Monday letters: Boebert, HD57 endorsement, roadside fires

Boebert divides

Lauren Boebert is the representative for Colorado’s 3rd district. I am a registered Democrat, but I am not somebody who will claim that an elected official is “not my congressperson.” I do not like her closed-minded policies, her constant, blatant lies, or her endless auditioning for a cable news timeslot, but she is supposed to represent me in Congress, so I follow her newsletter to understand what she is doing for Colorado. 

Her latest newsletter does not open with “Fellow Coloradans” or “Fellow Americans” or even “Hello.” It starts with a juvenile and inaccurate tweet mocking Democrats, followed with “Fellow Conservatives.” How am I supposed to feel confident in bringing my concerns about Colorado to her attention when she mocks me just because I vote under a different party? How am I supposed to respect someone who uses her platform to disrespect me, my wife, my friends, and most of my co-workers with lazy, false generalizations? 

We need an environment of compromise and bipartisanship in Washington. We cannot have elected officials like Boebert who cater to only half the population and incite anger towards the rest. We cannot have elected officials who support insurrection based on bold-faced lies. We can not have elected officials who attack their fellow congresspeople with race-based insults. We need politicians who are committed to working across the aisle for the betterment of all Americans.

Boebert spends half her newsletter bragging about how often she shows up on Fox News. She is concerned with title and privilege, not making America better. The interests of Coloradans are being ignored in favor of partisan bickering, corporate money and cable ratings. She fails at the bare minimum of representing all her constituents; instead, she openly and hostilely attacks about half of them and encourages “Conservatives” to hate and mistrust “Liberals.” 

It’s not Christian, it’s not moral, and it sure ain’t American. My neighbor is not my enemy, and we need to stop electing people into office who try to divide us to further their own interests.

Andrew Kline


Fiscal conservative, or financial disaster

Although Ms. Boebert preaches about being a fiscal conservative, her business and campaign finances indicate that she has little understanding of how finances work. 

For four pre-pandemic years (August 2016 through February 2020) she racked up no fewer than eight tax liens on her restaurant for failure to pay her Unemployment Insurance. An oversight one fiscal quarter might be understandable, or even a temporary cash flow issue. But repeated offenses indicate either a lack of organizational skills (hire a bookkeeper — it has to be cheaper than those hefty fines) a failing business or just a scofflaw attitude. Not acceptable.

Her campaign finances cause her equal or greater woes. Lack of funds is not the reason; she has plenty in her war chest (the majority of which comes from sources outside Colorado — but that is a different topic). 

She has repeatedly been warned about contribution violations, errors and questionable expense claims. Those chronic issues indicate that she is incapable of putting together a team that both understands and executes within the parameters of campaign finance rules. 

Smart people acknowledge and understand their shortcomings. Ms. Boebert appears to be either too arrogant or too clueless to admit she doesn’t understand basic financial management and is incapable of managing her dollars. Do you really want her making decisions about yours?

Teri F. Styers

Grand Junction


“Multiple brush fires.” I see these ridiculous roadside electronic signs warning about sparks from dragging chains start fires. That is the dumbest theory I’ve heard of. 

If there was a dragging chain (I can’t remember ever seeing one) and a spark was created, it would travel less than two feet. 

Let’s talk about the real culprit. Cigarettes! Yes, those disgusting little missiles that people launch from vehicle windows thinking there’s no harm. 

Cigarettes are what start these roadside fires. And it’s my belief a cigarette started the Glenwood Canyon fire. There needs to be penalties for discarding cigarettes in the public right of way.

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs

Voting Velasco

I am writing to share my support for Elizabeth Velasco in her candidacy for Colorado House District 57. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth over the past year on the Wilderness Workshop board of directors. Elizabeth is a person of outstanding character. She is an excellent communicator and a tireless advocate. Her strong management, organizational, policy, and people skills, as well as her experience facilitating collaboration in complex situations like wildfires, are unmatched by any other candidate. 

Elizabeth consistently inspires me with her dedication to creating a better future for our communities and the landscapes that connect them. 

I truly can’t imagine a better person to represent us in the state Legislature.The Democratic primary election ends on June 28. If you are an independent voter or a registered Democrat, please join me in supporting Elizabeth Velasco!

Denali Barron


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