Monday letters: Glenwood future in play, tone it down and vote ‘no,’ repeal annexation

Future hangs in balance with Question B

As a resident of West Glenwood, once again I would like to remind the citizens of Glenwood Springs that the high density, high rent proposed 480 Donegan development is just not in the right location for this size development.

It looks beautiful in the plans, and could certainly be a great place to live if it wasn’t located in a bottleneck location, if you can afford it.

This list of “pros” at this point should be looked at very closely and questioned. The developer claims they were the catalyst to push the city to design two new emergency accesses onto I-70 for fire evacuation. The developers initially had no idea that we had wildfire danger here from the first meeting that took place on Zoom. I thought they were local? It was West Glenwood citizens and Glenwood citizens that have brought to a head the need to get emergency plans in place sooner than later.

The developers have stressed the need for sidewalks for kids walking to school. At one of the early meetings, they said kids have to dive into the ditch to avoid being hit by a car. Having lived in this neighborhood for almost 30 years, we haven’t seen kids or anyone else diving into a ditch.

As for the great open space they are donating, is it a park-like setting or just green space along the edge of the property?

Then there is “The Mall” issue, always in the conversation. There is absolutely nothing that ensures these great retail stores will appear. What’s to prevent it from being torn down and more housing put in? Our already stressed roads, infrastructure, lack of parkland are near the breaking point in West Glenwood, so let’s get some of these issues fixed before adding more people in this older neighborhood.

The future of our community depends on common sense development that takes the geography of the area into account. A “yes” vote on B hopefully will not stop the work to get our fire evacuation plans in place.

Susie Straus

Glenwood Springs

Tone it down, and vote ‘no’

The Glenwood Springs Mall needs to be revitalized, West Glenwood needs its own grocery store, and all of us need to be kinder to one another. That last one is most important to those of us who want to keep living in a fair and loving community.

The Diemoz family has been part of Glenwood for decades. Even if you don’t want to see 480 Donegan become a residential neighborhood, the Diemozes do not deserve the harassment they have received for trying to bring real affordable housing with its own water rights and a new emergency plan to West Glenwood.

It is a fact that 480 Donegan would be less dense than other new local residential developments, and it is a fact that it includes a significant number of deed-restricted affordable units for people actually working in Glenwood. Developing this neighborhood will also give us the best chance in years for a new mall and grocery store in West Glenwood.

If you want a say in what happens to 480 Donegan, vote “no” on B so the property can be annexed into the City. Otherwise, it will be developed as a commercial park that is already allowed in the county. Either way, let’s keep the tone respectful and keep the facts separate from the opinions.

Jennifer Rose

Glenwood Springs

Overturn the annexation

This is our town, not the developers, not the realtors, or City Council. We work hard, pay taxes and contribute. We love West Glenwood. We miss the old drive-in and all the open spaces we had.

We have one postage-stamp-size park, a couple of full schools and infrastructure that barely is adequate.

West Glenwood residences are trying to save our part of town. The proposed R2 development would deny us our safety, our welfare, and as Garfield County said, turn West Glenwood into a nightmare.

So, please, it is critical that Glenwood Springs city residents who are registered voters, vote “yes” on B for the election on May 3. A vote “yes” on B will be a vote to deny the annexation of 480 Donegan.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

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