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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Thanks to Don Gillespie for his letter to the Aspen Times titled Time for a trail. It inspired this rebuttal. Apparently, Don and I attended different January RFTA Board meetings. As I recall, Dan Blankenship and staff were directed to issue requests for proposals for alternative uses of our rail corridor, not to rip up the rails. Don repeats the mantra that A right of way for the rail will never go away. U.S. history teaches us just the opposite. Of the 2,000 or so trails that have been built on former rail corridors, only five have been successfully returned to rail transportation.I started this letter intending to refute Don point by point, but came to realize that this us versus them stuff is getting us nowhere; thats why the Rails & Trails movement is petitioning the RFTA Board as follows:We, the undersigned, urge you to preserve the historic ex-Rio Grande Aspen railway as it is presently constituted.We further urge you to create a joint Rails & Trails task force to develop a plan that would allow both modes of transportation to share that railway.If you would like more information, contact us at 928-8721 or by e-mail. If you are ready to sign the Rails & Trails petition, it is available at the Glenwood Railroad Museum, in the historic Glenwood Springs railroad depot at 413 Seventh St. The museum is open six days a week, noon to 4 p.m. It is closed on Wednesdays.Jan GirardotGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Bush promises to cut the deficit in half in five years. He wont be president in five years, so he can promise anything. He lies so much, how does he sleep at night?He must not have a conscience, with all the young men and women dead or crippled in his unnecessary war. He is getting all the yes people in his Cabinet. Even some Republicans will wake up if Social Security is cut 33 percent, but it will be too late to do something about it.Tony Snow and OReilly want the Democrats to lay out an exit strategy for Iraq. Why should the Democrats tell them anything; the Republicans are in charge of the whole government. Its about time some of them should tell Bush, maybe Condi Rice. Bill Frist is a brownnose, one of the worst. The economy is really going strong, for who? I bet those who have no job would disagree.Social Security will go broke. How many billions are spent on the war? We could use some to pay back money borrowed from Social Security over the years.To the young Americans, putting 4 percent of your money in the stock market is a good way to lose it. The market goes down more than up. Bush says make our borders secure. Wow! He even mentioned it in his address, so look out aliens.A 53-minute speech by Bush was interrupted 65 times with applause. Man, those Republicans got their exercise.Mildred BaumliCarbondale

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