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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am tired of people who are opposed to Social Security reform, equating the stock market and personal accounts with gambling. This is an intellectually bankrupt analogy meant to scare people away from reforming Social Security.

I agree. Betting your paycheck in Vegas would be a bad idea. However, betting your paycheck on our economy is investing in the continued ingenuity and productivity of Americans. Big difference.

There have always been ups and downs in the U.S. and global markets. But at its core, our economy is based on the hopes, dreams, work ethic and creativity of an American people. I will bet on these qualities any day!

Social Security reform and the creation of personal accounts will ensure a better future for American retirees because personal accounts invests our future in the American spirit of ingenuity, not a hopeless government IOU.

Those opposing reform can continue standing on the sidelines of skepticism and fear. Thankfully, only a minority of our elected officials in Washington share this point of view.

Andrew Nilsen

Grand Junction

Dear Editor,

Hats off to Steven and the crew of the new Bayou Cajun Restaurant in downtown Glenwood Springs. For those in the community who recall the Bayou’s humble beginnings behind the Lariat Bar in 1985, you’ll have to agree that this is truly an entrepreneurial success story. The frog location in West Glenwood was great, but the new digs are really Cajun class!

Not only is the Bayou now featuring lunch and an expanded dinner menu (don’t miss the fried green tomatoes), they have quickly created a new “date night” culture downtown. Dinner at the Bayou, then a movie at the Springs Theatre can’t be beat for a fun evening outing.

Don’t miss the new Bayou. It’s a blast!

Leslie Way

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Sharon Robyn’s letter is very enlightening on how Democrats think. I thought the “stand-up comedy routine” was great, and showed the public that not only is Laura Bush one of the most honest first ladies we have ever had, but she is willing to open up and let us all know a little about their home life. She also has a sense of humor, which is something Hillary Clinton didn’t have, although in all honesty, she didn’t have much to be humorous about.

President Bush isn’t a “stupid, lovable boor,” he is a 59-year-old male with one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Doesn’t he deserve a little downtime once in a while? What do you do, Sharon, after a tough day?

I read the story about the church that asked all the Democrats to leave. I thought that was going way too far. Let’s face it, political differences should be set aside in church, but after reading Sharon’s letter, I am thinking it was not a political problem. Democrats are all wrapped up in themselves, intolerant of others and just plain grumpy.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

If the filibuster is un-American, then so is Mom, ice cream and apple pie.

Sometimes it takes a little while for the proponents of the “nuclear vote” to see the error in what they propose … the destruction of free speech and the right to object. How sad!

Dr. Jack Wohlstadter


Dear Editor,

I stopped to talk to Carl Schiesser as he stood in front of the Chamber of Commerce office, deep in thought.

“We didn’t do a good job on this wall,” said Carl, standing in front of a rock ledge.”I’m paying my old company to fix it.”

Carl and Shirley Schiesser are giants in the history of Glenwood Springs. Carl moved here from the Upper Midwest and started Permanent Builders. Shirley raised their five kids, then served as CEO of their company in its heyday, building schools and big projects on the Western Slope. They were the consummate business and community leaders.

Carl was mayor, Shirley was on city council, and both were pillars of their church, ski club, etc. Shirley was one of the first four women members of Rotary Club and was the first ATHENA award winner. She WAS the Chamber.

They hung together through thick and thin. Just as they retired, Shirley began a long slide into the darkness of Alzheimer’s. She is now in long-term care.

Although he can’t bring her back, Carl has effected a poignant reminder of a strong woman who made a permanent mark on this city.

Next time you swing by the Chamber, notice the “new” red rock wall, rebuilt with straight lines and perfect mortar. Breathe a quick thanks to Shirley Schiesser for all she was to Glenwood. And to her dutiful husband, Carl, who has given us Shirley’s Wall as a reminder that seemingly “ordinary” people can do uncommon works.

Steven Shute

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I want to congratulate Rifle student Denisse Espino for making a difference in her school and her community. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in, and I am humbled by what this young woman and her peers have done.

I understand deeply what the students were trying to do. I moved to Colorado from the Miami area, where we struggled with triculture issues. I could see similar issues were surfacing, and at the time I was working as a school counselor. I helped to create a project in the valley schools called the Quilt of Cultural Understanding.

The concept was to bring Latino and Anglo students together to learn more about their histories and to move past the fear and stereotypes they had of one another. The quilt hangs in my Carbondale studio, as reminder of what was achieved during that project.

Denisse, I would be happy to help you start a diversity group and I would like to offer you and your group my studio. I work creatively with people, so we can brainstorm some ideas that might be interesting to you. My Spanish is, shall we say, not the best, but I currently am taking some computer Spanish lessons, so I would need your help.

If you want some support, please come by the studio sometime and see what we are up to! I would love to meet you. The summer is a perfect time to look at doing something together.

Sheri Gaynor

Metamorphosis Expressive Arts Studio


Dear Editor,

It is not unexpected from a person who was intimately involved in the oil shale boom to praise the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which is currently in Senate committee (G. Vawter, Voices, April 29). However, if one reads past the lavish benefits provided for the extraction industries, it is clear that this is an extremely flawed bill.

This “No Polluter Left Behind” Act fails to address the root causes of the nation’s energy problems ” overconsumption of foreign and domestic fossils fuels. It has little provision for development of alternative, renewable energy sources, fails to mandate greater fuel economy and reduced emissions standards for automobiles, and will cause irreparable harm to one of America’s last wilderness frontiers, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The act exempts hydraulic fracturing (the source of well and stream pollution near Silt) from the Safe Drinking Water Act, and exempts oil and gas companies from the Clean Water Act. It fails to address the causes of global warming ” the unabated combustion of fossil fuels, lets industry off the hook for cleaning up ground waters polluted with the toxic fuel additive MTBE and relaxes clean air standards, thereby increasing asthma-causing air pollution.

We need a more responsible national energy policy that focuses on increasing energy efficiency, invests in renewable energy technologies, places caps on greenhouse emission, and makes our country less dependent on fossil fuels. Please call or write your senators and urge them to reject this act in its current form.

Bob Millette

Maggie Pedersen

Roaring Fork Sierra Club Group

Glenwood Springs

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