Monday letters: Morality, Roe ruling, Downtown Market, worker and garden tour thanks |

Monday letters: Morality, Roe ruling, Downtown Market, worker and garden tour thanks

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Reflect on moral values

From Roger Miller, made famous by Janis Joplin: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Freedom doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t have a sense of values underpinning it. So people want to run amuck and get money, sex and drugs on demand … or whatever else they want, without self-awareness. The Supreme Court disagrees. Today it’s time to reflect on moral values and education and stop appealing to the lowest common denominator in society. That freedom turns to tyranny.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Victory for America

Forget what you are being told about the battle between Republican vs. Democrat. Only the feeble minded believe that.

The struggle in America is an ideological fight between true and false … or right vs. wrong.

There are hundreds of individual battles in this struggle, but let’s focus on just 1 for now: the Supreme Court and its recent decisions.

The Supreme Court is designed to be a check and balance on the executive and legislative branches of our government … not vice versa. It’s a court benched by people who get things wrong or have rigid ideology, just like the rest of us. The Supreme Court has decided cases wrong in past courts that have been remedied (overturned) by more recent court rulings. Regardless of your individual ideology regarding Roe, 2nd Amendment or prayer in schools, the rulings should be based on the Constitution. That is what has happened recently. Through all the handwringing and tears of those that feel they have lost something, they fail to realize that the issues now go to the states, where the issues belong. To have a one size fits all misses the point of states’ rights in our republic. 

When people call for “packing the court” because they didn’t get their way, they are really saying that the law and what is best for America doesn’t matter to them, they simply want their way through a short-sighted temper tantrum. These are the same people referred to in the first paragraph.

When you consider that the make-up of the Senate and House will be vastly different (red wave) in 2023, do they then want that Legislature to add 10 seats to the Supreme Court? Short-sighted fits often have reciprocating consequences.

The Constitution and states’ rights are the winners of recent rulings. Those who thought they had special exceptions to both are going to have to come to terms with the truth that their beliefs were false. Balance is restoring. If they can’t reconcile truth in their lives, it’s going to be tough for them for a while.

Americans should all want the Constitution to be upheld. These are victories for America.

Pedro Navaja

Glenwood Springs

Take care for fawns

We live in beautiful Rulison and would just like to remind everyone that fawn season has arrived. We have babies everywhere. Please slow down for Mama, and wait a second to make sure she doesn’t have a little one behind her. Thank you, everyone. 

Donna Kuipers


Hats off to Midland workers

To all the workers, bosses and fellow drivers on South Midland and government funders:

After all we have all been through over the past 2 1/2 years, I want to compliment all who were involved with keeping us informed about delays and doing all the infrastructure work so that we don’t have to get it dug up again in 6 months. It is beautiful and pleasant to drive. I hope whomever put the artificial wall up on the east side of South Midland will repair their wall so that it is all beautiful. 

Marlene Manown

Glenwood Springs

‘The Fifth of July’

May the future bring steady forward progress

and a healthy balance. Honor the past, live 

in the moment, and the future will take care

of itself. Do not light fuse and run away.

Walk in peace and watch where you step.

Give a little and receive even more. Love

your mother and she will provide, she’s

taking a beating and gasping for air.

Live free, this is America, land of opportunity.

And with that freedom comes responsibility.

Happy Fifth of July.

Robert Basinger


Reopen the Glenwood Springs market

For many years we have had the outdoor market in Glenwood Springs during the summer. Locals love it, tourists love it, vendors love it. 

There are thousands of outdoor markets all over the world. They have been in many countries for hundreds of years. When an issue comes up, they deal with it, come together and solve the problem. I, and many locals, would like this to be the way to solve problems in the city we love, Glenwood Springs, not just close them down, done, no discussion. 

The mature way to solve an issue is to sit down, talk it through and come up with a solution. Please, the people want the outdoor market back. People make mistakes, we all have made mistakes, we don’t quit. Let’s do this, figure it out and let’s get the outdoor market going for everyone. 

Thank you, 

Rachael Windh

Glenwood Springs

Look for solutions, not punishments on farmers market

To a City Council that should be concerned:

In 2005, eight women who were interested in the character of their city, conceived of a vibrant weekly summer event, the Downtown Glenwood Market. In the 17 years since its inception, literally tens of thousands of tourists and local residents have attended and thoroughly enjoyed this event. Any civic-minded individual can see the positive effects that have been enjoyed by downtown businesses, vendors and even music lovers.

Glenwood Springs has always placed a high value on its tourism appeal. I understand that an unfortunate accident occurred recently, but I do not think a gross overreaction was called for. The city should want to assist such a successful event to address the permitting problems and remedy them, as opposed to canceling the event altogether. Maybe the City Council can justify punishing the vendors, the performers and the town in general for some perceived problems at the market, but it is doubtful. 

A more positive approach would be to direct the city to work with the market to fix the problems. In doing so, the council would help maintain a very positive event that is beneficial to everyone. Punish or assist, not a hard decision.

Several years ago, an overzealous city sign code enforcer tried to ban the yellow “market today” signs. When it became obvious that the City Council was in favor of the market, they directed the employee to amend the code to allow these signs. Council could see the positive effects of the market and acted accordingly. It will be interesting to see if this council is as able to find a positive outcome.

Seventeen years of volunteer work (and a lot of it) to create and maintain the Glenwood Downtown Market should merit some cooperation, not cancellation without recourse. Seventeen years of volunteer work (more than you can imagine) should get the organizers a commendation, not a cancellation.

Jim Hawkins

Glenwood Springs

Republicans ‘totally in tune’ with Supreme Court attacks on ‘hard-fought freedoms’

This Supreme Court is so far out of line, it’s hard to believe. They have not only declared a war on women but seem to have no concept of the separation of church and state. They are now allowing prayers at public school sports events. U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert said just this week, “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church.” Really? That would turn every single person who does not have the same religious beliefs that she and the majority of the Supreme Court do into second-class citizens. 

The highest court in the land ignored the fact that the majority of people in this country support abortion, especially from rape or incest. Does contraception go next? Keep women home and pregnant, whether they want to be or not, and force ultra-conservative and not-very-Christian values on all of us. Most Republican politicians are totally in tune with the Supreme Court and their multiple attacks on our hard-fought-for freedoms. Happy Fourth of July.

Katherine Delanoy


Glenwood Springs Garden Tour thank-yous

On behalf of the Glenwood Springs Garden Club, we want to say thank you to many who helped make our recent Welcome to Our Gardens Garden Tour so successful.

First, the planners of our 2022 Garden Tour committee spent months in preparation meetings. Second, our sponsors enabled our club to have wonderful flyers, posters, pamphlets and ads. Third, Kelly Cory of KO Creations shared her expertise and volunteered to design those promotional materials. 

Fourth, The Sopris Sun, KDNK, KMTS and the Post Independent interviewed us and shared information and stories about our upcoming tour with the public. Fifth, the gardeners welcomed the tour guests to their lovely gardens for all to view and learn more about successful gardening in our area.

We so much appreciate all the women and men who visited the gardens and shared their compliments and appreciation. Those smiling faces will long be remembered. Thank you so much, everyone.

The GWS Garden Club welcomes guests to our meetings and new members always. For information about joining or about meeting topics, please call 970-384-2835.

Ann English, Judy O’Donnell and

Michele Diamond

Glenwood Springs

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