Monday letters: Mid-terms, traitors, supportive meeting place |

Monday letters: Mid-terms, traitors, supportive meeting place

Mid-term election thoughts

It won’t be long before we will make decisions in our mid-term elections, and people should start taking a look at our country: where we are now and where we are heading. Do you pull the red lever, conservative, or the blue lever for a liberal-run country? Ronald Reagan had lots of great quotes, but the one I always loved was “The government’s first duty is to protect the public, and not to run their lives.” It seems that our current government is hell bent to control everything in my life.

I’m a conservative and believe in less government, which relates to less taxes; funding and supporting our police and law enforcement; support and fund our military; voter signature verifications for a fair election; enforcing our laws, like immigration and punishing the rioters and smash-and-grab; aggressively reduce the rampant crime and murder rates; become energy independent again.

The S&P stock index just closed at its worst first half of a year in over five decades. I can’t find anything positive this administration has accomplished in 18 months. All I see is raging inflation, skyrocketing oil prices, a recession, lack of enforcing our border laws, all the violent crime in our big cities, lack of enforcement and prosecution of criminals breaking laws and being put back on the streets — and I find no reason to pull the blue lever on the voting machine? I would love to see a majority in the House and Senate to be able to control this administration.

On July 5, 2022, Forbes Magazine published these results: “A stunning 88% of Americans now believe the U.S. is on the wrong track, and just 10% believe it is on the right track, according to a new poll from the Monmouth University Polling Institute, marking an all-time low for the question, with President Biden facing a whopping 58% disapproval rate, as respondents worry chiefly about the economy.”  

A simple question: Are you better off today vs 2020? It’s up to the voters to make a change in November.

John Harcourt, New Castle


Vidkun Quisling, Norway’s Minister of Defense, was found guilty of treason and executed in 1945. That reference could very well be used to describe Donald J. Trump, as a traitor against the U.S. government. The act of removing classified documents from the archives and taking them to his home in Mar-a-largo is an “act of treason.” The Jan. 6 insurrection, incited by Trump, could also be seen as treason. 

The Republican party is now the party of violence and Trump. Heads of state, governors and other officials in our government are being threatened every day by insane people, such as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and rightwing radicals who call themselves patriots and Christians. Do you simply forget Charlottesville, Helsinki, love letters to Kim Jung Un, dancing with the Saudis and entertaining the Saudis at his golf course? Is there no more “common sense” in America? 

With all the crises we are facing in 2022 — from climate change, mass murders almost daily, human trafficking, voting rights and abortion rights being stripped from us — the absolute worst thing to happen is to lose our democracy. Without a democracy, none of these problems will be addressed. 

Joe Biden and the Democrats are fighting for the soul of this nation! I’m praying that more people will start paying attention to truth and care about the future of our planet. Your grandchildren will pay the price if you don’t speak out and fight for democracy. 

Linda Carr, Eagle

Support The Meeting Place

Carbondale’s nonprofit The Meeting Place (TMP) has recently launched its annual fundraiser. TMP provides a safe and supportive place for meetings and fellowship for people in recovery and their families. It currently hosts over 20 in-person and virtual recovery meetings each week, including 12-Step, meditation and other recovery programs.

Offering space for fellowship and recovery meetings is integral to this region where few resources exist, and medical treatment can be prohibitively expensive. Connection and engagement in community is critical to sobriety, both new and long term, as isolation fuels addiction and dysfunction. 

When people are able to get sober and maintain long-term recovery, the entire community benefits. Families are able to stabilize and heal. Children are able to focus on school and healthy development. Individuals improve work productivity by showing up consistently and remain out of local emergency rooms and legal trouble. Public health overall is improved, and communities thrive.

Please consider donating in support of this critical community resource.

Daniel Benavent, Carbondale

(Board of Directors: Jeff Anderson, Craig Bushong, Daniel Benavent, Kameron Blair, Alex Minno, Kim Reil, Brett Thompson and Taj VanWinkle)

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