Monday letters: Fix the wall, CD3 choice, drive safe, pipeline concerns, police thanks |

Monday letters: Fix the wall, CD3 choice, drive safe, pipeline concerns, police thanks

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Why not improve the Midland retaining wall?

After spending $25-plus million on the improvements to South Midland Avenue and coming up with a really first class result, I can’t believe that nothing was done to the existing retaining wall. It is old, faded, cracked, has pieces missing, is overgrown with weeds and looks like hell. There are nice wooden slat fence sections on either side. Why weren’t they continued to cover up this eyesore? Hey, City Council, why not break loose with a few bucks and complete the job? Or maybe Gould Construction would be willing to donate a small part of their profit to eliminate this blight. 

Emil Cima, Glenwood Springs

A workhorse or show pony for Congress?

The Urban Dictionary ( defines workhorse as “a dependable performer; a steady, responsible worker who assumes a heavy workload” and show pony as “a person who appears to perform well, but has no real ability. All style, no substance.”

This unaffiliated voter participated in webinars, telephone town halls and a candidate forum to learn more about our Congressional candidates, Adam Frisch and Lauren Boebert. I’ve also reviewed Lauren’s voting record to see what she’s done for us.

She voted against the PACT (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins) Act, which: expands the list of toxins veterans were exposed to and gives them access to Veterans Administration (VA) care; extends health care eligibility for Vietnam, Gulf War and post-9/11 vets; and adds presumptive conditions for radiation, agent orange, Gulf War toxins and burn pit exposures (

The VA provides numbers of veterans by county: Delta 2,799; Eagle 1,530; Garfield 2,984; Mesa 11,816; Montrose 3,331 ( I’d like to know how they feel about her vote. How could she vote no on something that helps our patriots? 

Lauren also voted no on the Inflation Reduction Act, HB 5376 ( which” allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices so patients receive the lowest price; caps insulin costs at $35 a month, and caps medication costs at $2000 a year. I’d like to know how our seniors and diabetics feel about her vote. This will save them so much money every year!

These are just two issues that Adam Frisch would have supported. And I believe that if elected he will truly represent us all and support other, common-sense legislation. Find out more about this workhorse at 

Do your own research and see if you agree that it’s time to put the show pony out to pasture.

Clare Hydock, Delta

Keep our community safe and take your time

Our roads ahead, working with the numbers, are you ready?

School will be back in session beginning Wednesday, Aug. 17. Combined students/teachers and staff from Aspen to Rifle = 12,500.

Please plan accordingly. The 8:30 start time may coincide with daily commutes. As the ratio of asphalt to vehicles grows smaller, allow more time to reach destinations. Take A Minute, Think about it, our drive isn’t what is used to be.

Diane Reynolds, committee member Take a Minute/Slow Down in Town, Glenwood Springs

Colorado climate impacts will worsen if the Trans Mountain Pipeline goes ahead

On the two-year anniversary of the Grizzly Creek Fire, we must remember the role of climate change in making wildfires more frequent and devastating — and the role of fossil fuels in driving the crisis. The Inflation Reduction Act contains major giveaways to the fossil fuel industry that will enable a dangerous buildout of new climate polluting projects. Now more than ever, we cannot allow any new fossil fuel infrastructure in the U.S. or around the world.

For example, the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline in Canada would unleash up to 590,000 barrels a day of one of the dirtiest forms of oil. Compare this to the 350,000 barrels a day that the Uinta Basin Railway would enable. Indigenous communities who do not consent to the Trans Mountain expansion through their lands have been resisting the project for over a decade. The Trans Mountain pipeline may seem like a distant problem, but the climate crisis is global, and Colorado is feeling some of the worst impacts.

There is a crucial point of intervention to stop the Trans Mountain expansion project: its insurance. Trans Mountain needs at least $500 million of insurance to operate. Yet 18 insurance companies, including some of its former insurers, have ruled out covering the project following outcry about the pipeline’s threats to climate and Indigenous rights.

One familiar name has not yet done so: Liberty Mutual. The same company that may insure your home or car, or whose absurd ads you see, insured Trans Mountain in 2020. As more insurers rule out involvement, Liberty’s silence on Trans Mountain becomes more suspicious. Indigenous communities have repeatedly asked for a meeting and called on Liberty to publicly cut ties with Trans Mountain, requests the company has ignored.

If you are a customer of Liberty Mutual — or anyone who cares about the climate — call the company to demand it publicly drops the Trans Mountain pipeline, respect Indigenous rights, and end support for all new fossil fuel projects. A livable planet depends on it.

Hannah Saggau, Glenwood Springs

Thanks to law enforcement for their response during Glenwood Springs shooting

A big thank-you and applause to the law enforcement, Glenwood Police Department, Garfield Sheriff Department, State Patrol and fire department for a job excellently done on the shooting incident in the neighborhood of Midland Avenue in Glenwood last month. Thank God the first responding PD officer was not hurt with 50 rounds fired far reaching even to Veltus Park. Thank God that our communities have common sense not in the brainless crowd of “defund police” so the law abiding citizens have the protection and are able to enjoy our freedom in our safe environment all due to our brave law enforcement  to maintain the law and order. Thank a law enforcement officer today.

C. Jacobson, Carbondale

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