints are incompatible with a free society. Let’s remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Christin Sercel


Dear Editor,

“Na, na, na, na, na, I’m going to heaven, you’re not. You don’t believe what I believe; it doesn’t matter if you have been kind, giving, and decent all your life; my religion has a monopoly on the ticker to heaven and you are not getting in; burn, baby, burn. Heaven is more exclusive than an all-white country club, even if that would make it a rather boring and colorless place.”

I say, this isn’t just cultural elitism, it’s religious elitism. Care to have a “cultural war”? How about a real one partly based on religious elitism and fearmongering?

Love the religious bigot, hate the bigotry. Let’s all live in peace and respect. It is safer, cheaper, and more comfortable.


Thomas Mooney


Dear Editor,

Quick observation here:

FLIP (adj) ” (personal description, not dictionary) “Switch sides on issues”

FLOP ” (personal description, not dictionary) “Land belly-side down on ground like a fish out of water”

Regarding John Kerry and his public statements, I find it difficult to pin Jello down. Or was that actually catsup?

Marty Lich


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