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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,As a former middle school teacher, I applaud the Re-1 School Board’s intent to provide quality educational environments for the community’s students. I am, however, incensed by the limited vision and the indifference to the community and businesses the board exercised in its approach to the high school expansion. Let’s be honest, board members, you are not “… asking a couple of businesses to move,” are you? You are claiming eminent domain, forcing them to move, and providing no alternatives or assistance. You even refused to sell them a parcel of vacant district land.What happened to your commitment to work with these businesses? A socially responsible and ethical school board does not harpoon local businesses, take away jobs, and displace tenants in the name of education. Before the election, to whom did “the district [make] its plans very clear?” In the numerous pamphlets voters received, there was no mention of displacing local businesses. You did not allow the voters to make an informed decision. Is this the example that should be set for the community’s students, about whose education you claim to be so concerned?Most importantly, how does the board’s current behavior and attitude toward these businesses and the rest of the community ensure, or even encourage, the future public financial support vital to a growing school district? Not all education takes place within the classroom – your students are learning. Dan KuglinGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Now that the Colorado Trust will aid illegal aliens to “integrate” into the community, I’d like to recommend that other groups that engage in “victimless crimes” also become part of your community. How about prostitutes and bookies? Like illegal aliens they are people, too. They just made a conscious choice to break the law. Just like illegal immigrants.Carlos RodriguezOverland Park, Kan.

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