Monday letters: More council candidate endorsements, responses to Border Patrol apology |

Monday letters: More council candidate endorsements, responses to Border Patrol apology

Editor’s note: We will accept letters to the editor related to the April 4 Glenwood Springs City Council Election until 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 29. Any letters received after that time will not be published.

Exercise your right

You should have gotten your ballot in the mail already and I hope you know that it means. You should and need to vote. 

Despite all the never ending BS in the last few years about voting that is designed to make you feel that your vote is not needed or means nothing, I want to remind you that your vote means everything. It is the first and most important way to make your voice heard in this government of ours. 

I remember the first time I got my library card when a child from the rural bookmobile. My, was I proud and happy and felt part of something wonderful. Same feeling when I voted decades ago for the first time and at every election since then for decades. I don’t care if someone or some group have tried to tarnish your right to vote — do not buy into that. It is a fantastic honor to you to raise your voice and have it heard. 

Didn’t get your ballot – call Ryan Muse at Glenwood Springs City Hall, 970-384-6406

Take your ballot to the Post Office and mail it, or drop it at:

1. Garfield County Courthouse east entry; 2. Put into the box in front of Garfield County building; 3. Put it into the box for City of Glenwood Springs across from the Police Station; 4. Take it inside the City of Glenwood Building; 5. Drop in the box to the right of the City of Glenwood entry. All these before election day, April 4.  If you have not already dropped your ballot off by then, then deliver it at Glenwood Springs City Hall and/or go vote there before 7 p.m. on April 4. 

There is no reason with all these options that you cannot vote. Of course you can, and must. It is critical and your voice is important! 

Cheryl Cain, Glenwood Springs

Velasco for Schachter

I am proud to endorse Sumner Schachter for Glenwood Springs City Council. 

Sumner shares many of the characteristics that I value as your State Representative. He has years of experience in service to the community as an educator and active citizen on city commissions and advisory groups. Sumner encourages community by creating relationships between residents and decision makers. He listens and learns about the needs of the community and builds collaborative solutions to those needs. 

One example is his participation in the 2C campaign, which created more affordable workforce housing in our community through a coalition of business owners, city staff, and broad representation of residents and community leaders. He also advocated for the inclusion of Latino community members on the Chief of Police search committee. 

Sumner encourages inclusiveness, language access and empowerment for all groups in the community. I believe Sumner Schachter will listen, learn and lead with integrity.

State Rep. Elizabeth Velasco, Glenwood Springs

Willman’s attributes

This email is to pass on my experience after working with Charlie Willman on the board of directors for Mountain Valley Developmental Services. 

I have served as the treasurer for the past five years during which time Charlie was the President. He has been a strong and energetic leader for Mountain Valley. During this time, he navigated Mountain Valley through COVID and the purchase of two new homes for our residents. 

He has spent countless hours working with our executive director. His vision and leadership would be a strong asset for the city council of Glenwood Springs.

Steven MacDonald, Avon

Another for Willman

I am writing this letter to encourage everyone to vote for Charlie Willman for City Council. 

I have known Charlie and worked with him for close to 40 years. We coached youth soccer together, coached the Glenwood Springs Mock Trial teams, rafted and played sports together. Charlie has held many of the city offices in Glenwood — city attorney, city judge, DBA member, Kiwanis member and always a volunteer to most any worthy project. 

He has always given his time and expertise to what he feels is best for the community, often with little reward. 

Glenwood is at an important crossroads as growth, sprawl, infrastructure and human needs compete for scarce capital. We need to reelect Charlie to the City Council to benefit from his expertise and experience. Please refer to prior letters from Charlie and Blythe Chapman for further details of what he has done for Glenwood.

Wes Burke, Glenwood Springs

Educate, don’t apologize

It’s a disgrace to our community that instead of educating and reiterating the importance of the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs, our representatives and school district chose to apologize for their involvement in a job fair. 

The list of activities that the federal agency is responsible for is long and absolutely a necessity to the sovereign borders of the country. The notion that enforcement of our sovereign borders is somehow scary to members of our community shows me how poorly educated our children, “educators” and state representatives are.

Clay Buerger, Glenwood Springs

Border Patrol necessary

I am appalled at the lack of integrity shown by the school superintendent by apologizing for having a legitimate agency of the government at a career expo. 

Instead of issuing this knee jerk apology he should have actually been an educator by pointing out the necessary service to the public provided by the dedicated agents of the Patrol. 

On the one hand you can’t decry the deaths from the fentanyl epidemic and the invasion of our schools by vicious drug cartels, and on the other devalue the very agency which serves to protect. If any apology is to be issued it is to the representatives of the Border Patrol.

Dr. Gary Meyer, Glenwood Springs

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