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Letter: Midland Avenue dangers

Living on Midland Avenue during the construction phase of many city projects has made the ability of wildlife to manage daily needs perilous at best. I would ask people to try during their busy commute to be aware of the need for many animals to get to the river. It is a necessity for them. Take the time to scan both sides of the road, as the animals may materialize anywhere along Midland.

We had an instance last weekend where a deer collided with a vehicle after being chased by a neighbor’s dog. I do not blame the dog or the driver in this case, but the owner of the animal, allowing it to run loose. It just points out the need to be aware that Midland is on the edge of the city and has an abundance of wildlife.

I ask you to share this with as many people as you can since many do not read these letters. Thank you in advance for possibly saving an animal’s life and potentially expensive vehicle damage.

Mark J. Smith
Glenwood Springs

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