Monday letters: impeachment, Biden |

Monday letters: impeachment, Biden

Cover-up in progress

We are now watching the proceedings of the impeachment trial of Trump. The Republicans are blatantly lying about the injustices done to them by the House of Representatives, where Trump was Impeached. The “facts” are obvious of Trump’s lies and crimes. The Republicans can’t argue the facts, so therefore are acting like victims.

Republicans, please start paying attention to what is happening to our country. Grow a spine and “think” for yourselves. For those of you who have grandchildren, as I do, please think of their future. What are you thinking or are you simply “not thinking”? Are you just going along with other Republicans simply because you’ve been a Republican all your life? It is no longer the party of “family values.” It seems to me you have become the “party of bullies and liars.”

The ugliness and lies of this administration grow worse every day. They have lifted the rock, and all kinds of cockroaches are climbing out. Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, is the worst threat to our democracy of all of them, because he now has the power. He is lying right along with Trump and destroying any semblance of integrity, civility and honesty in Washington. He is supposed to be America’s Attorney General, not Trump’s personal attorney. Facts matter, people! Stop living in a “conspiracy lalaland” of Trump. 

I’m still praying that people will start paying attention and listen to “facts,” rather than the lies and conspiracies cooked up on FOX news and the other right wing conservative media. It is so very obvious there is a “cover-up going on.” Pay attention, please. Alternative facts are nothing but lies. It is so disheartening to see what America has become: a country where people don’t seem to care about truth, integrity, kindness or honesty.

Linda Carr


Was Biden freelancing?

In the video of Joe Biden bragging about forcing the firing of a Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter, he said, “Call the president if you don’t believe I can withhold a billion in aid.”

Why has no one asked Barack Hussein if Joe had his OK to conduct foreign policy by extortion and if so, why? Or was Biden freelancing?

Too bad the Dem’s puppet media won’t pursue anything outside their biased liberal agenda. 

It’s not the Russians we should worry about, it’s our media that we should distrust, if not fear.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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