Monday letters: charity, freedom, handicap buttons needed, Dems’ deadly sins |

Monday letters: charity, freedom, handicap buttons needed, Dems’ deadly sins

Inspirational advice

I found Wayne Sheldrake’s letter to the editor in the Dec. 28 Post Independent to be inspirational. If you make more than $32,400 per year, Sheldrake wrote, you’re richer than 99% of the people on Earth, therefore, “radically rich” and you should be giving to charity.

My pension and social security come up well short of Sheldrake’s radically rich standard, but I’ll give freely to charities and nonprofits anyway because I’m an old man with no family and little overhead.

Sheldrake’s advice from an anonymous “famous radically rich man” to sell all your possessions and give to the poor reminded of some counsel given to me by a man I once worked for. He was a self-made millionaire who capitalized on his industrial engineering expertise by founding a highly profitable steel fabricating plant.

“Don’t waste your life in pursuit of money,” he said. “Do something you love and turn it into something that benefits others.”

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Fred Malo Jr.


Missiles and jets guarantee freedom

Barb Coddington asks,”is there more security in jets and missiles than in food or health care”? [ PI Letters, 12/28] Barb, it’s the missiles and jets that guarantee the freedom to ask such naive questions. You slander the president a criminal but name no crime. You call him crass and crude. Are our feelings hurt?

Get used to it. With the inept slate the Dems have to oppose The Donald in 2020, he’ll get another four years and reclaim the House majority. What a splendidly brilliant idea “impeachment” was.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Pool door lacks handicap buttons

The hot springs pool has no handicap buttons on the front door, yes they are ADA compliant, yet it is still wrong. The Spa of the Rockies has a very nice door. Maybe we should start a go fund me page for a pool door.

A. Carter

Glenwood Springs

Two deadly sins of the Democrats

Then there’s the story of the gorilla Koko, who had a kitten with her in her enclosure. One day her keeper came to her enclosure and, noting that the sink had been violently ripped from the wall, asked Koko about it. The gorilla responded in sign language, “The kitten did it.”

This goes to something deeper that we realize. So Koko was a bit sheepish in her transparent lie, there are those who are not sheepish and protest too much. Wait til they’re caught. They call themselves Democrats. They’ve left me and I’m left here to explain them. I’m a Christian and a Democrat and will be till I die. Who are these strangers who have hijacked the party? Crime within the upper tiers of Democratic Party has its propaganda machine in high gear and hands false narratives to the elites, who in turn repeat them.

Two deadly sins of the Democrats: micromanagement and money. That’s just on the surface. They really don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing because cyber criminals are dictating the narrative. Since every word spoken can be weaponized, not just in telephone calls, but also to Alexa and Siri, et al., not to mention computers, is or can be heard or transcribed. Ergo … the president! We would be speaking German if such intrusions existed in the oval office during World War II.

The other thing is money. This is the root of the problem. Money is not the root of all evil, it’s the love of it. Democrats are in deep. The consequence of all the tools used against us is just coincidence. Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride. The day of accounting is near.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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