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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Our valley has experienced two deaths in the family this past week: The old barn and Victorian house at Cattle Creek, along with the Bershenyi barns and outbuildings on Dry Park Road, were leveled and burned to clear the way for new development. Progress is certain, but we need to acknowledge and preserve our diminishing local landmarks and open spaces.

This is where the Aspen Valley Land Trust comes in. I want to thank all of those artists who participated in the “Open Places” art show. They highlighted the endangered beauty of our valley through magnificent photographs, paintings, sculpture and pottery. Thanks to Cushman King and Doug Harr for allowing us to use the gallery space and to AVLT director Martha Cochran for her continued and diligent efforts. We were able to raise over $1,200 to support the local conservation efforts of the AVLT.

It is important to preserve our magnificent valley while at the same time developing for the future. The Aspen Valley Land Trust is the key!

Mary Noone

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

This letter concerns the new teacher at Glenwood Springs High School, who has been asked to leave at the end of this school year. This is an outrage! Many students really appreciated Tim Watt’s hard work, but it seems that a few rotten apples really do spoil the bunch.

The few kids in the GSHS band who weren’t willing to work hard have driven off an awesome band director. The band has never played with such great tone before, and now everyone plays instead of the few who carried the band in the past. It is a shame to send such a talented teacher away. He never did anything but try to help us get better. A few more minutes of practice every day, a few less minutes goofing off during rehearsals, and now we have learned a lot.

But someone seems to have ruined it all for us. Shame on those students who weren’t willing to work hard and improve. Shame on them for driving this great man out of our school.

Liz Henrie

Glenwood Springs

and the GSHS band

Dear Editor,

First off, dandelions doing well in your yard or garden is a general sign of poor soil. If you are thinking of spraying your weeds or insects, just remember that about 1 percent of the herbicide/pesticide goes to the target, and the other 99 percent goes “elsewhere.” You can do better than that. If you want to spray, just use kitchen-strength vinegar in a direct spray-type bottle, with about two or three sprays over two or three days, and that should do it.

Better yet, do similar to what the town of Carbondale did to their parks to keep them organic, and build up the soil and turf in the meanwhile. Start by pulling dandelions and weeds by hand by their roots with a root wand that also acts as an aerator of the soil. Then throw some soil builder and some compost on top and aerate the soil again. You can also throw in a few handfuls of high mountain buffalo grass seed, which works better in this altitude than Kentucky bluegrass.

If you keep your lawn watered, fertilized, fed-nourished and composted, it should be hard to grow dandelions.

Don’t forget, the dandelion is considered by many ethnobotanists to be the most nutritious plant on the planet. The flower is the No. 1 source of vitamin A in the world, and the younger, more tender inner leaves have a calcium-phosphorus ratio closer to that in human mothers’ breast milk than any other green, leafy vegetable. You can also get the B-complex from dandelions, iodine, chromium, fatty acids, as well as lecithin to help emulsify your already existing fats and cholesterol.

Doc Philip


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