Monday letters: New Castle endorsement, chamber board backs 480 Donegan, backwards thinking

Copeland for New Castle

Brandy Copeland is a woman who excels in all she sets her mind to. She has involved herself in many things within her community. Not only is she a town councilor, but she is part of the planning and zoning commission, has been part of the Historical Preservation Commission, and other volunteer positions in her community.

Brandy demonstrates dedication and motivation to the many roles she serves in, and is a great example for the younger generation of women in the valley.

When it comes to local politics, I see that she possesses a heart of service. The reason I want to encourage you to vote for her is that she doesn’t simply complain about issues, or have a list of unrealistic goals for the staff of the town to magically make happen. She understands the identity of our community and she is the first to roll her sleeves up and serve wherever she is needed including listening to her constituents. Local elections matter. Don’t neglect your vote!

You can cast your vote on Tuesday.

Yareli Karina Ventura

New Castle

Question of funding priorities

Anybody use mason jars for stashing money for life’s expenses? People are always saying the government should be run just like your family budget. They say the government shouldn’t have any debt. But most households have debt, like credit cards, student debt, car loans, a mortgage on the house, and maybe a home equity loan.

Well, our town has a bunch of these debts, like mason jars, that take care of things like water and waste water and housing. Our 0.5% recreation sales tax goes into a fund that takes care of the swimming pool and parks.

There is a ballot issue now to decide if the town should borrow $8 million for new pools and a two-story building. Here’s the thing, how many different “jars” should we be looking at to know what is good to spend.

A new roundabout is one jar for sure. There is talk about a new piece of road over to Eighth Street at Merrill. What about expanding the utilities for all the new people coming into town? A lot of people are saying affordable housing is needed in Carbondale.

And then there is my pet peeve; what should we be doing for climate change? We are supposed to have a plan on how to make that happen. Where is the budget, or a fund, for dealing with climate change? There are wildfires all over.

So, when I think about swimming pools, I ask what is it we are not considering that we should?

Patrick Hunter


Chamber board endorses annexation

The mission of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association is helping business thrive. Our vision is making Glenwood Springs an ideal community. As a chamber of commerce, one of our main and most important roles is to serve as the voice of the business community. We believe that when business thrives, the community thrives.

The top concern consistently conveyed by local businesses is the inability to attract and retain employees across all industry sectors and positions from entry-level to executive. While there are a variety of reasons the workforce challenges exist, lack of housing continues to be one of the main contributing factors.

There is not one quick or easy fix. In a community constrained by land, we will not be able to build ourselves out of this challenge, and we will likely never fully meet the housing demand. It will require a variety of projects, regional collaboration, public-private partnerships and compromises to solve the needs of the community.

The GSCRA Board supports annexing the 480 Donegan infill property into the city of Glenwood Springs because it opens the opportunity for development of up to 300 additional housing units of different types in the community rather than a commercial park for which it is currently zoned. This doesn’t solve the housing challenge, but it can serve as a part of the solution. Supporting the annexation allows the public approval process to go forward with more community input and collaboration

Glenwood Springs Chamber Board of Directors

Backwards thinking

Commenting on the opinion piece on March 25 in the Post Independent on 480 Donegan. The column states many hours of public comment were “heard.” But were they? Would it be on the ballot if the public were heard?

The writer says how important it is to go ahead with the annexation and then the next step will be master planning. Backward in my estimation.

Next, the article states that Glenwood Springs will become exclusive, stagnant and unwelcoming if we are not continuing to grow with this project. I will assert this is as far away from the reason this development needs to be halted as can be.

This is a public safety issue. It is critical that this city stop with business as usual, and respond in real time with education on the climate crisis. Residents tried again and again to compassionately tell this councilor about their personal experience with the last three fires, and she refused to listen. Perhaps the county commissioners will be more level-headed about fire danger. Time will tell.

Remember, according to the city’s own fire plan, Mel Ray, Mitchell Creek, Shady Acres, and South Canyon are all four out of five very high fire danger with high threat to life and property.

Put that sign up on every street corner and see how welcoming we are.

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs

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