Monday letters: Keep the name, rail concerns, compassion for the unhoused, better use for guns |

Monday letters: Keep the name, rail concerns, compassion for the unhoused, better use for guns

Don’t change iconic Hotel Denver

For some 130 years, the Hotel Denver, so named since 1938, has graciously hosted railroad and auto travelers from around the world. Generations of families have stayed at the venerable hotel to soak in its history and elegance. No more.

The quality antique furniture and ambiance are being removed, replaced by what appears to be standard chain-quality motel furnishings found in any town anywhere. Rumor has it the historic Hotel Denver is going to be renamed (confirmed in today’s Post Independent, page 3) to something that could only be described as ordinary.

The Hotel Colorado, old Hot Springs Pool Lodge, depot and Hotel Denver are the historic, and priceless, heart of Glenwood Springs and what makes it unique among mountain towns. 

It is a loss to the whole community to lose the character and iconic name of one of these historic anchors.

Please encourage your family and friends who have patronized the Hotel Denver for decades to stay at the Hotel Colorado, Hot Springs Lodge or one the other fine lodging establishments that has respect for the community history and ethos.

Martha Cochran, Glenwood Springs

Return rail regulations

Another train derailment in Minnesota. Do you think that maybe the deregulation of railroad safety under the twice-impeached, disgraced ex-president could be a factor?

Does (County Commissioner) John Martin actually believe that by handing out a binder on “Hazardous Materials Marking, Placing and Placarding” make transportation of more hazardous materials safer?

Without regulations and a halt to spending billions of dollars on a railway for oil and gas we are going to continue to be at the mercy of greedheads.

Kendall Christianson, Glenwood Springs

Care for the unhoused

Houseless individuals need care.

They need a day center to shower, wash clothes, get warm or cool off and to find resources for mental health and jobs.

To apply for a driver’s license you must have a mailing address. What if you have none? Without a license you cannot apply for any kind of benefits. How will you get a W2 if you cannot receive mail? Where will your checks go from Social Security if you cannot open a bank account because you have no ID?

I personally do not like the amount of trash encampments cause. We need a public dumpster. Houseless folks aren’t the only ones doing illegal trash dumping. If we had a place for people to put trash I’m sure they would use it.

A day canter will help keep our community safe and clean. Let’s face it, we all go, so let’s not have people pooping outside contaminating our parks or other spaces.

We should all care about our community members, and not just the ones with the nicest house. The way we address this issue says a lot about us as a county and I do believe we can do better.

I know it’s hard to believe for most of our commissioners, but people actually do flourish if you take the time to care for them properly. Lack of housing and mental healthcare have caused this problem and neither of those problems are actually these folks’ fault.

Sometimes we just need a bit of compassion and a reminder that a little kindness goes a long way.

Help where you can with what you got.

Megan Jewell, Rifle

Higher purpose for guns

One of my few good memories from Vietnam is about my favorite gun. 

It was a M79 grenade launcher that was kept collectively in our bunker. The 2-inch diameter barrel hinged open like a double barrel shotgun. We would put tinfoil over the opening of the barrel, punch pin holes on one side and make a hole for our mouth on the other side. Then add some Cambodian red marijuana and presto, a very handy bong.

I never could think of another purpose for our automatic rifles. They just killed people.

Gary Pax, Carbondale (Medic, 25th infantry)

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