Meet Bonnie McLean, GOP candidate for Garfield County Clerk & Recorder |

Meet Bonnie McLean, GOP candidate for Garfield County Clerk & Recorder

Bonnie McLean
Bonnie McLean

When I was asked to run for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder I had a very limited knowledge of what the clerk’s duties were. Initially, many of my friends told me that I was overqualified. I also had some misgivings, but as I have learned more about the position, I am qualified, not overqualified.

The position has become much more complicated over the years. From vehicle registration, maintaining and protecting voter roles, assuring that titles are properly recorded, making records easily available, protecting taxpayer funds by preventing theft, licensing, and other tasks, the position has changed.

Today, the threats of cyber attack to voter roles, voter personal information, or as a new means of theft are very real.

Born in Denver, I spent much of my childhood above Glenwood at the site of the Caverns. My dad owned what was then known as the Fairy Caves and came up almost every weekend to explore and work on developing it. While my older brother and sister did most of the work, my dad used all the kids as his labor force. I learned how to mix concrete and even run an old bulldozer he had up there. My father instilled a strong work ethic in all of us.

As a single working mother, I earned my Industrial Engineering degree from Regis University. I learned how to improve processes and efficiency in that program, a lesson I have used throughout my career.

Also as a working mother, I earned my law degree from Denver University. This has enabled me to understand how the law applies and how to avoid legal problems.

A few years ago, in order to update my knowledge of current technology and the new workforce, I went back and obtained my Master’s in Administration. I was able to update my technical understanding in order to maximize the use of the information technology departments in order to increase efficiency and maintain cyber security. I also learned different methods in which to deal with the new generation of workers.

Education alone is not enough. While my education accomplishment shows that I have the ability to learn and keep up with technology, my work experience demonstrates my ability to use what I have learned.

With many years of corporate experience and 18 years of administrative management experience in large public entities, I know how to work within a government organization.

A combination of a comprehensive education and work experience has given me the ability to manage the technology of today while effectively leading.

How will that benefit the voter? First, I am extremely hard working. I do not normally believe in micro management, but when dealing with taxpayer funds micro management is necessary. I will check receipts and cash input on a daily basis.

I will institute procedures to prevent further theft. No one person will handle cash. Each employee handling cash must balance out to the penny daily. No one person will take the cash to the bank. Employees will be notified that anyone caught stealing or attempting to steal will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Further, I will, with County IT, develop procedures to prevent computer theft and to enhance cyber security for funds received by check or credit card as well as protecting all vital records.

I will ensure that properties are promptly recorded and notices sent through a workflow system to the assessor, the treasurer and permitting.

I am committed to reducing costs while improving service by streamlining systems and processes, something I have done in past positions.

A consummate professional, please vote for conservative Republican Bonnie McLean for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder.

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