Monday letters: Ginsburg, Boebert and Trump, Boebert and Mitsch Bush, Mitsch Bush, and Senate Bill 19-181 |

Monday letters: Ginsburg, Boebert and Trump, Boebert and Mitsch Bush, Mitsch Bush, and Senate Bill 19-181

Ginsburg was a remarkable woman

These are truly Ruthless(sic) times. I am filled with grief and saddened by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She was a most remarkable woman who stood for truth and the rule of law. May we who hold her values dear prevail against the rising tide of authoritarian ideas and actions in these most telling of moments.

Mark Rinehart

Vote for Boebert and Trump to stay the present course

I am writing to express my opinion regarding the Post Independent issue last week containing articles on the two main candidates for the 3rd Congressional seat in the next U.S. Congress.

One article was a lengthy “expose” on Lauren Boebert, the Republican candidate, and the other article a rather soft piece on Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush.

It seems easy to infer the preference of this publication by both the amount of column inches and tone dedicated to each article.

But, personally, my vote will be determined more by how each of these candidates might represent us in the future than by what they have done in either of their pasts.

It’s pretty simple: Let those of us without any skeletons in their closet cast the first stone … myself included.

As to what to expect from each in the future, it is pretty clear that Boebert will follow a track that supports the positions of President Trump and the Republicans. This is a track of deregulating all aspects of the economy and country, lowering taxes, leveling the field in international relations, securing our borders, and bringing jobs back to the U.S. from China.
Ms. Bush conversely will follow a track that is determined by Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, and others such as AOC and Bernie Sanders. That translates to more regulations, more taxes, and more deference to science by consensus rather than science by fact. It is safe to say that we can all look forward to rolling brownouts on our energy supply, like California, that are the result of poor government policies rather than the amount of energy available.

When we look at the future each of the candidates logically offers us, then the choice becomes clear if we intend to retain the freedoms assigned to us as delineated in the Constitution.

I intend to vote for Boebert and Trump to stay the present course.

James H. Buerger

Boebert should debate Mitsch Bush

This letter was originally addressed: Open letter to Lauren Boebert
Lauren, your messaging is loud and clear on a couple of issues. We, your potential constituents, understand the meaning of the word “freedom.” We understand the 2nd Amendment. However, our day-to-day lives depend on many grass roots subjects on which I would like to hear more substance from you.

You recently attacked Diane Mitsch Bush in a press release for wavering on health care. I would like to see your health care plan for Colorado laid out in writing, including how you will implement it. I would like to know, if elected, what is the first piece of legislation you plan to pen? What is your plan to protect the small businesses we rely on in rural Colorado? You’ve said you will protect our water rights; I’m glad to hear that, but I would like to see your plan. I would like to hear you completely and utterly censure QAnon, not through a spokesperson, but in your words.

The information on your website is sketchy, the tone is aggressive, and some of the language has been so overused it has lost meaning. “Drain the swamp,” really? That is so 2016, you are more au courant than that. What I do surmise from your website and your rap sheet is that you are a fighter. I would like to know more about how you are going to fight for us in Washington. AOC is one of 435 representatives, insulting her will not cut it. What is your modus operandi?

My husband and I have underlying health conditions and no doubt you would not have wanted us to be compromised by attending one of your rallies during a pandemic. I would like, therefore, to see you debate in a forum where you can take questions directly from voters and give coherent responses. You have declined to take part in the League of Women Voters’ Zoom debate with your opponent on Oct. 8, instead proposing your communications director participate. Not good enough. Your name is on the ballot and I want to hear from you.

Come on Lauren, you’re tough. Stop piffling around and blaming the other side. If you want my vote, let me hear you in a head-to-head debate with your opponent.

Sharon Heller

Mitsch Bush is responsible, experienced candidate

Voters in the 3rd Congressional District, basically the Western Slope, will benefit from electing Diane Mitsch Bush to Congress in several ways. First, she has extensive background working with ranchers, farmers, wildlife officials, forest management staff, business leaders, nonprofits and many others stemming from her years as a Routt County Commissioner and service in the state House of Representatives where she won accolades for her bipartisan manner. Second, Diane is not an ideologue, not an angry person who sees working with others who hold different views a weakness. The CD3 is a large district where many contrasting ideas and lifestyles are present. Third, she will be effective in Congress because of her knowledge and experience addressing critical issues— water, climate change, public lands, energy, health care, education, economic development.

Her opponent’s campaign website photo flanked by several motorcycle riders on their hogs is eye-catching, but what does this say about who she is, what she stands for? Our Congressional representative should be someone who knows how to get things done, one who has won the respect of adversaries because of her pragmatic style, and someone who knows how to de-escalate political tensions, not increase them. Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush, the responsible and experienced candidate.

John Culver

Prop 112 lives!

Remember Proposition 112? That was the 2018 ballot issue that called for a 2,500 foot setback for all oil and gas drilling and fracking from inhabited dwellings. The current setback is 500 feet.

It went down 45% to 55%. That’s not a landslide, but it’s not a razor thin margin either. Now, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, acting on the directives of Senate Bill 19-181 prioritizing public health and safety over promoting the industry, has raised the issue of setbacks again by proposing a 2,000-foot setback.

Industry supporters say this is an end-run around the voice of the people. I’m not sure that was the people’s voices we heard in 2018. A phrase I detest, but many business-oriented types approve of is: “money talks.”
It was $40 million from the industry against $800,000 for the grassroots proposition backers as the airwaves were flooded with commercials telling us oil and gas would flee the state if setbacks were imposed. As the White House reporters often say, they had absolutely no evidence to support their claims.

Two thousand feet is a positive step, but we’d like the COGCC to consider the original 2,500. That would further protect residents from volatile organic compounds, air, water, and soil pollution, seismic activity, and explosions. With oil and gas drilling comes fracking and studies have shown that procedure has harmful health effects up to at least 2,500 feet.
Additionally, we call on the COGCC to make more commitments to transitioning away from fossil fuel extraction completely for the sake of public health and safety and the planet’s climate. Any savvy observer of the financial markets knows the industry is dying anyway.

The COGCC is currently deliberating on these matters. If you agree with our contentions, contact them through their website at

Fred Malo Jr.

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