Monday letters: Flying low, Colin Wilhelm, Trump and COVID, Mitsch Bush, candidates, and Karl Hanlon |

Monday letters: Flying low, Colin Wilhelm, Trump and COVID, Mitsch Bush, candidates, and Karl Hanlon

Subdivision is no place for low flying acrobatics

What is the meaning of conducting low level acrobatics in a small plane over an established subdivision on Saturday at 7:30 in the morning? Is it because the Elk Springs subdivision is close to the airport and you are too lazy or not proficient enough to navigate to a less dense area?

This is not the first-time pilots from the Glenwood Springs airport chose to buzz the nearby neighborhoods at the worst times. Why not fly up to Aspen and noisily fly over those houses, or are you worried they would have more pull with the FAA and clip your wings.

This shows a great deal of arrogance within the pilot ranks. Do you think your fellow pilots would approve?

Philip Maass
Glenwood Springs

Wilhelm will protect Western Colorado and our way of life

My husband, Colin Wilhelm, is the best option for HD57. I say this not only as his wife, but also as a voter. He wants to listen to our thoughts, ideas, and problems. He will take these to Denver to find a solution to these issues and grow our HD57 communities to solve the problems we are seeing today in manners that will not only benefit us, but also protect our communities and way of life for our children and our grandchildren.

Colin is from Detroit, I’m from the Denver area, and we met in Boston. I always wanted to be a small-town mountain lawyer. I fell in love with him because he treated me, and all women, well. He came out here too and we married a couple of years later. We have been through a lot. We have worked very hard the past few years to secure and maintain his sobriety. He lost his father to an accident and his mother to alcoholism. Through and because of all of this, I have been able to see who he really is. He has worked amazingly hard during his life, first to become a lawyer, then to obtain sobriety, then to work on and correct the issues underlying his alcohol use.

Colin wants to work hard for us. He wants to bring better mental health care to the 57th. It’s an enormous problem in our district; there are expensive providers available in Garfield County. And treatment options are slim in most areas of Moffat and Rio Blanco countries. Colin wants to explore all of the options to ensure that there is better access to and availability of mental health care in HD57. It’s a passion project that grew out of his experiences.

I can also tell you that unlike politicians, Colin actually considers your ideas. That is what he wants to do: be a catalyst for change by finding ideas to bring both sides together to make the changes that we need to make to make Colorado, especially HD57, more economically successful by bringing in stable jobs.

Vote for Colin to protect Western Colorado and our way of life for generations to come.

Erin Richards-Wilhelm
Glenwood Springs

Trump lied to us about COVID-19 danger

Imagine our lives today if COVID-19 had hit 5 years ago. Obama and Biden faced both the H1N1 and Ebola viruses. They created a dedicated office and concrete plan to tackle a COVID-like virus. Our HHS and CDC were fully funded and staffed.

One of Trump’s first acts was to disband the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense. Needing money to house detained immigrant children, he gutted funding for the HHS and CDC. He ignored reports from our HHS that the U.S. was perilously under-prepared to fight an influenza-like pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, Trump repeatedly lied to us, keeping us in the dark while fully aware that COVID was air-borne and dangerous. Continuing his unethical and foolish habit of appointing unqualified family to crucial positions, his son-in-law, real-estate executive with no public health experience headed the COVID response team, overseeing FEMA’s distribution of medical supplies, a horrible failure that cost doctors and nurses their lives.

When we required clear, truthful leadership to avoid exposure to COVID, Trump spewed lies, pressured the CDC to falsify recommendations, and politicized the pandemic to support his narrative for his own re-election plans.

More than 220,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. With just 4.2% of the world’s population, the U.S. has had more than 20% of the COVID-19 deaths. Many more have been dreadfully sick, hospitalized, left with enormous medical bills, left alone. Every day 40,000 to 50,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. Our economy is in tatters, our lives are changed and upended.
How has Trump’s daily lying, name-calling, and promotion of divisiveness and violence impacted your life? Is this the future you wish for your children and grandchildren?

Annette Roberts-Gray

Mitsch Bush known for working across the aisle

Our country is more divided today than anytime I can remember since the Vietnam War. Congress is at a stalemate, unable to pass legislation to help unemployed workers and small businesses. Health care is too expensive for working people to afford. Education beyond high school is financially out of reach for many. Numerous other problems are not addressed because Congress is too political.

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert says she will not compromise. Diane Mitsch Bush is known for working across the aisle, and for passing bipartisan legislation in her three terms in the Colorado State Legislature. If you want to see Congress accomplish something good for rural Colorado, join me in voting for Diane Mitsch Bush.

Nancy Ballantyne

Act together to find workable resolutions to our issues

A politician, by definition, is one skilled or experienced in the science or administration of government. Study, experience, commitment, knowledge and sincere desire to serve are components of the quality of political, or public, service.

Fortunately, we all live in a democratic society that allows us to consider and review the attitudes, positions, proposals, character and actions of those we may choose to lead our society. That freedom, the ability to select our leaders, is key to our democratic form of governance. But, to enjoy that freedom, each one must accept the responsibility of participation.

As we review our ballots and consider our options, we are made aware of the many issues facing us as a world, a nation, a state, a community. Issues like climate change, destruction of our environment, immigration rights, human rights, hunger, health, safety, gun violence, educational opportunities, racial inequity are all there. And we have the opportunity to engage in the choice of leaders and guidelines for governance.

As you review the qualities of the candidates, the judges and the issues put before us for review and vote, I hope you consider the concept of acting together to find workable resolutions to our issues, our differences and our collective need to preserve and protect our democracy.

Dorothea Farris
Crystal Valley

Mitsch Bush an advocate for broadband, rural health

I’ve been a doctor in rural Colorado for 30 years, and I have seen health access issues loom large — particularly in our own Congressional District 3. Many rural hospitals do not have adequate funding; many are being forced to close, and citizens of southern and western Colorado are often forced to drive several hours to reach a healthcare facility.

It is with concern that I hope voters chose Diane Mitsch Bush to represent our district in the House of Representatives as a proven advocate of broadband and rural health during her time as county commissioner and as a state representative. This crisis needs an advocate on the federal level, and Mitsch Bush has committed to just that — expanding access to telehealth by funding telehealth programs and investing in broadband infrastructure so that more rural Coloradans have internet access and can utilize telehealth services.

I entrust my vote in Diane Mitsch Bush to bring health access and equity to our rural Colorado communities and to stand up for the issues that concern Congressional District 3. Please join me and the rural health community in voting for a candidate who is well-versed, well-spoken and willing to compromise and negotiate for our Colorado communities.

Kent Gaylord M.D.

Hanlon gets things done for us

As a neighbor of Karl Hanlon’s, I wanted to let everyone know what an excellent choice he is for Senate District 8.

Karl gets things done for us. He understands rural economic development. He helped bring the internet to the Western Slope by getting us broadband connectivity. He is successful keeping the Colorado River water rights here on the Western Slope. He knows how to work with all kinds of folks — city council members, U.S. Senators and most important, ranchers and farmers.
Make the best choice for Western Colorado and vote Karl Hanlon for Senate District 8!

Claudia Cunningham

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