Monday letters: Masks, hand washing, school vouches, Covid numbers, schools, commissioners, virus, banks |

Monday letters: Masks, hand washing, school vouches, Covid numbers, schools, commissioners, virus, banks

We’ll get through this together

Thank you to all our wise citizens who are taking personal responsibility for managing the COVID-19 crisis. Please remember that wearing a mask with nose exposed equals not wearing a mask. Businesses, churches and facilities, please require your patrons to wear their masks properly. Together, we will weather this crisis.

Jan Krische
Glenwood Springs

Common sense: Wash your hands

How many times in my life have I heard “wash your hands.” Please, wash your hands, your kids’ hands, use alcohol gel, wipes, at least carry a jug of soapy water in your car. Most businesses have hand sanitizers at their doors.

The focus lately seems to be all on masks. I witnessed a lady blow her nose, cough into her hands then just go about her business in a public place. I have witnessed people fiddle and fidget with their masks, touch their noses, mouths, eyes then continue on with business.

So, the question is where is the snot and saliva? On your hands, then everywhere, you touch. It is just good hygiene to wash your hands.
There are lots of bugs out there not just COVID — how about strep, e-coli, hepatitis, etc.

As far as I know the COVID virus is a contact virus spread by a vehicle — including mucus droplets (thus the mask). I don’t believe it has been proven to be a true airborne infection like Tuberculosis, or some gas gangrenes (thus the use of personally fitted N95 masks).

Even the Bible addresses hygiene: Deuteronomy 23:13, “And you shall have a spade among your tools, and it shall be when you sit down outside, you shall dig a hole and shall turn and cover up your dung” then go wash your hands.

This letter is not to make people paranoid, just use common sense. If you are fearful may I suggest reading Psalms 91, “My God in whom I will trust; under His wings we may seek refuge; we will not be afraid of the pestilence that stalks in darkness.”

If you die from COVID and believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died on the cross (what Easter is about) we will just go and be with Him in Glory.

P.S. this letter is especially for Trish at VVH who nagged at me for 37 years to wash my hands. Then another few years at GRHD.

Thank you,
Kristi Gill

School vouchers make for a more fair education system

Dear Editor,
In letters to the editor, people express their opinion on all sorts of issues local and national. Those opinions are based on personal experience or trusted relationships. One of the primary issues today is a result of the virus panic and it is education.

To justify my position, let me tell you that I was a licensed teacher in Kansas and Colorado. I spent nine years on the RE-2 school board. I also am a lifetime member of a university Board of Trustees. I am of the opinion that the panic over public education is because they realized that they need to get Public Schools going to get indoctrination of children back in place.
Back in the old days we had a locally elected school board for each school. Then we went to districts and then state boards. Then the federal government began to issue mandates. Parents no longer have a say and they’re not even welcome in the so-called public schools now. There are alternatives: homeschooling, online schooling, private schools, and Christian schools. A big problem is that no matter the alternative, you are still taxed all of your life to support the public schools.

The really fair thing would be that every legitimate American should be entitled to educational vouchers for K-12 that they could use any time in their life and at any school of their choice. There is nothing better than competition to improve quality and service. University entrance requirements would also have a great motivational effect on educational requirement and patterns. I believe that state and federal government has no right to dictate our children’s education.

We must embrace freedom.

Ross L. Talbott
New Castle

Can we trust the White House to release true COVID numbers?

The current occupant of the White House has directed his administration to do whatever it can to erase the Obama legacy. From disbanding agencies, undoing environmental regulations, defunding organizations, and fighting to end the Affordable Care Act, one would be hard pressed to find any good that President Obama did, by his account. He’s even gone so far as not scheduling the hanging of President Obama’s official portrait. What a petty thing. Trump’s animosity toward Obama is unprecedented, according to numerous news outlets. The only thing that Trump’s actually done is take credit for 10 years growth of the economy, six of which Obama was responsible for after the Great Recession, brought to us care of another under/unqualified president, George W. Bush.

Now with the unbelievable failure of Trump and “only the best people” handling the Covid-19 crisis, having tried to defund the CDC and firing, or not hiring, top officials that left the CDC in 2018, this administration is requiring all reports of cases, hospitalizations and deaths be reported to the White House, not the CDC. If that doesn’t scare the dickens out of you, I don’t know what will, short of his reelection. Taking a page from the autocrats’ playbook, do any of you readers actually believe that the liar–in-chief will actually announce the real numbers? The easiest way to have the problem go away is to just say the numbers are decreasing. What third party is there to refute the claim?

Aside from trying to blame the Obama administration for the pandemic, this White House is actually and actively trying to discredit one of the foremost epidemiologists in the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci. His crime? He actually knows more about the virus than our “very, very, large brained” president. I thought that Covid-19 was a bad disease. Reading the support that Trump still has with his base, shows me that Trumpism is much, much worse. Hopefully we will have a vaccine on Nov. 3, and the disease is fully eradicated on Jan. 20 of next year. In the meantime, wear a mask and vote (by mail).

Craig S. Chisesi

Make America safe again

Dear Editor,
Schools nationwide are desperate for money to defend our children and teachers against Covid.

Last year the U.S. spent $77 billion for Afghanistan and related activities (out of the $697 billion budget for defense and international security assistance).

Are you listening Congress and Mr. Trump? Do something to address this problem and help make America safe again.

Gary Pax

Kudos to commish for protecting county’s economy

Mr. Malo’s A.O.C. imitation, (PI, 7/15) about the evils of fossil fuels and raising taxes as a cure-all, did not amuse me.

The Air Quality Control Commission that Fred champion’s, is a mere unelected, liberal end-around the defeat of prop 112 last year.
Nor do I agree that the pandemic “proved we could live without fossil fuels.” It showed us what our economy would look like sans fossil fuels. I applaud our commissioners for their good stewardship of GarCo’s economy. Don’t pay any heed to those disciples of the Green New Deal fantasy.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

Our best hope is to vote these commissioners out of office

I write to agree wholeheartedly with Betsy Leonard in her letter of July 10 regarding the current commissioners and their crusade to oppose common sense health and safety measures as they apply to oil and gas. And to agree that it is fiscal irresponsibility to use limited county funds to further this end. There are many who side with “a minority in Battlement Mesa” and if they really want to test their minority hypothesis they could take it to a vote.

Oil and gas are no longer the economic engine they once were in this county. The price of natural gas pretty much assures the drilling boom is over. No amount of promotion by oil and gas interest groups, such as the one our commissioners threw money at, is going to change that. It’s my guess that The Battlement Mesa wells are breaking even because the property has been held for so long, and it’s near pre-existing infrastructure.

But the dangers; even the casings that don’t leak now will eventually degrade. The earth will shift particularly as lubricants and water are added or subtracted. It is not just Battlement Mesa that will suffer the consequences of a dearth of inspections throughout the life and inactive time of the well. These wells will be altering the climate we all must live in for years to come.

Our best hope now that the white pick-us are mostly gone, is to vote these commissioners out of office. Two of the three are up for reelection. We can then settle into an economy of less harm.

Barb Coddington
Glenwood Springs

Virus knows no political party

Dear COVID-19,
What political party are you? My mask wants to protect me and my family and friends from you, and my mask doesn’t care what your politics are, but I want to know. My mask just knows you want to make me sick, and spread yourself all over the world, which it looks like you are doing quite well. I’m confused as to why anyone wouldn’t want to do the simple things outlined by our health professionals to stop you, such as wearing a mask, and claiming it’s their right not to do so. I thought Americans strived to help and protect one another, but maybe that’s not the case.

What’s that you say? You don’t know what politics are? You’re just a nasty disease and don’t care what party I’m with? That’s what I thought.
I hope we can all come together soon and send you on your way COVID, we really don’t want you here!

Susie Straus
Glenwood Springs

Why are banks limiting amount of change given to retail businesses?

This week when I went to Circle K in Glenwood Springs to purchase a beverage and the cashier was in distress. My purchase required change and they had none.

I went right home and rolled all my loose change and took $275 back to the store and sold it to the manager.

Banks are limiting what they can get and they were allowed one roll of quarters ($10) to run their business for a week (it usually needs $500 in quarters for a week).

Pati Hensley
Glenwood Springs

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