Monday letters: Hanlon for Senate District 8, Alex DeGolia for HCE board |

Monday letters: Hanlon for Senate District 8, Alex DeGolia for HCE board

Hanlon for Senate District 8 

As a Colorado native I spend most of my time exploring and appreciating our diverse and beautiful public lands. 

The Trump administration’s efforts to open up these protected areas to development by private interests threatens our way of life in Colorado and the ability for coming generations to enjoy them. 

On top of this, the impending climate crisis threatens the stability of the many delicate ecosystems throughout our great state. 

Colorado has always been on the forefront of the national conversation, serving as a leader and example to the rest of the nation. 

Karl Hanlon has a proven track record of protecting one of our state’s most vital resources — water — in the work he did in the negotiations of the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement. 

Thanks to the CRCA, threatened river habitats have begun to thrive again, all while Hanlon made sure the agreement best served our mountain and western slope communities as well as the rest of Colorado. 

In office, Karl Hanlon will lead the charge on the switch to renewable energy and alternative fuel vehicles on our roads as well as combating pollution across the state. He will also make sure that Colorado is not taken advantage of and our beautiful parks and forests are not exploited by corporations. 

A vote for Karl Hanlon in Senate District 8 is a vote for the future of Colorado in all her beauty.

Joshua Hughes

Wheat Ridge

Vote Hanlon to protect our Colorado way of life

As a Colorado native, I was not only taught but also shown the importance of the environment around us. Throughout my adolescence and onward, I have seen the detriment to Colorado’s environment that has been brought on by climate change. 

Karl Hanlon, like myself, is a lifelong Coloradan and has proven through his 20+ years of service as a park ranger and then water rights lawyer to be an environmental defender, ensuring that water rights stay in Colorado to sustain water access for all Coloradans, as well as to preserve Colorado’s most valuable resource — water — for the long run. 

Karl Hanlon has proven himself to be a champion of the community with the practical leadership qualities we need in a senator. Whether it be through his nonprofit that provides therapy to children with autism and veterans with PTSD, or his work to protect public lands against big polluters, Karl Hanlon will continue to be a powerful, progressive leader in rural Colorado. 

A vote of Karl Hanlon is a vote for all Coloradans, and a vote to protect our Colorado way of life.

Jamen Rossi


Alex DeGolia for HCE board 

In recent years, Colorado lawmakers have made significant strides toward meeting the demands of the moment by passing nation-leading new climate legislation. These new policies have set us on a path to cleaner air, healthier families, cheaper electricity, and new opportunities for Colorado to be a center for innovation and economic development in the new energy economy. 

To create the future we all want we need strong utility partners like Holy Cross Energy. Holy Cross is leading the way in demonstrating that clean, renewable energy is also more reliable and affordable than alternatives. You likely received your ballot for this year’s Holy Cross election within the last few days. As a member-owned cooperative, voting in the Holy Cross election is our chance to create the energy policies we want for the region. 

I believe Alex DeGolia is the best candidate to expand on work to date to support to innovation, emissions reductions, and affordability and reliability. Alex works on clean energy policy across the West and previously served in the White House. He understands the relationship between what is done locally and what we do at the state Legislature and elsewhere, which in turn means he can help lead Holy Cross to a future that takes advantage of policy opportunities to benefit our communities locally. 

Please remember to vote by June 2, and when you fill in your ballot, remember it’s your chance to make sure the Holy Cross board represents your values and priorities. 

I encourage you to vote for Alex DeGolia to support a clean energy future.

Dylan Roberts

state representative, HD26 (Eagle & Routt counties)

Alex DeGolia – a fresh face for Holy Cross Energy

For over 80 years the Holy Cross Energy cooperative has provided reliable energy throughout our valleys. Holy Cross has met the challenges of our changing times and growing needs. My family and I live on a rural ranch powered by Holy Cross. When the power goes out, the crews arrive in record time, day or night, any weather, and take care of the problem. I am most impressed and grateful for such friendly local service from Holy Cross.

The upcoming election asks for us to vote for a Northern District and a Western District candidate before June 2. As power using members, we have a say in the future of Holy Cross. I am very interested in how energy will be provided and used by my children, grandchildren and future generations. I am also interested in how that energy will support and impact the resources, the communities, the environment and the climate. Electricity is much more than just a wall socket. It’s what’s behind the wall socket that matters.

I am pleased to see some new blood interested in the Holy Cross Energy future. I can whole heartedly recommend Alex DeGolia for a position on the board. I have had the privilege of working with Alex DeGolia on the Thompson Divide Coalition board. He is smart, insightful, articulate and thoughtful. I can’t think of a better person than Alex to join the Holy Cross board and represent the next generation. Alex DeGolia has worked with clean energy issues from Washington, D.C., to Carbondale. It is his career and his passion. 

Alex DeGolia will bring to Holy Cross a fresh look at the current strong operation of Holy Cross with an eye to the future of affordable, clean and reliable energy. He loves our mountain valleys, and he will love designing ways to build the future of clean energy here at home.

Vote for Alex DeGolia for Holy Cross Energy board.

Judy Fox-Perry


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