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Local law dishing out justice

It’s difficult to imagine how bad it could have been.A heavily armed fugitive with semi-automatic weapons, and a alleged history of extreme violence.Thanks to a perfectly executed plan and a masterful merging of multiple law enforcement agencies, Samuel Lincoln, 24, was apprehended with precision.The only shots fired on Dec. 13 were from law enforcement personnel who fired less-than-lethal rounds that brought Lincoln down and enabled officers to take him into custody.As Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said, “It’s a shame to think we need this type of response capability, but we do.”Lincoln is accused of attempted murder in Glenwood Springs in a home invasion and stabbing of a man, and in Grand Junction where he and another gunman allegedly shot a man six times.Back in February 2004, law enforcement also was tested with another big-time criminal situation when convicted felon Brent J. Brents was apprehended by Glenwood police after a short chase.Those situations clearly demonstrate how important it is to have a capable response team and well-trained officers to diffuse possibly violent situations and get the job done.Garfield County’s All-Hazards Response Team joined Grand Junction SWAT, Glenwood Springs police, TRIDENT and other agencies to help bring Lincoln to justice.To have so many agencies work together and turn in a flawless operation with no training time together and a just a few hours of planning is tremendous. This incident shows the importance of the All-Hazards Response Team, which has been involved in a number of operations since its inception more than 18 months ago. Funded by a Homeland Security grant, the team has responded to a variety of situations, including fires, hazardous material problems, drug raids and the extremely dangerous tactical incident involving Lincoln.Yes, it’s indeed a shame that Garfield County needs such a response capability but it certainly is comforting to know that we have such a specialized unit when the time comes.Lincoln is now in jail facing numerous charges – job well done.Public safety is always Job 1, and the Glenwood Springs Police Department and the All-Hazards Response Team have shown that they’re ready and capable to get the job done.

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