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Letters: Trump on veterans, Kamala Harris, Generation Z, greenhouse gas emissions, RBG replacement, Ursa, Soto, Ginsburg

U.S. war dead are not ‘losers,’ ‘suckers’

On June 6, 1944, allied forces landed on the coast of France, an essential part of the struggle to rid the world of the Nazi menace. Around 10,000 either died or ended up missing or wounded that day, 6,603 of them American.

Most Americans would regard those who lost their lives as heroes who made a noble sacrifice for the liberty and well-being of their country, but not Donald Trump. Instead, he referred to the fallen as “losers” and “suckers.” Presumably, he would say the same about those who fought and died at Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir or in the deserts of Iraq.

This should be no surprise. Trump has a history of disparaging veterans. Referring to John McCain — who survived five years at the “Hanoi Hilton,” even refusing to be released because he was the highest ranking man and saw it as a duty to stay with the other prisoners — Trump said sneeringly, “I prefer those who weren’t captured.” This from a man who used his father’s influence to secure five deferments and avoid serving in Vietnam!

Trump’s disrespect for those who serve their country has not been limited to rhetoric. When he learned that Russia’s Vladimir Putin had put a bounty on American troops in Afghanistan, Trump, the Commander in Chief, did nothing! On the contrary, he has continued to cozy up to the Russian dictator. Trump’s refusal to protect American servicemen and women is a fundamental betrayal to those who wear this nation’s military uniform.
Anyone who cares about our men and women in uniform and the democratic birthright they’ve defended for over 200 years should rush to the polls to give Donald Trump a dishonorable discharge.

David Lien
Colorado Springs

Harris could be president

Voters should know that if Biden is elected, he could be removed from office within 6 months, according to the provisions in the 25th Amendment. Kamala Harris would then become President and pick whomever she wants for VP. Voters should consider this possibility very carefully.

Mark Barritt
Glenwood Springs

Time for youth to rise

It’s time for the youth to rise to the challenge of local, national, and even international politics.

As a young person in Garfield County, I have seen and heard some appalling things in our schools. Racism and bigotry is commonplace. Students give blind fealty to candidates that they clearly haven’t researched. Even outside of just my school, the issues plaguing my generation continue to grow. School shootings have been normalized. The economic divide continues to widen. Misinformation is peddled as fact. Corporations destroy the planet day by day, and push the problem onto us.

This is unacceptable.

Generation Z, defined as anyone born from 1996-2010, has become the largest age group in the United States. We know the internet and social media like the back of our hands. We’re able to find and spread information like wildfire, and talk about local and international issues we’re concerned about. Yet, hardly any change has occurred. Some of our generation has risen up to the occasion, but enough of us haven’t. Why are we letting politicians who have horrible intentions rule our lives? We can grab politics by the reins. We can make the world we want — not the world that others want for us.

Educate yourselves. Concern yourselves with local issues — even if you’re not old enough to vote yet, you can make a difference. Campaign for candidates that will help our communities. Vote with your dollar by supporting local businesses that put money back into the local economy. Contact our representatives with issues you’re passionate about. If you see injustice, point it out. Start conversations with your friends, your family, your coworkers. Connect with individuals online who have similar passions. Post about issues on social media. Volunteer with local groups like food banks, libraries, outdoor cleanups.

This is a duty for all of us. Our voices matter, and they will be heard. Youth have always been underrepresented in politics, and that will change. We must refuse to sit in silence as the country gets destroyed.

Aren’t you sick of waiting for change?

Kiley Robinson,
Battlement Mesa

Most greenhouse gas emissions are not from automobiles

I appreciated the thoughtful comments of Char Miller in Friday’s paper regarding the root causes of the devastating wildfires in the American West. I have to take exception, however, to his focus on the automobile as a significant source of greenhouse gases.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the main sources of global greenhouse gas emissions are: electricity and heat production (25%), agriculture (24%), and industry (21%). Together, these account for 70% of all greenhouse gases. All forms of human transportation account for 14%, the vast majority of which are commercial activities, not your family car/truck. Go to http://www.epa.gov for more information. Look up the equivalent emissions from a trans-oceanic cargo transport ship if you want a shock. Also look up the carbon footprint of cloud computing.

So, if you do the math, no more than 6% of global emissions are from your car. Stop feeling guilty! It really doesn’t matter if you drive a Tesla or a Suburban, in terms of the effect on global warming. In fact, if you buy a Tesla, you should ask if it comes with a railroad fireman to shovel the coal into the power plant that is supplying the electricity! Intellectually lazy climate activists confuse smog (particulates, plus sulphur and nitrogen oxides) with greenhouse gases.

Always question authority.

Jeffrey E. Fegan MD
Glenwood Springs

Calling all freedom loving Americans!

With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we truly need Sen. Cory Gardner reelected. President Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a replacement for Justice Ginsburg. He will need the Senate’s support. Cory’s vote is essential to support President Trump placing the right person on the bench. Remember what the Democrats did to Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Some disturbing information ended up in the paper about Lauren Boebert, our Republican candidate for the 3rd CD. We have not heard much about her opponent. However, let’s be very clear. Her opponent will support the Democrats’ agenda! It will include policies and laws that remove our freedoms under our Constitution, reduce the production of oil and gas, reinstate stricter rules under the Environmental Protection Act, advance more lawlessness as seen in major cities today, reduce funding for our military, replace democracy with a socialist government, and so much more. Just listen to what is being said by President Trump’s opponent and his running mate.

We must look at the big picture and the direction our nation is headed. Make no mistake; we need every citizen in Colorado who believes in freedom and capitalism to vote for Lauren, Cory and Trump. Think how much Trump has done with the Democrats battling him every step of the way. Vote Republican and give him the support he needs to “Make America even Greater”. It’s for all of us.

Sandra Caskey
Grand Junction

Goodbye and good riddance to Ursa

Ursa Resources, the wicked witch of Battlement Mesa, has joined a growing group of oil and gas drillers filing for bankruptcy. The company has proven to be a poor neighbor to the PUD by drilling gas wells within 500 feet of housing and planning an injection well within 600 feet of the municipal freshwater intake and 300 feet of the Colorado River.

The Denver-owned operator currently has one well in production in the Piceance Basin manned by a total of 21 employees. Should we feel for these people if and when they lose their jobs? Of course, but remember these aren’t unskilled workers. These are well-trained construction tradesmen; ironworkers, welders, pipefitters, etc. They’d fit right in with the production of renewable power sources called for in the Green New Deal.

At a recent Garfield County commissioner’s meeting, Commissioner Tom Jankovsky blamed the Western Colorado Alliance, chaired by commissioner candidate Leslie Robinson, and Senate Bill 181, which prioritizes public health and safety over promotion of the oil and gas industry, for Ursa’s downfall.

Robinson pointed out in its bankruptcy filing Ursa cited falling natural gas prices beginning in 2014, interstate pipeline contracts currently under litigation, and a $282.7 million debt primarily from the losing proposition of fracking as the reasons. Five million dollars of that debt is owed to Garfield County and Robinson expressed concern about that.

Those are the free-market influences you’re so fond of, Tom Jankovsky. Further subsidizing the industry or forgiving their debt would be socialism, wouldn’t it?

Fred Malo Jr.

Soto a candidate to get excited about

One of the many lessons I am learning in 2020 is that the old way of doing things isn’t good enough. This is one of the many reasons why I am voting for Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner, and I hope you will, too.
The old way of doing things in Garfield County is based on the idea that white men know what is best for a diverse population. But they don’t know. And they can’t know because they lack the experience of being anything but in the population with the most privilege. Garfield County deserves to have County Commissioners that more accurately represent the population of this county. With a more diverse Board of County Commissioners, more of our residents will have a voice that speaks for them, a voice that knows them and understands their experiences. No one person can speak for everyone, but I can tell you that the three people who are currently our County Commissioners certainly can’t speak for me.

Beatriz is a candidate to get excited about! She is smart, compassionate, knowledgeable about local issues and truly wants to see every resident living their best life in Garfield County. It is long past time to elect someone who will prioritize a vibrant, healthy future for our county. Vote Beatriz Soto for Garfield County Commissioner (and Leslie Robinson, too!).

Zuleika Pevec

Honor Ginsburg’s wish

The best way to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s love and service to America, is to honor her last wish to wait, and only be replaced by the newly elected administration. Petition Sen. Cory Gardner. Contact him any way you can, phone, email, mail, visit his offices and respectfully ask that he honor her wish.

John Hoffmann

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