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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Hal Sundin’s column in the March 3 edition of the GSPI, “Chasm between rich and poor growing,” ignores a very important problem. What is that? Many of the poor nations are poor due to the very bad leadership and government that exists in their homelands. Has he asked himself why North Korea is in such a mess? What about Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe there? What about the United Nation’s Oil for Food program for Iraq? A lot of that money went to pay bribes and build palaces instead of providing food and medicine for the people of Iraq. Many of the government leaders in Southern Africa see no evil in what Mr. Mugabe is doing in his country. How would these South African leaders handle any aid we might give them?

What does that say would happen if we and the rest of the world gave these countries money and food aid with the aim of helping the people in these countries. All it would do would be to allow the leaders to tighten their grip and expand their power. Not for the purpose that we would be sending them our money and food. These countries need a different kind of leadership and government to better utilize these gifts to help their people.

I say think it through before you tell us what to do.

Elmer C. Hunter


Dear Editor,

I’d like to address the group of people who are still protesting abortions at Glenwood Medical Associates.

What is the point of targeting GMA? Both sides of the abortion argument are ages old. I only see that you are making a spectacle out of yourselves and with no productive goal. So you got in the paper ” good for you! But guess what? Your pointing finger wasn’t news to many in our valley.

Instead of using your time and energy and signmaking talents standing around, why not put your efforts to a more targeted use? Address the needs and desires of the women making the choice. If your faith doesn’t allow you to hand out condoms, then perhaps you could offer supportive literature, or direction for support in whatever these women are questioning. You could promote the Pregnancy Resource Center mentioned last week and other similar organizations that offer support and an ear for women doubting their future with or without a baby.

I would go so far as to say that you should also not forget about all the social service programs that do offer support to many of the underprivileged moms that have chosen to have their babies. Put your money where your mouth is and vote to keep those programs working.

Anyone can hold a sign up. I want to see you offer a helping hand.

Jill Randall

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

There can be no doubt that abortion is a traumatic loss of a precious and loved life.

Usually devastating for the mother, abortion must be the last failure after a long line of preventive measures and knowledgeable behaviors, rendering it unnecessary.

How can we discuss removing a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy without first establishing a culture of respect for women, and a comprehensive sex-education curriculum, with programs to provide complete pregnancy prevention options?

Giving birth is a life threatening condition and must be honored as such.

What was our intent in revoking third-term abortions without an exception for the mother’s health, after defunding contraception programs and limiting sex education to “just say no”?

Does it serve society to force children onto single teenagers after withholding knowledge and access to contraception, including the morning-after pill?

How distressing is it for a reticent mother to relinquish her baby to a family that desires it, given the maternal bond with her baby? Would a family still want her child if the mother were alcohol abusive or emotionally disturbed?

A woman’s judgment in bearing must be autonomous, empowered by knowledge and reflect the weight of her overwhelming responsibility to her child.

Are those who dictate a woman’s decision to bring a child into her life, without first underwriting her health, and making their own personal lifelong commitment to the child’s well-being, dealing where they have no business?

Lets place our energy into education and prevention.

John Hoffmann


Dear Editor,

Saturday, March 19, marked two years since the U.S.-led invasion and accelerated bombing of Iraq began. There was a rally in Denver at the Capitol that remembered those who have been killed in Iraq. More than 1,500 U.S. soldiers have been killed. Hundreds of Iraqi citizens have been killed since the beginning of this year alone. Contrary to what is reported in by the U.S. media, life is not better for Iraqis. There are more than 50 attacks per day. There is violence, kidnappings and little electricity, running water or gasoline for Iraqis. After our two sieges of Fallujah, this city of more than 250,000 is in rubble, with many of the citizens not killed living in tents. Our troops need to come home now.

There also was a rally and a march in Hawthorne Park, Grand Junction, that remembered those killed in Iraq.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the above rallies, please consider calling our representatives, listed below, to object to Bush’s $81.9 billion supplemental request to continue the U.S. occupation of Iraq, which includes $658 million to help build a U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

Rep. John Salazar (202) 225-4761

Rep. Mark Udall (202) 225-2161

Senator Ken Salazar (202) 224 5852

Senator Wayne Allard (202) 224-5941

Cathleen Krahe


Dear Editor,

Garfield County and CMC are continuing to try to stop the Glenwood Springs Downtown Development Authority from using Tax Increment Financing money intended to improve Glenwood’s downtown. This seems counterproductive. Tax-paying voters approved the DDA in an effort to improve downtown. Both entities occupy lands within the DDA district. Neither pays property taxes. Garfield County has furnished both employee and public parking. CMC, however, occupies prime commercial space at Ninth and Grand, which no longer provides sales tax revenue. CMC’s employees and customers of Garfield County and CMC do spend money downtown, but that is not their primary reason for being there.

Both entities are concerned with losing tax money to the TIF, but ought to be concerned that the downtown surrounding them does not deteriorate.

The TIF costs taxpayers nothing extra since it is only the increment above existing taxes resulting from new development downtown. The DDA will sunset after 25 years.

Garfield County and CMC are costing taxpayers money in several ways. First, they futilely have spent a great deal on legal fees costing Glenwood considerable expense to counter. Second, some $50,000 potential TIF sits in escrow. Holding money in escrow serves no purpose for taxpayers. Third, tangible improvement to downtown such as a parking structure could already be started.

I urge both Garfield County and CMC to quit wasting taxpayer money. Pursuing their dubious cause will not benefit taxpayers and may be detrimental beyond the wasted legal costs.

Thane Lincicome

board member, Glenwood Springs DDA


Dear Editor,

Kudos to Gayla Rowe and the entire cast, musicians, and crews of Glenwood Springs High School for their stellar work on “Les Miserables!” I have directed theater for 30 years, and I left the theater moved and astonished at the talent, discipline and community spirit of the show. You have lifted our hearts by sharing this great gift. Thank you!

Sue Lavin

Glenwood Springs

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