Monday letters: Beatriz Soto, Mitsch-Bush, Leslie Robinson, homeless camp, virus, Republicans, hate |

Monday letters: Beatriz Soto, Mitsch-Bush, Leslie Robinson, homeless camp, virus, Republicans, hate

Soto will give a voice to thousands in our community who have gone unheard

Together we face unprecedented challenges. In order to rise to the occasion for our families, communities, country and planet we must take greater steps toward progress than ever before. I’d like to thank Garfield County for the honor and privilege of a place on the ballot for Garfield County Commissioner this November. But this race is not about me, its about the people of this county and the need for real representation.

This is why, with the support of Democratic Party I have asked Beatriz Soto to step into my place on the ballot this November. In the history of Garfield County there has never been a Latina on this board despite the fact that the Latinx community has lived here since before Colorado was a State. Beatriz is a talented leader with a track record of building community throughout our valley, promoting progressive policies and solutions to the dynamic challenges we face today. Her experience, perspective, and bold vision for the future make her a powerful candidate for commissioner.

So I am asking the thousands of people who voted for me in the primary, the Democratic Caucus that voted unanimously to put me on the ballot and every voter regardless of affiliation to be a part of history by electing Beatriz Soto as the first Latina on Board of County Commissioners. Beatriz will not only defend our public lands, air, water, and civil rights, but she will also give a voice to thousands in our community who have gone unheard for too long.

Let me be clear that I am not withdrawing for personal reasons, or political reasons but because it is the moral thing to do to help create a more just, more inclusive, more representative Garfield County. I know some of my supporters may feel disappointed or disenfranchised by my decision to step aside. I am asking that you stand in solidarity with Beatriz Soto and I to say that in 2020 we will not tolerate racism, will not tolerate inequity, and we will not tolerate environmental degradation any longer. Let us rise as a wave together to create a better world for everyone. Thank you all for your support.

Katrina Byars,
Glenwood Springs

Accentuate the positive

Forget Lauren Boebert. She’s a joke that wouldn’t be very funny if she ended up representing our Third District to the United States House of Representatives. With no legislative or governmental experience at all, espousing a load of crackpot conspiracy theories, and trying to bring back the Old West by packing an iron to her hips, Boebert’s presence in the House would make us the laughing stock of the nation.

Instead, let’s focus on the outstanding qualifications of Boebert’s opponent, Diane Mitsch-Bush. A retired sociology professor, Mitsch-Bush was a Routt County Commissioner and a two-term representative in the Colorado House.

Mitsch-Bush was known for working across the aisle. Can you imagine a radical like Boebert doing that in what will continue to be a Democratically controlled U.S. House of Representatives?

The Steamboat Springs resident has always been the champion of family farmers and ranchers. The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and the Colorado Livestock Association, not exactly a left-wing organization, voted her the Legislator of the Year in 2015.

Mitsch-Bush supports the universal, single-payer health care system we so desperately need in this time of pandemic. She’s also in favor of returning control of the government to people by overturning Citizens United.
Most importantly to me, Mitsch-Bush recognizes the threat of global climate change and agrees with measures like the Green New Deal to combat it while adding much needed jobs. Conservation Colorado chose Mitsch-Bush as their Legislator of the Year in 2017.

This year’s Third District election is really a no-brainer. Surely moderate Republicans will see that Boebert isn’t a true conservative. She probably doesn’t even know what that means. Mitsch-Bush’s values are closer to the Third District’s Republican base.

Fred Malo Jr.

Leslie Robinson has been very active on many different Garfield County issues

I’m voting for Leslie Robinson for County Commissioner, and here’s why: The present county commissioner’s board consists of three Republican men who have served together for several years and more than likely think alike and vote alike. I think the board needs a Democrat at the table to at least allow a second opinion in their discussions and decisions, such as how best to spend Garfield County’s money.

Instead of a three-man board of Republicans, we need a board that includes a Democrat to voice more diverse ideas and a different perspective on county matters. Instead of three “Yes” men, we need someone who’s not afraid to say “No” when necessary!

I believe Leslie Robinson is that person. She has been very active on many different Garfield County issues, and Battlement Mesa residents have appreciated her support on the many problems we have had with gas well complaints.

Bonnie Smeltzer
Battlement Mesa

West Glenwood Mall could work for homeless camp

No place here in the residential real estate of Glenwood Springs is a “great” place for a homeless encampment, but consideration of a West Glenwood Mall location is not unreasonable. A temporary area with a dumpster and porta-potties could work, until whatever the future holds for the Mall begins. Maybe some homeless could transition to work so close at hand, if and when construction begins.

If Katie Fisher from Broomfield has any better ideas I’m sure Paula and the rest of council would like to hear them.

Barb Coddington,
Glenwood Springs

This is a meat-eaters virus

The President has it wrong. This is not the China virus; this is the meat-eaters’ virus. If humans didn’t confine and slaughter meat in unhealthy and inhumane factory farms and wet markets, viruses would not be able to jump from animals to humans.

If you don’t understand that statement, find Dr. Michael Greger’s work on viruses and pandemics at   If you do understand that statement, help stop future pandemics by switching to a vegan diet.

Laura Van Deusen

Voting Republican is safer and less taxing

The Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is literally begging rich people who have left the state and the city to come back. “You gotta come back” he says.

Communist Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is threatening to lay off 22,000 city workers if the Federal Government doesn’t bail him out. His tax revenue has left and moved to safer places. Madison Ave. was empty the other day when a newscaster pointed out that commerce has fallen sharply.

The crime rate is up over 380% in New York City and they are defunding the Police $1 billion. What part of this insanity do they not see?

So now the Minneapolis Police Department is telling people how to behave when they are getting robbed. “Be prepared to give up your cell phone and wallet/purse.” This Democratoc city council is also defunding the police. I thought the Democrats were bringing us Utopia!

The Rioters are burning Bibles now in Portland, Oregon, with no end in sight. The gun free zones in these Democratic cities are now the most dangerous places in America. Gun sales have gone through the roof with 6 million new gun owners. And if you defend your property in these cities with a gun, you get arrested and the criminal doesn’t get charged. This insanity has to stop.

Vote Republican, it’s safer and less taxing!

John Eaton

Make America hate again?

I see now, Make America Great Again, always meant, Make America Hate Again.

John Hoffmann,

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