Monday letters: masks, Buddy Program, motorized scofflaws, West Glenwood development, Holy Cross election, Chelsea Self |

Monday letters: masks, Buddy Program, motorized scofflaws, West Glenwood development, Holy Cross election, Chelsea Self

Odd comment

I read the most unthinking, unreasonable and totally devoid of logic but totally politically correct statement in the Glenwood Post Independent this morning (May 24).

It was a quote from the article concerning the vote to rescind mask requirements, made by the Glenwood mayor encouraging those who are not vaccinated to continue wearing masks, “as you are still able to spread (COVID-19) to people who are vaccinated.”

Are we now to think that those vaccinated are the most vulnerable segment in our society? Many who choose not to be vaccinated have already had the virus and are the most immune. If the vaccine really gives no real protection, why is that still being pushed, and why take it?

Are we to continue shaming those who, for whatever reason, choose not to have any foreign substance injected into their bodies?

It is time that people think for themselves and refuse any longer to allow themselves to be controlled by unreasonable shame or fear.

Ramona Talbott

New Castle

Be a Buddy

Now more than ever, during these times of uncertainty, youth in our community need your time and support. As a mentor of a young girl, I can assure you that this is one of the most gratifying experiences that I had in this country, where I emigrated 11 years ago.

In 2011 I took a very important step in my life, offering my time and sharing it with a young girl who was then only 8 years old. I remember perfectly that September day when we got matched and I met my little buddy. She had a beautiful, big smile that barely fit her face, and we were so nervous, happy and full of excitement.

Now that little girl is a young woman who soon will turn 18 years old and will graduate from high school to start her college journey. Ten years of friendship, first getting to know each other, gaining trust, learning from each other, trying new experiences together in our community. Ten years full of laughter but also tears and consolation.

During all this time the two of us went through very difficult times in our lives, and we always had each other. Now I realized of everything I learned from this mentoring experience, of how I became a better person and that my buddy is and will always be a fundamental part of my life and my family.

So what are you waiting for? Do not let more time pass by. Our youth are the future of this country we live in. Mentoring is an experience that changes your life and a youth’s life positively forever.

To obtain more information about how to become a mentor in our community- or school-based programs, contact Laura Seay at or visit our website,

Ainhoa Buján


Bad back road experience

I am writing you to express my dismay about what I witnessed May 16. My wife and I hiked from the bottom of Daniels Hill to the Crystal Mill and back. We chose this day because it was clear to me (and the world) that motorized travel along this stretch of road was prohibited until May 21. During my hike, I observed at least 12 jeeps and trucks, as well as half a dozen one- and two-person ATVs, half a dozen four-person UTV’s and three motorcycles traveling this stretch of closed road. Some of these folks were openly consuming alcohol and allowing their dogs to run unattended.

It boggles the mind that these individuals would be allowed to blatantly violate federal law and not be held to account. There was no enforcement authority present whatsoever.

Something needs to be done promptly. I urge you to close County Road 3 to motorized travel immediately, until reasonable regulations can be enacted. Although I favor a complete ban of motorized travel, sharing this pristine stretch of Colorado backcountry is a reasonable first step.

Currently, motorized travel is permitted from May 21 to Nov. 22. Why not ban motorized travel every other day, week or month? Nonmotorized users should be given occasional access without having to tolerate the noise, dust, boozing, pollution and environmental degradation that always seems to come with motorized travel.

Please do not allow this gorgeous part of Colorado to become another Moab — where motorized use of public lands runs amuck.

Ed Holub

Garfield County

Right P&Z decision

It was heartening and confidence-

inspiring that the Glenwood P&Z commissioners, after long and careful scrutiny of the proposed annexation, rezoning and development of the land behind the mall, unanimously voted to deny the proposals, and for all the right reasons.

Local opposition, virtually unanimous also, reflected awareness that the scope and timing of the project were threats to basic safety. The neighborhood, which criss-crosses the city/county border and is occupied by residences on small, mostly dead-end roads, has proven to be impossible to evacuate in an emergency. We dodged a bullet last summer but learned our lesson: We lack the infrastructure capacity to evacuate the current population. It would be unconscionable to bring in more people and vehicles before we remedy this.

The developer defended plans to irrigate the lawns and ornamental plantings in the complex based on water rights and historic availability. But we remain on water restrictions from last year, facing even more severe drought conditions this year. Longer term, the lively controversy over water speculation bespeaks awareness of future severe water shortages. Failing to acknowledge this and implement xeriscaping was unforgivably short-sighted.

Proponents of the development were largely compliant with the 2011 Comprehensive Plan. But now we face crises the plan failed, due to both uncertainty and denial, to consider and which are now apparent. We have a housing and jobs crisis, ongoing severe drought and a traffic congestion/transportation crisis (aggravated by geography). What “small town character” will mean for our future depends on how we resolve the land use issues that are also issues of unsustainable inequality. There is no going back to any previous “normal,” however cherished. Mere survival, let alone survival as a community, demands something from the city, county and each of us.

Relinquishing nostalgia is painful, but we must do it to release the creativity and determination essential for common purposeful action. The choices seem grim, but they are real, with actions full of consequence. Let’s shed our illusions, our divisions and roll up our sleeves.

Laurie Raymond

Glenwood Springs

Vote for climate action

As a mother and a skier, I urge you to take action against climate change by voting in the current board election for our electric utility, Holy Cross Energy. Holy Cross provides stable, reliable and affordable power with an increasing clean energy supply.

Two incumbent board members, Bob Gardner and Kristen Bertuglia, are each running for one more term to complete the amazing transition to renewable energy. And a newcomer in the Northern District — Kristen Hartel — is being supported by the same coalition that backs Kristen B. and Bob.

Your ballot should have arrived in the mail. Please vote by June 7 for Bob Gardner, Kristen Bertuglia and Kristen Hartel.

Tarn Udall


Thanks, Chelsea

I lived in Glenwood Springs for most of my adult life and still consider it my hometown. My thanks to Chelsea Self for her stunning photographs reminding me how beautiful Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley is.

Kehn Ogden

Satellite Beach, Florida


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