Monday letters: Buerger, Velasco, Boebert, water, gardens |

Monday letters: Buerger, Velasco, Boebert, water, gardens

Buerger criticism misplaced

In the past two weeks, there have been two letters to the editor in the Post Independent which falsely imply that Cole Buerger, Democratic candidate for HD57, is not committed to fighting for working families and that he is tied to corporate agendas. This mediocre name-calling is tied to his recent endorsement by the Chamber of Commerce.

The irony is that his Democratic opponent applied and interviewed for the same endorsement. So the finger-pointing is uncalled for, and inappropriate. 

I have known Cole Buerger for 15 years. We worked together strengthening democracy around the world: he in Asia and I throughout Latin America. Since then, we have continued to support each other and our mutual efforts to doing what we can to make the world more equitable and ensuring that no voice is shut down or left behind. 

Like so many others, I have witnessed Cole’s integrity, professionalism and commitment to others. He is thoughtful, has always sought professional experiences that place him as a listener and a problem-solver and he is well-versed in democracy, advocacy, policy and the role of government.

Cole Buerger has more than good intentions. He has the smarts and the skills to lead and to represent others. These past few months, Cole has invested endless hours and efforts reaching out and meeting with diverse local stakeholders, including small business owners from Aspen to Parachute. Through these interactions, Cole has deepened his understanding of the many issues and challenges they face, from their differing perspectives: rising costs of living and doing business, long commutes, staffing shortages, endless paperwork, etc. This has led Cole to an ever-growing commitment to ensure businesses of all sizes, employers and employees alike, can prosper. 

And that is exactly what he will work for in Denver to ensure that HD57 continues to be a wonderful place and one that, above all, ensures families and communities thrive.

So, upon receiving your ballot, I urge you to vote for experienced, inclusive leadership. Vote for Cole Buerger!

Maria Teresa Nogales

Glenwood Springs

Keep Boebert

I read so many hateful things about Lauren Boebert. I voted for her in the past, and I will vote for her again this year. Being in law enforcement, I live by three things: God, family, and country. She stands for those things. 

While Antifa, BLM, Congressional Democrats, and the Biden Administration deliberately are trying to destroy this country and those things, Lauren Boebert stands against them. Does she speak out of turn sometimes? Yes. Does she appear rude sometimes? Yes. However, I have not heard anyone say that what she shouts out is untrue. 

For example, she called out Biden on the 13 service members that were killed in Afghanistan unnecessarily, the $85 billion in military equipment left to the Taliban, and the millions of people crossing over the southern border by shouting “build the wall.” She stands up for our energy independence, as we had under the Trump Administration. You may say she needs to be replaced, but I say keep her in office to hold those responsible for our inflation, border crisis and crime accountable. 

If we don’t collectively turn what is happening in our country around, quickly, we will not have a country. We need to bring America back to its greatness, so we can live in peace and prosperity! Vote Republican. Vote for Lauren Boebert.

Mark Barritt

Glenwood Springs

Water prediction unpredictable

In the recent article in the PI (5/9/22), Glenwood staff expressed confidence that No Name and Grizzly Creek drainages along with Ruedi water can provide more than enough water for foreseeable future growth. This optimistic prediction is based on the expected annual water yield from the basins. The yield from the Grizzly Creek basin (the larger) was estimated to be between 4,000 and 17,600 AF. Glenwood now uses about 2,200 AF every year. Sounds too good to be true. 

Because there are no gauging stations on either No Name or Grizzly Creek, the basins’ water yields are based on a computer model that can’t predict stream flow and doesn’t consider climate change. No one really knows how much water is available in these small basins now or in the future. 

Basin yield is only important if you have a reservoir to store spring runoff for release in low flow periods. Glenwood gets its water directly from the stream. The real issue is to determine if there will be enough divertible water in the stream during low flow to meet the demands of a growing population without using Ruedi water. 

The city’s “2009 Water Conservation Plan” recognized that there will be water shortages during drier years requiring major water restrictions. Of further concern is their 2015 “Municipal Water Efficiency Plan” that predicted that by using Ruedi water, there would be adequate water supply until 2050. However, this report was based on the totally unrealistic assumption that Glenwood would grow by only 1.6% per year over a 35-year period. The report did not consider the impact of climate change on water supply. 

It is past time for the Glenwood to get an unbiased analysis on the reliability of our pristine water supply before we have to start drinking Ruedi water from the Roaring Fork which also contains the treated sewage from every upstream town. It’s time to focus on quality and reliability and not on the estimated quantity of water in a drainage basin.

Chuck R. Peterson

Glenwood Springs

Reasons to vote Velasco

I am writing in support of Elizabeth Velasco for Colorado House District 57. I believe that the Democrats (I am registered Unaffiliated/Independent) have good candidates and I favor both over the incumbent. I support Elizabeth.

Connections and representation. Elizabeth is well-connected to our diverse district. As a small business owner, a Latina leader, a firefighter and communications professional and a translator, Elizabeth is in contact with and crosses paths with all aspects of our district. That is important as a candidate and as a legislator. She has heard from and seen the people and issues of our district and can work for common ground and solutions to common as well as unique issues.

Learning and solving. Elizabeth has a personal and professional history of learning, applying and solving. As a child of immigrants, a naturalized citizen, culinary worker, firefighter and communicator, owner of translating business, and now candidate, Elizabeth has demonstrated talent, perseverance, caring, communication and a desire to help.

Values. More support for working families, women’s right to choose, equity and access for all, attainable health care, safety and fire protection and mitigation, voice for those less “heard” — these are some of the values and legislative goals of Elizabeth; good for District 57.

I am glad we have talented candidates to step forward on our behalf. Elizabeth Velasco is my choice for the District 57.

Sumner Schachter

Glenwood Springs

Support your local Garden Club

Last year, the Glenwood Springs Garden Club turned 90 years old. This year we are celebrating the long and varied list of accomplishments with a Garden Tour, to be held on June 25. 

The club was, and still is in operation to educate and beautify our communities. Over the years, the club created and maintained many gardens around town. Most recently we helped fund a greenhouse at the elementary school. This is a club packed with history and knowledge and serves as a source of information on gardening in our area. Members range from container gardeners to master gardeners. We sincerely welcome all men and women to join and enjoy this wonderful asset of Glenwood Springs. 

For information about the tour please call 970-948-5820.

Michele Diamond

Glenwood Springs

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