Monday letters: Founders’ intent, energy future, Sunlight ski team thanks

Democracy or republic

Why has the word “democracy” replaced the word “republic” in nearly all present-day communications, either spoken, published or broadcast about our United States Constitution? The word “democracy” will never be found in our nation’s constitution going back from our first amendment in 1787 through our last, the 27th amendment, in 1992.

The founders, during debates on the forms of government our new nation might pursue, rejected democracy. The word “democracy” is found in less than 50 pages of the 1,400 pages of a collection of the founders’ political writings from 1760 through 1850. They believed a republican form of government with a stable constitution would guarantee the citizens “unalienable rights.”

Fisher Ames, a congressman to our nation’s first Federal Congress of 1789, clearly states in a simple sentence:  “The … political wisdom in framing the constitution was to guard against licentiousness, that inbred malady of democracies.” They believed that to vote an unconstrained approval of a matter of substance could overburden government well beyond what it could ever properly provide or afford.

Our nation has been reasonably stable over the past 250 years.  The ever-increasing reliance on “democracy” and less on the self-reliance of our republic will continue the melting away of our founding principles. We must never abandon our pledge of so many years ago; “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands.“ 

Floyd Diemoz, Glenwood Springs

Don’t outsource energy future

The new puritans are, as puritans, intolerable. Suddenly stop producing oil and gas and switch to solar and wind (Hunter LTE, 11/23/22)? That’s crazy. It’s unsustainable and irresponsible.

Make the puritans accountable: no new technologies until they eclipse oil and gas for sustainability. Good enough to know that solar and wind can produce energy, but don’t hang all the bets on an unproven track record. 

We hope the bankers and adults see solar and wind as a potential, but not the summa cum laude of future needs by themselves. Until solar and wind or some other form of energy outproduce oil and gas, don’t outsource our future.

Fred Stewart, Grand Junction

Ski team fundraiser thanks

The Sunlight Winter Sports Club is very thankful for the huge success of the Warren Miller Movie Night fundraiser. We are honored and appreciative to be included in this exciting and fun event to get the winter snow sports season started! 

Thank you to Sunlight Mountain Resort for the prizes, The Glenwood Vaudeville Review for hosting us and big kudos to all who attended and support local businesses and events! 

SWSC and the Sunlight Ski Team are open for registration now online. Come join us for another great ski season! Gratefully, SWSC

Bruce Bell, Glenwood Springs

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