Monday letters: Environment, fiscal responsibility, Mitsch Bush, Perry Will, immigrants |

Monday letters: Environment, fiscal responsibility, Mitsch Bush, Perry Will, immigrants

Vote for saving our environment

In 1969, Lake Erie was a dead lake. Industrial pollution from Cleveland was so bad that an oil slick on the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. The result? People woke up and spoke up. The Clean Water Act of 1972 was passed. Now, the Cuyahoga hosts boaters and paddle boarders, and Lake Erie is thriving again. In the 1960s smog in New York and Los Angeles was so bad you could barely see the skyline. Actual soot collected on coffee tables. Health problems such as asthma and chronic coughs were common. This prompted the enactment of strict emission standards and brought about much cleaner, safer air.

These are just two examples of how people refused to accept things as they were and implemented change. We have a choice in this election to vote for representatives who will address climate change or ignore it. Diane Mitsch Bush and John Hickenlooper are committed to tackling climate change while Sen. Cory Gardner has supported rolling back environmental regulations and Lauren Boebert seems to have no platform other than to tweet that battling climate change is socialist. Vote for saving our environment. Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress and John Hickenlooper for the Senate.

Cathy O’Connell
El Jebel

Let us not forget fiscal responsibility

After all the letters to the editor last week favoring the Democrats, someone has to stand up for the Republicans. Garfield County is recognized all over the country for our fiscal responsibility because of our three money conservative County Commissioners, John Martin and Mike Samson recognized there has to be a reserve fund when unexpected disasters happen. Coronavirus came along after oil and gas (our #1 tax provider) left the area.

Martin is recognized by national county commissioners for his fantastic knowledge of how county government works. He would be impossible to replace. In State government, Bob Rankin has left a comfortable retirement to take on our state budget, which is straining all boundaries. After much work and study, he is trying successfully to bring some sense to our state spending. Joyce Rankin is the hardest working person I know. She has become known in all schools in this huge district, which stretches from Pueblo to Meeker and the front range to the Utah border. This is an unpaid position. Perry Will is known to everyone in Garfield County as a man who knows our forests and streams after a lifetime with the Division of Parks and Wildlife. Our gun-toting gal, Lauren Boebert has taken a lot of flack. But she is a true representative of the people who feel there needs to be a voice in our U.S. House opposing the ideas that our Constitution can be overlooked. She can make a difference by speaking up for what she believes. She is not silent nor timid. There IS a place in the Peoples’ House for a voice like hers. Cory Gardner is recognized in the U.S. Senate as a leader who votes for fiscal responsibility and not a lot of nonsense — he has been very proactive in regard to our state’s environment. And for President Trump, I want to thank him for making me aware of the Swamp. I had no idea what that meant when he started talking about it, but now I know! Fiscal responsibility was the reason our country was founded in the first place. Let us not forget.

Marlis Laursoo
Glenwood Springs

Mitsch Bush will take care of our kids’ health

In the middle of a global pandemic, I want to be sure that Colorado’s kids will have access to quality health care. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) does just that for 23,204 children in Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

It should be a no-brainer that this program should always be fully funded. Honestly? We should probably give it more funding. But Republicans in DC actually let the funding for CHIP lapse a few years ago and took their sweet time restoring federal funding. It caused panic across the country as parents tried to figure out how they would pay for their kids’ check ups and medication. Luckily, funding was later restored. We can’t risk electing representatives that won’t always make sure our kids are taken care of.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m voting for Diane Mitsch Bush to represent Congressional District 3. She’s the only candidate I hear talking about CHIP. One of her top priorities is getting this program the funding it needs.

She is also committed to lowering health care costs by protecting the ACA and its protections for more than 300,000 people in CD3 with a pre-existing conditions, and she’ll fight Big Pharma to lower drug costs for all of us — including our little ones.

Vote for our kids’ health. They need a representative that will always take care of them. Vote for Diane.

Zuleika Pevec

Mitsch Bush for Congress

Is it not time for some intelligence, credibility and experience in Washington? We have lived through chaos, dishonesty, inexperience, no leadership, and egocentric performances for the past four years.

It is definitely time to take back democracy, and Diane Mitsch Bush will come to the rescue! She has had experience in public service (Routt County Commissioner, State Legislator), she stood up to lobbyists, she worked to protect the environment, and she has worked and lived in Western Colorado for 43 years.

Someone with her experience and integrity is what we need immediately! Go to to learn more about the woman who has the strength, wisdom and compassion to leads us on.

Vote on Nov. 3 for our future.

Carol Duell

Fraternal Order of Police support Will

As the largest law enforcement organization in Colorado, representing over 8,000 sworn law enforcement officers in our state, the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police is proud to support and endorse Rep. Perry Will for election to House District 57. Rep. Will has worked hard for effective and responsible policies that benefit the communities we serve.

Rep. Will possesses strong leadership skills and understands the importance of promoting effective public safety solutions in Colorado. He understands the issues surrounding public safety and the problems faced daily by line officers. He values the men and women of law enforcement who work every day to keep Colorado’s communities safe, and he understands the challenges their job brings.

Rep. Will’s respect, open access, and willingness to listen to the issues affecting Colorado set him apart from many elected officials. He is a key member of the Health & Insurance and the Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committees and brings a rural perspective that is much needed in the General Assembly. He brings honest, strong, determined, and principled leadership in support of rural and western Colorado.

Electing the right person to serve as a State Representative is a serious responsibility – one that is tremendously important to the citizens of Colorado. Rep. Will’s history of commitment to public service, public safety, and fairness has earned him our endorsement. The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police supports the election of Rep. Perry Will to Colorado House District 57.

Stephen Schulz,
President – Colorado State Lodge
Fraternal Order of Police

Tell Washington to keep families together

Hardworking immigrants and their families are good for Colorado. They make our communities and our economy stronger. It’s past time for our leaders to get serious about real immigration reform so these families can earn a path to living the American dream. We need to elect leaders in November who will get the job done and pass pro-immigration policies.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, known as “Dreamers” should stay, and most Americans agree. These immigrants have lived in America for the greater part of their lives. They are our neighbors, employees, customers, and friends. The current administration, unfortunately, has enacted harmful, anti-immigrant policies that are misaligned with Colorado’s mountain values. We believe in strong families, hard work, and supporting each other. Separating families is immoral and cruel, and making it harder for immigrants to participate in our economy hurts everyone.

In Colorado, immigrants pay more than $5 billion in taxes and spend more than $14 billion in our economy per year. As that economy fights to recover from the pandemic, we need them here, and we have to stand up and demand better from our elected officials.

Just last week a client was detained after years of reporting and doing all the right things with no explanation. Now her spouse and U.S. citizen children, one with a disability, must figure out how to focus on school and care for each other, when all they want is their mom/spouse back. She pays taxes, works legally, and is a role model for her children.

Tell Washington to keep families together, make DACA protections permanent, and help all of our state’s immigrants bolster our economy by working toward their own American dream.

Jennifer M. Smith
Glenwood Springs

Mitsch Bush will work on solutions for our families and livelihoods

You cannot earn my vote by one-word, flashy terms that have no substance. I want a candidate ready to go to Washington with a depth of knowledge on the wide variety of important issues to the people living in western and rural Colorado.

Diane Mitsch Bush knows the intricacies of water and land use, and she understands the value of public lands and their importance to agriculture. Mitsch Bush has defined opportunities to lower our health insurance rates that are the highest in the country and lower our health care costs. She knows that protecting our air and water and reversing climate change are important to our economic future. She will work for just transition for our communities impacted by the downturn of the extraction industry.

Voting for Diane Mitsch Bush to represent our 3rd Congressional District means we will have someone in Congress working on solutions for our families and livelihoods. Diane Mitsch Bush will work with fellow Representatives to build policy that takes care of our needs for a stronger economy and work for a better future for all of us.

Paula Stepp
Glenwood Springs

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