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Letters: Truth telling, novel invader, the Greatest Generation, Trump’s ‘leadership’, the whole truth, business responsibility

There is a crisis in truth telling

Bob Woodson founder and head of the Woodson Council notes: Social policies of the 1960s did what racial policies couldn’t accomplish. They made the poor a commodity and separated work from income which made the father redundant. This broke up the nuclear family and demeaned religion. Up until the 1960s, 85% of the families were intact. Today it’s 25%.
In rewriting American history, The New York Times 1619 Project is using the struggle and suffering of American blacks to bludgeon and define America as a criminal organization. Rather than having doors locked from the outside as in Jim Crow, the 1619 Project has locked the doors from the inside.

Between 1920 and 1940 the educational gap between blacks and whites became nominal. In the 1920s black Atlanta schools tested higher than white schools. If we lose our history, we lose our future. 1619 Project is cheating black children by telling them their only lot in life is to be a victim.
Bob Woodson has countered the 1619 Project with activists known as 1776 Project. By going into the communities and mentoring, activists reduce violent encounters. They are restoring communities with the help of grassroots leaders not race hustlers.

Deep in the DNA of this country is a desire to support virtue. People are motivated to improve their lives. That’s 1776 Project’s goal. They don’t need to be shown injuries to be avoided. It’s reflected by spontaneously responding to those in need despite their color. Contrast this with those who posture on television that have a short-hand way of assuming the only thing that’s of interest to black people is race.

There is a crisis in truth telling. Address the enemy within. Check out Woodson’s book, The Triumphs of Joseph.

Fred Stewart,
Grand Junction

U.S. has capitulated to a novel invader

For me, this is World War III and the U.S. has capitulated to a novel invader, which has not accepted our terms of surrender.

John Hoffmann

We’re failing the greatness test

Why was the Greatest Generation so great? It wasn’t really World War II. That tested their mettle, but their grit was created 15 years earlier with the onset of the Great Depression. That’s when our parents and grandparents learned how to do without and make sacrifices for the common good. These are the qualities that gave them the resolve to prevail.

I hope the current generation doesn’t have to face a major economic catastrophe or a world war because we’ve had it too good for too long. Yes, there was 2008 recession and Vietnam, but those were minor bumps in the road by comparison.

During the relatively meek trauma of today’s pandemic, many of us have whined about and resisted minor inconveniences like wearing masks and social distancing. Yeah, my mask is a pain in the ass, too. It fogs up my glasses. And I’d really love to get together with a large group of my friends and dish out a few bear hugs. But if I can save one life by following the precautions, that’d be more than worth it.

Fred Malo Jr.

What kind of leader is Trump?

In the last 4 months (as of July 6), 132,979 people have died in the United States of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). When is our leader, who has been known to publicly hug the flag, going to declare we lower flags to half-staff to honor the deceased, their families, and healthcare workers who have needlessly suffered? How many deaths does it take, not by magazine clip but by deadly virus will it take for this “patriot” to feel driven to evoke the call for national deference?

He won’t do it because he continues to dismiss that it is even happening (or else he says it is China’s fault). I ask all of you, what kind of leader is this? What kind of Commander-in-Chief would ever do that? He’s the kind of leader who is demanding schools reopen for the fall, yet no vaccines exist and the death toll continues to rise. He’s the kind of Commander-in-Chief that picks fights with NASCAR to take the heat off his scandal of turning a blind eye to Putin to pay the Taliban to murder American soldiers in Afghanistan.

As Americans, it is our right and our duty to vote to end this disgraceful and shameful moment in our history in November. We are better than this. Please register. Please vote.

Lee Barger
Glenwood Springs

What I’m not hearing is the whole truth

I just read Illene Pevec’s letter about teaching truth in our schools. It has a familiar ring.

I hear apologists criticizing our country by listing the inequities in our history from Aspen to Boulder, just like I did as a college kid in the early ’70s from Berkley. What I don’t hear from them is the whole truth.

Never a mention of the millions who came here to seek and find freedom.

Never a mention of how our country has fought world wars to preserve the freedom of others around the world.

Never a mention of our military aiding countries after natural disasters.

Never a mention of the millions of our people who teach, protect and aid their neighbors and friends. The people who work all week then on the weekends mow the lawns of seniors in their neighborhoods.

I’m proud to be one of the descendents of the Greatest Generation. I have friends in all walks of lives, from fireman to farmers, who don’t discriminate or own slaves.

I have neighbors who are teachers and nurses who set standards of behavior we can all admire.

If you want the truth, try the whole truth.

I’m proud of our country, as my family and friends are.

Name a place that’s perfect. Can’t think of one? The closest place I’ve found is right outside my door.

No apologies necessary.

Yes, we all need to work to make things better for everyone. I remember the old bumper sticker, “Think globally — act locally.”

Enough of my soapbox. Be grateful, kind and careful.

Al Scholz
Rifle, Aspen

Businesses are responsible for the welfare of their customers

OK, enough is enough. In America we crossed the 3 million coronavirus infection threshold. I have been shopping at the City Market grocery stores in Aspen, Basalt and Glenwood Springs now for 4 months, and each and every one of these stores have a sign outside the entrance doors stating that customers must wear a mask. One time I forgot my mask, and I was politely escorted to the door and told to go get my mask, or I could purchase one from them. At first I was a little irritated, but after thinking about it for like 5 minutes, I realized they are right and I was wrong for not considering the safety of my fellow customers. 3-4 out of 10 people walking around us now are probably carrying the virus without knowing it. They are asymptomatic virus carriers and transmitters. I do not like those odds, so I wear a mask. Walmart in Glenwood Springs enforces it too. God bless them.

I visited Grand Junction yesterday and went to their City Market on 12th Street. Their employees were all wearing masks, but only about one-third of the customers were wearing masks. So, I asked the manager there why they did not enforce the mask policy. He was candid and told me they were afraid of potential violence against their employees by customers who did not want to wear masks. I told him about how all these other City Markets enforce the rule, and he seemed genuinely stunned. He said their directive from the corporate office in Denver is no City Market is supposed to take it upon themselves to enforce the mask rule. So, I called the corporate office in Denver myself. I was told the same thing. Then they referred me to the Colorado district office and was told the very same thing by them. I asked them if they care about the welfare of their customers enough to protect them from this virus, and was told that is not their responsibility. Did you catch that? Not their problem. It was their problem 3 months ago, but now, it is not. Now, when the virus is roaring back, they don’t care anymore.
We have Lauren Boebert getting a public forum to tell anyone who will listen that the coronavirus is a hoax perpetuated by the “deep state.” So, just another clown with a bully pulpit.

When are these businesses going to wake up and understand a basic truth; that they are indeed responsible for the welfare of their customers, just as if they discovered their meat department is infected with e-coli, they fix it. We are only people who want to live between now and when a vaccine is available. That’s all, just live until then.

Steven Gluckman
Glenwood Springs

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