Monday letters: More election season letters to the editor

Voting Jankovsky

During the GarCo Commisioners’ debate, political newcomer Ryan Gordon said, “the current commissioners are not looking to the future and instead are looking to the past.” Gordon called for a “fresh perspective and new ideas” over what he called “the stale approach” of the three current commissioners. Gordon even said he’s not for ending oil and gas “entirely” (phew!)

Like most Dems, Gordon is long on platitudes and short on details, much less solutions. Gordon and his Dems have brought the U.S. to the brink of ruin with record inflation, exploding crimes, open borders, inept foreign policy and failing public education.

Gordon’s Dems see 108,000 fentanyl murders of U.S. citizens and hire 87,000 IRS agents (damn, drug cartels ain’t paying taxes). All Ryan kept repeating was finding solutions to anonymous problems he had no answer for.

I know Tom Jankovsky and he and John Martin and Mike Samson have kept Garco among the most prosperous in Colorado. Tom’s experience in government and business is a valuable asset for Garco citizens.

We’ve all felt the pain of crazy Dem policies on our country and our wallets. I think Ryan Gordon is a weak, woke, wishy-washy wannabee. Let’s keep local government sane.

I am voting for the tried and true public servant, Tom Jankovsky. I hope you will too.

Bruno Kirchenwitz, Rifle

Voting Gordon

I am writing to support Ryan Gordon for Garfield County Commissioner. I believe Ryan is the most sensible candidate and representative for Garfield County. 

We have had three long-time representatives, but this current board of commissioners is not representative of our diverse county. Ryan Gordon will add both realistic representation and sensibility.

I stress sensibility because Ryan can bring sensible perspective and solutions to the board:

As an engineer, Ryan is experienced and qualified to seek and find sensible solutions to both basic and complex issues.

Having been raised in Glenwood, Ryan brings long-term perspective and history to the board.

As a parent of school-aged children Ryan, brings a sensible perspective to raising a family currently in our county.

As part of a local business Ryan brings sensible solutions to Garfield County business and employment and workforce housing.

As a younger, yet experienced candidate, Ryan Gordon brings a sensible view of blending the past with the future.

Ryan brings a sensible view of the need to preserve our oil and gas resources in balance with future needs for economic diversification and environmental safety.

Ryan offers an opportunity for a more diverse and sensible outlook to the future and well being of our county.

Ryan Gordon brings a sensible approach to the balance of personal choice and public well being.

It is time for broader representation in our county and Ryan Gordon brings us that opportunity. 

I hope you will join me in supporting Ryan Gordon for Garfield County Commissioner.

Sumner Schachter, Glenwood Springs

Moller for clerk

I am endorsing Becky Moller for Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. I have known Becky for some time now, about 20 years, in the context of her work as a paralegal in water law firms and also as a contract paralegal. 

Again, my association with Becky is within the complex arena of water rights law, and she has proven to be skillful as a paralegal in determining issues of water rights title ownership, water supply contracting and Water Court litigation support. 

Accordingly, given her expertise in this complex area of law and also her ease in dealing with co-workers and the general public, I highly recommend Becky to voters in Garfield County to serve as the next County Clerk and Recorder.

Tom Kinney, Redstone

Another for Moller

Vote for Becky Moller for Garfield County Clerk. I have known Becky for many years. She is an excellent choice for the position of County Clerk. 

I have first-hand experience working with Becky for years on many matters with our law firm. She is intelligent, organized and hard working. Becky has very strong experience in local government matters, especially in the coordination of elections. This is particularly important in today’s turbulent times. She cares about her community, volunteering many long hours to improve recreational opportunities. 

Eric Gross, Glenwood Springs

No on 2C

Like many of the specious arguments put forth by Glenwood’s mayor, a closer look at 2C exposes it flaws

Most importantly, this council can’t be trusted; they have raided the long-standing 2.5% lodging tax many times before even though that ordinance specifically states that the tax is only to be used for tourism promotion. So their claim to have rules in place to make sure the new and additional tax is only used for worker housing are hollow.

They had an opportunity to buy into an existing lodging property one year ago to be used for a combo homeless shelter and municipal employee housing (like police officers) virtually for free (financed by federal funding) but backed out at the last minute due to a lack of courage.

Now they have found courage to raise taxes on tourists, with no plan offered. Tourism has been the economic driver in Glenwood for generations. The untrustworthy mayor wants to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. He’s already told us that he will raise that tax again, should it pass this time, to the highest rate in the state, to spend more employees and more studies!

Glenwood lodges have offered for years to convert to real worker housing and all council and staff responded with was roadblocks. Their new proposal to “facilitate” these private sector solution offers very little help. One of their big ideas is to let conversions have an additional 90 days after opening for business to install fire sprinklers. Developers say it would be stupid to install sprinklers once apartments are occupied and right after major remodels.

Please vote no on 2C and force Glenwood government to find real solutions that don’t hurt our local businesses.

Art Rothman, Carbondale

Supporting Velasco for HD 57

I am writing today in support of Elizabeth Velasco for Colorado State Representative District 57. I have known and worked with Elizabeth for the past 10+ years. Elizabeth’s work as a Spanish Medical Interpreter was not only flawless, but it demonstrated her commitment to health care access for underserved families in our community. 

Women’s reproductive rights is an issue that most people in our district strongly support and Elizabeth shares that value to allow women to make their own healthcare choices.

Elizabeth’s priorities center on Colorado‘s families. She supports improving daycare and K-12 education. She stands ready to vote for affordable housing initiatives in our Western Slope towns and cities. 

She clearly understands that climate change threatens our health,  our precious water supply, our forests, our wildlife and our quality of life in Western Colorado. 

These are all issues that deeply concern me and my family and my neighbors.

If we elect Elizabeth Velasco to the state house, we will not have to educate our representative about the importance of our deeply held values. She will be ready to offer us a welcome change as a woman, a Latina, a progressive and a positive community leader.  

Please vote for Elizabeth Velasco this Nov. 8.

Paul A. Salmen, Glenwood Springs

Velasco for rights

As a 58-year-old woman, I saw the passage of Roe in 1974. Before the passage we lived through a time when abortion access was not guaranteed, and finding a safe abortion was challenging and frightening. 

The time before Roe v. Wade led to sickness and even death for many women who needed an abortion but could not get one or resort to dangerous methods. Not to mention many other hardships women faced when forced to carry a pregnancy and give birth against their will. America had moved on from these dark times, but after Roe v. Wade was overturned, our current House District 57 Representative Perry Will said he thinks it’s “not that huge of an issue,” that it’s a personal issue the state shouldn’t be involved in. 

News flash, Perry, the Supreme Court has taken away citizens’ control over our bodies. Not only that, but Rep. Will voted against Colorado’s 2022 Reproductive Rights bill, which protects our right to choose here in Colorado. States around us are making it a criminal offense to get and provide abortions. Colorado has already seen more women from other states seeking medical attention here.

The Colorado legislature is the only thing standing between us and those dark ages. Let’s protect the Democratic majority and elect someone who will maintain our freedoms and lead us toward the future, not back to the past. 

Elizabeth Velasco is a Democrat from Glenwood Springs endorsed by multiple pro-choice organizations, including Planned Parenthood. She is the pro-choice candidate and will fight for us at the capitol. Join me in voting for Elizabeth Velasco this November!

Tammy Reynolds, New Castle

The simple vote

Having watched political ads by candidates running for office, ripping their opponents’ positions, most of whom are taken out of context, I am confused by what is really important. 

This election is really as simple as an election can be without all the rhetoric.

In a nutshell: Are you better off now than two years ago? If you are, then there is only one way to vote, and double down on it. Simply vote a straight Democratic ticket. All problems solved! 

If you are not better off, vote Republican! Disregarding nuclear war talk, fentanyl coming across our secure border killing our kids, feeling personally safe going to Denver for a weekend getaway, your retirement account balance, cost to heat your home, and that pesky inflation, what could go wrong voting for a Democrat? Double down, you must be better off. 

If, on the other hand, these items bother you, you’re not better off, so vote Republican! Pretty simple If you ask me. This election year, just keep it simple.

Terry Fattor, Glenwood Springs

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