Monday letter: Ascendigo |

Monday letter: Ascendigo

Self-serving NIMBYism

As fourth-generation natives of Colorado, 30-plus-year residents of the valley and a 15-year resident of Missouri Heights (Kat), we would like to express sadness and disappointment in the recent, greedy, self-serving NIMBYism and its division of this beautiful community.

To claim that you are “keeping Missouri Heights rural” is hypocrisy at its finest. Missouri Heights ceased to be rural decades ago, and to claim that a small camp, open for a few months annually, will have more impact on the neighborhood than 15-25 McMansions is ludicrous.

The SuperPAC (for lack of a better term) against Ascendigo is not about stewardship of the neighborhood, nor the land, rather it is about aesthetics and status. We are disgusted by the two commissioners’ decision and the fact that once again, in the tradition of all things Aspen, the whiny people with the most money triumph. In this case a great organization offering a truly valuable service to the community loses.

Where was Keep Missouri Heights Rural in the 1990s when the development of Missouri Heights began? We would guess you were busy building your homes in the “rural area” that you now claim needs stewardship. We hope you enjoy all the new luxury homes that will be built (and the tax rate that accompanies them) on land that could have significantly benefited our community.

Katherine Rickenbaugh Rich and Jeannie Perry



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