Monday letters: Fishing, masks, masks, and more masks |

Monday letters: Fishing, masks, masks, and more masks

Have fun fishing, but don’t carelessly kill the gilled

Dear Roaring Fork Valley anglers,

The Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance board of directors hopes all of you are enjoying summer in this truly unique and wonderful valley. I certainly know I have been enjoying it. Fishing, both fly fishing and spin fishing are more popular now than ever before, with more folks participating than ever before.

Fishing itself is a great way to practice social distancing, as the sport lends itself to solitude or at least a little elbow room between anglers as we stay a rod length apart from one another. One of the most important elements our fishing resource needs is cold, clean, water. One of the challenges with a hot summer to date is the Roaring Fork, Crystal and Colorado River flows are quite low in volume and water temperatures are approaching 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This combination of low water and high-water temperatures is a significant threat to the health of our fish. We need your help to take care of our finned friends. The fish in this valley are very precious to all of us, visitors and residents alike. Please follow these simple suggestions while you are out fishing, and together we can all help our valley’s fish survive these challenging conditions.

Please use barbless hooks

Please land fish as quickly as possible

Please minimize the handling of fish, and keep them wet.

Please allow ample time to revive the fish so they leave your net or hand under their own power.

Please give yourself a high five and enjoy the moment of having caught your quarry.

Enjoy our valley, enjoy your time on the water and we thank you for helping our “finned friends” get through this warm weather.

Kyle Holt,
Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance president
New Castle

Are we living in perpetual kindergarten?

So, the stimulus package has stalled again, and may not make it at all before the election, or at the best case scenario be filled with pork designed to line the pockets of Trump’s buddies. More tax cuts for the wealthy are being slid in that bit of legislation, instead of more money for health care workers, and those who make under $40,000. per year, as promised a month ago. Every day is something with Trump to the point of making me just laugh.
What is laughable is watching Trump give his first press conference since he said it was a good idea to ingest disinfectants for the virus. He said a few good things, showed a chart stating how wonderful our country is doing compared to like a few in Africa? I mean seriously. If you want a good laugh, go to and watch the Lincoln Project’s latest commercial called Trumpfeld, and satire on Trump’s interview recently with Chris Wallace at Fox News. I mean Wallace just shredded Trump to the point of comedy. During Trump’s press conference yesterday he was asked a question about Ghislaine Maxwell and what does the idiot in charge say? He wishes her well, and “yes, he has known her for a long time.”
No kidding, can’t make this stuff up. A pimp for Jeffrey Epstein, she went out and found him and other big names like Prince Andrew girls of 13-16 years old for sex. And Trump wishes her well. Soon enough she will spill the beans on the big names in Washington in exchange for a lighter sentence than life in prison.

Still, to this very day, even with the governor’s mandate regarding wearing masks, businesses in Rifle, Grand Junction, Cedaredge, and Delta do not enforce this mask mandate.

Pick up any newspaper from Aspen to Delta and you can read the whining of so many people complaining their constitutional rights are being violated because they have to wear masks. Where are we living now? in perpetual kindergarten? The rights of all of us who desire to live until there is a vaccine is a million times more important than those citizens who won’t wear a mask in stores. But, they do not get it. They just want to whine.
On Facebook I saw a wonderful message the other day; “Why do you want to lick a rat? Wear a mask.”

I love it. Rats carry viruses for those of you who have to think about it.

Steven Gluckman
Glenwood Springs

Wearing a mask means we can more quickly get back to normal

We can be back to some real semblance of “normal” by Christmas if we do several things right now and into the future. All of us wear face coverings in public places, maintain a 6 foot distance whenever possible (just wearing the mask isn’t enough), staying home when we’re sick, and washing our hands frequently. That’s it. Then, like magic, it will actually end up “disappearing” for the most part. Once the infection rate is down to almost nothing, test anyone who is sick, trace their contacts, and isolate any who have been exposed. What is likely to happen if we don’t follow these simple procedures is that we’ll be shut down again. You can buy a face mask anywhere now, even the paper disposables. We may have a vaccine by Christmas but I am not going to count on that. Since the economy is so much more important to some of you than our health, please note that you can’t buy stuff if you are dead.

Gay Moore
Glenwood Springs

Masks are an exercise in ‘We the People’

A Wednesday letter to the editor made some claims that the mandates to wear masks compromise “liv(ing) our free lives”. What the writer fails to mention is that sick people infect others. People become infectious to others within a day or two of themselves being infected. Many who become infected do not know they are.

The main point of wearing masks is really to protect others. The virus is sent out orally for several feet, and even longer from a sneeze or cough. Wearing a mask helps protect the people nearby. And a mask on an infectious person shortens the range at which they will be of danger to others. Also, of course, the more social distancing the safer people will be.
I’ve seen numerous people that don’t wear masks, some that believe that their religious beliefs will keep them safe. Some that believe it violates their personal rights. Some that still don’t believe there is such a virus.

But wearing a mask is not only smart for your own protection, it shows that you honor and respect your fellow citizens. That is the fundamental essence of the Constitution. It is not you the individual, it is “We the People.”

Patrick Hunter

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